Kira calls me back

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I was nervous after I hooked up with Kira... Nervous it would change our friendship, but it hasn't. It had been about a week since the wedding and we were still texting regularly, the only difference is now we joke about have sex again. In the pervious week I had hooked up with that blonde bridesmaid (the one who tried to sit on my lap), lets just say I was right... She loves cum!
I was sitting at home watching a ball game when I got a text from Kira
"Whatcha doing?"
But before I respond she called.
"That was fast..." I said into the phone.
I heard Kira's Voice on the other side "Come over and swim! Holly wants to hang out with you!"
"Who the hell is Holly?" I responded
She laughed "my roommate" (The one fingering herself while Kira got me off)
My eye brows went straight up...
"Oh she does!?"
Kira: "Actually we both do! We want more of the other morning!"
I couldn't believe it... Kira had just lost her virginity and now wants to have a threesome!?
"I'll be there in 40 mins" I said without another thought.
I jumped in my truck and speed off, making a quick stop at the liquor store. I had alway been curious about sex pills and this was a great chance to try it. I asked for the best one and jumped right back in my truck. "PowerZenn" I didn't bother with the warnings. I popped in my mouth and downed a whole lot of water. By the time I arrived I could feel the pill working. I had a slight headache but my cock felt huge.
As I came to the door, I could hear the girls around back by the pool... Skipping the house I jumped the gate to the back.
I could see Kira laying out in the sun wearing a lite colored bikini that barely covered her tits, with a matching thong. Holly was next to her wearing the same bikini but in a slightly different color.
Holly was a lot taller than Kira, about 5'11"(maybe 130lbs), and had smaller boobs than Kira (36DD)... But Holly's were still huge, probably a 34D. She was blonde and had bright green eyes. Kira tutored Holly in high school when Kira was a senior, leaving Holly at a ripe 18 y/o at this time. Holly seemed older... Maybe 20 or 21, but her body still looked 18! The five years between us would mark the biggest gap in age for any girl I had fucked (at the time). Holly saw me first, saying "hey there big boy!"
They had both been drinking and were beyond tipsy. They jumped up and both hugged me at the same time, pushing their slightly wet bodies against my rock hard dick.
I leaned in and passionately kissed Kira, while Holly was already working my dick with her right hand. Kira broke the kiss and turned me toward Holly. We kissed passionately for more than a min while Kira worked her left hand on my cock.
Then the two kissed each other, both jerking my dick hard through my shorts. We practically ran up stars at this point to get this started. I had been lucky enough to be apart of a few threesomes over years, but never with such robust women.
The pill had worked, I felt like I was pushing 9" as both girls dropped to their knees. As Kira pulled my shorts down Holly turned and grabbed my phone off the table. Kira took my cock with both hands and started sucking it, Holly snapped a couple very explicit photos of Kira sucking. Holly then handed the iPhone to Kira and started sucking on me herself. Kira snapped more pics, saying
"This is for your spankbank later"
Soon the two girls were on Holly's bed, Holly face first in Kira's pussy. Her ass sticking up with her pussy dripping wet. As Kira moaned and twisted due to Holly's tongue, I push my bulging tip inside Holly. She stopped her licking and moaned in amazement. I push deep inside her making her squeal just before Kira grabbed her head and pulled it back to her pussy. I heard Holly building up to an orgasm, I slide my finger in her ass causing her to explode in pleasure! Kira followed with a screaming orgasm of her own! Both girls cumming at the same time. I kept fucking Holly until she came again, she rolled off my dick leaving her thick white cream dripping off me. Holly push Kira's head toward my cock saying
"Lick my cum off his cock!"
Kira did with no argument... seeming to enjoy the sensation. Holly laid on her back so that we could repeat our sex triangle. Kira, still new to sex, said
"I don't know... I've never..."
Holly cut her off by pulling her head to her pussy, just like Kira had done to her.
All Holly said was "Like your eating an ice-cream cone"
Kira learned quickly, based on the moaning coming from Holly.
I entered Kira slowly, making her pause just for a second. Holly sat up and kissed Kira passionately before flopping back down for more pussy pleasure.
Holly came quickly, convulsing and screaming. I kept fucking Kira steady and smooth as I felt her building up another orgasm, she came hard and long... screaming my name again and again.
We fucked for the batter part of 2hrs with both of the girls coming 6 or 7 times. I was ready to cum and kept fighting it as long as I could. The two finally were ready for my cum and laid kissing each other in a scissor position, Kira on top Holly on the bottom. I was fucking Holly's pussy when I started to cum, shooting a ever full stream inside her her 18y/o pussy. I pulled out and slammed myself into Kira, shooting a very full load in her to suit. The I pulled out and stroked my dick as I shot another one between their bodies. The two rolled over and slide down as I stroked for more. I shot stream after stream of hot cum on their faces as they sat with their mouths open to catch my jizz. I shot a total of 14 streams of thick white cum, covering both girls like you'd see in a porn scene. They turned and kissed each other swapping what they had in their mothers before swallowing it. Holly grabbed the phone again and handed it to me, the two girls posing with my cock and cum all over them (I'll definitely save that for the spankbank.) We all three jumped in the shower and washed our bodies. My dick was sore and i knew the girls pussies were too... I pounded them hard! We joked and played around as we went out to get something to eat. Kira was as sexy as ever and I will never forget the image of her licking another girls pussy cream off my cock!

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