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All true - nothing made up.

My parents were divorced when I was in first grade. I spent my elementary school years moving from apartment to apartment and school to school. My mom raised me as a single parent although she did occasionally have boyfriends that would support us through tough times.

Looking back, my mom did things I don’t think she was supposed to do. My mom and I took showers together as long as I could remember. It only struck me a strange later, but I recall being in fourth grade and noticing how thick my mom’s nipples were (and how much texture her areolae had). I also recall her thick pubic hair.

My mom probably thought I was too young to understand sexual thoughts, but I had been going through her bedside drawers for years and I had already found her Playgirl magazines. I would often come home from school and take my clothes off before going into my mom’s room to read her dirty magazines. I learned what a man’s penis looks like (soft and stiff). I got to see all sorts of naked men of all sorts of shapes and sizes. I also read the dirty stories - which taught me a lot. That’s why I noticed when my mother would touch herself while we watched TV in the dark. She probably didn’t think I knew what was going on. I would watch her out of the corner of my eye while she ran her fingers through her bush while reading a book or watching a TV show. Her mind wi=ould drift away in thought while she gently played with her vuvla under her night gown. She would sit on the couch with her knees bent and her feet on the table. Her legs would be spread just a bit as she touched herself. On a couple occasions, she didn’t hesitate to insert a finger inside her hole while I was in the room!. I just acted like it was normal (it was to me then). I do remember thinking “her finger is INSIDE her body!”

My mom was a good looking woman and had a lot of guys hitting on her. Occasionally she would go out to a club or a bar and would come home with a “friend.” Usually that meant I had to go to my room and she would go to hers with her “friend.” I would put my ear up against the wall and wait for the sex to begin. From an early age, I was used to hearing adults have sex. It was normal to me. I would play with my little penis and would imagine what was going on as the noises changed. I didn’t really know what was happening but my friends had told my that “mom’s lick their dad’s weiners before he f***es it into the mom’s vagina.” I would listen to the breathing then the moaning, then the grunts. That usually meant they were done - once the grunts happened. The next day, after my mom was at work, I would go into her room and find the condom they used the night before. I would squish the semen around with my fingers. I knew that this white slime came out of my mom’s “friend” and that made me fell funny inside. It also gave me a boner.
My mom did one thing that I will never understand. She used to send me to the store - on my bike - to buy tampons for her. It happened several times as a k**. It was never a couple things - it was always just tampons. I was so humiliated having to pick them off the shelf, take them to the checkout and wait in line with other people and all I had on the conveyor was tampons. If that wasn’t bad enough, it got worse - much worse. When I came home with the tampons, my mom would have me come into the bathroom with her. She’d pull her pants down and sat on the toilet. Then she simply said “watch” and looked me right in the eye as she spread her vagina lips and inserted a tampon. She never looked down, she just stared right at me as my eyes remain fixated on her hairy womanhood. Then she would pull up her pants, throw the applicator away and we’d walk out. She never explained why she made me watch - she just did it. It happened EVERY time I went to the store for her.

My mom exerted her control over me by doing some weird things to me. She was obsessed by ticks and would go through phases where she had to check me for ticks. Checking consisted of going into a back bedroom of the apartment and taking all my clothes off in front of my mother. Then she would turn me around and check all over my body for ticks. She never found one - ever. The most humiliating thing about the inspection wasn’t the nudity, it was having my mom’s hands all over my penis and testicles. She took her time and pulled back my foreskin to check. She took a break for a year before starting up again just as I was entering eighth grade. I remember being mortified that she wanted to do a tick check - I thought I had grown out of that. She persisted and despite my protests, insisted that take my clothes off. The problem was, I had grown and had hair on my penis now - something she mentioned coldly. “I see you are becoming a man!” I was so embarrassed. She lifted my testicles and my shaft and pulled back my foreskin. This time, the stimulation triggered something and my penis began to thicken a little.I think my mom realized the effect she was having on my adolescent dick. She looked me in the eye, then back at my growing penis and sternly said “NO!” I felt terrible and my penis wilted to half its size. My mom walked out without saying anything.

It was about this time that I started accumulating pornography. I had a small stack of regular men’s magazine “Hustler” “Penthouse” “Playboy” I kept them under some books in my closet but occasionally I would accidentally leave one out in the open. On one such occasion, my mom was saying good night to me and as she was leaving my room, she scanned my dressers and something caught her eye. I remember it was a Hustler. She picked it up and gasped then sternly said my name in a low voice. I just stared back at her - not knowing what was about to happen. There was silence as she scanned the cover. Then, to my shock and amazement, the placed it back on my dresser and said “I don’t want to see this.” What this meant to me was “keep it hidden and we don’t have to talk about it.” I did do a better job of hiding my porn, but couldn’t escape the fact that our bedrooms didn’t have locks on the doors. On one occasion, my mother walked in on my WHILE I was having my orgasm. She walked in, just as my penis began to ejaculate. She turned around immediately and never spoke of the incident. Without a doubt, my mother had actually seen me shoot sperm onto my belly. Talk about humiliating!

One event left me especially scarred. I'll never forget. I was in 10th grade and I came home from school with a an erection in my pants My usual routine was come home, put a pizza in the microwave, then masturbate to some porn. I had recently purchased a magazine about guys giving guys blowjobs. I was so embarrassed to buy it, but I finally got up the guts to just do it The lady who sold it to me didn't check my ID or anything. She just smiled and put it in a bag without saying anything about my age. Anyway - I went to my room and pulled out the BJ magazine. I took off all my clothes and laid out on my bed. A few minutes later, I was ejaculating. Then I slowly drifted off to sleep.

The next thing I realized, my mom was standing over me shaking my shoulders. I realized I was naked and I immediately felt the cold pools of sperm on my stomach. My mother yelled - "What the hell are you doing? You couldn't even clean yourself up before you passed out?!" Then she looked at the magazine next to me and shook her head in disgust. She took it from me and said that I would have to earn it back. I have no idea what she was thinking, but she took the magazine and put it in her bedstead along with her vibrator, condoms, and her Playgirl magazines. I never got the magazine back, but she kept it in her drawer for another couple years. Again - we never talked about it but I will always remember the humiliation.

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