I guess I'm a cuckold

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Recently after my wife was at work I was looking through various Xhamster photo sets and came across photos of my wife and I didn't take them. She was trying to hide her identity but with the search parameters and if you take photos in our own bed room I'm going to recognise it, if it was a hotel room I would have missed her initial photo, they had been posted the week before. She was dressed in a very sexy, tarty way with suspenders, stocking and high heels and had obviously been drinking. My wife is in her early 40's, good looking with a lovely curvy figure and nice big tits. I can never get her interested in sexy clothes or sex for that matter she's just not interested and hasn't been for a while, or so I thought. I put the photo's onto Slide show, in the photo's it looks as if she just got in, she stripped to revel her lovely tits, then the short skirt came off to show she had been out with no knickers on. She then goes on to spread her legs showing her wet pussy before putting her legs over the arms of the arm chair showing a sight I had never seen, my wife spread wide with all the lights on. I was shocked to say the least and put it on pause, I think I was in denial as I went to look through her draws to see if the under wear was there, it was, fuck was I angry as I sat on the bed were the photos were taken. She could only have done this when I sometimes play golf as we are together most of the time, the time/date stamps confirmed this, obviously I wanted to know who took and posted the photo's. I went back to the photo's fearing the worst that she was going to get fucked, the next photo's showed the back of a guys head licking her pussy, I looked at several more photo's before it dawned on me, who's taking the photo's there must be 2 of them. Sure enough they went on to show her being fucked and by looking at the time, it was a long fuck, now I've got a 6" cock but this guy was much longer and thicker but he was in his 60's short and fat, so I guess it's true that when it comes down to it, it's all about size. Obviously there had to be the gapping dripping cunt shots just to further humiliate me, I was told I had to wear condoms as she had come off the pill, it was a different story here though, I had never seen her gape ever, it was a great photo though. The rest of the photo's were of her sucking cock and there was definitely 2 well hung men involved, but I couldn't under stand it, they were both old and ugly. Sitting there feeling really pissed off, not so much with her being fucked but the fact that I was not getting any and hadn't had any for ages! It occurred to me that the security cctv would show them arriving and possibly their car as it's on a 14 day record cycle but I wasn't hopeful as my wife would have surely have turned it off or deleted it but there they were bold as brass arriving, I even ID their car and reg but I didn't know them. I didn't say anything to my wife as I didn't want to loose her and it also gave me time to think but I did find I started looking at every car of that make and colour. 4 days later I got a call off my golf buddy saying I was booked for a 4 ball on Friday late afternoon and he would pick me up so we could have a few beers afterwards. I really didn't give it much thought till we were in the bar and my mate let it out that my wife suggested the golf well you can imagine my first thoughts, I just couldn't get the photo images out of my head. At about 9 I got a text asking when I would be home and that she would wait up, which was old as she usually would go to bed early. When I got home she was wearing a silk robe, she led me into the bed room, the lights were off, she dropped the robe and said she had been feeling horny all day and that and she was soaking wet, yeh I bet you are, I thought! I got in bed and went to start sucking her big tits but she just pushed my head down between her legs - now I have never even thought of going down on anyone after they had been fucked by someone else let alone my wife. I licked around her fleshy lips and clit she was clean shaven which was new, I had no desire to be a clean-up cuck, I tried to detect the smell of cum but she smelt normal, well as far as I remembered, so I started to gingerly work my way in which was easy as she had obviously been fucked recently. She was really getting off with my work on her cunt but at least there was no other man's mess to deal with, she deftly spun onto the top of me and was soon riding my face like her life depended on it, I could feel her contracting and cuming she was also getting really vocal, I had been rock hard since she jumped onto my face. She suddenly slid down to my cock and said now for your reward for being a good boy, she was soon sucking and wanking me good like she was desperate for me to cum, I only lasted about 60 seconds before I had to warn her I was about to come as I have never got close to cuming in her mouth. To my surprise she wanked me over her face, I shot 4 good spurts, she loved it, by god she was a changed women, she kept hold over my cock and I was soon rock hard again, she spread her legs and said fuck me, no mention of a condom, well I was straight in there. This was not my wife's cunt I remembered, she was hot and a bit loose, she saw my concern and she said I had got her so wet and horny. I started to pound away, she asked me to kiss her, I hesitated, she said what was good for her was good for me and she wanted me to share my come with her, we were soon French kissing with my cum being licked into her mouth. I gave a good account of myself fucking her long and hard, bringing her to several organism's before cuming myself. As we laid there she asked if I liked the new sexy her, I quickly said yes without thinking, when I found a new set of photo's of her with her shaved cunt, time stamped barely an hour before I was licking her out, I wonder if I said the right thing and were this was going!

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