Little Tie-up Games - part 1

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So first I'll start with a little background on this story. I'm 35 6'2" and keep in fairly good shape. I work out alot and would say that with blonde short hair and green eyes I am a decent catch. I've always been hetrosexual. This is a true story that involves a former friend of mine for years named Andrew and his wife Amy. I'm now their slave, but that's geting ahead of myself. Andrew is in medicore shape, at about 5'11" and 210 lbs. His wife Amy would be a pretty girl, if she lost a few pounds. She's about 5'9" and I would estimate weighs in at about 20 lbs. more than her husband. Amy has black straight hair and a fair completion. What she looses in body shape she makes up for in a huge chest. It's one of those chests that only a chubby lady can have. Andrew is her opposite in a fairly dark skin tone, sandy brown curls and blue eyes compared to his wife's brown ones. They both are about 7 years my younger.

It started fairly simple, when we all were sitting around with other friends drinking and hanging out. Everyone was talking different things and the conversation got onto what kind of things that could make you horny without actually having sex or sexual contact. One of the other gals there, of course, said that the right romancing could get her in the mood. Needless to say, no one was shocked. I had drank a bit and found myself wanting to admit one for myself. I've always wanted to be tied up. Not to have sex as much as the submission of being controlled. I can bench press 350, I have a supervisory position at work, and am always 'in control'. It's not so much an abuse thing of wanting pain or torture as to just be used and controlled. So I explained to the group that exact feeling of wanting to fork over control. It was joked about in a friendly way, much like Ms. Romantic's comment and I didn't anything of it.

Amy called me a couple of weeks later. I never really talked to Amy except for when she was somewhere that Andrew and I were doing something. I assumed there was something she wanted. Amy was always a bit controlling of Andrew. The guys and I talked about how whipped he was and that she carried his dick around in her purse. Honestly, she and I were polite because of Andrew more than anything else.

"Hey John, I just wanted to see if you could come over and work on our computer. I'll cook up something for us if you do. I think that Andrew got some sort of virus or something."

I always got stuck doing my friends computer repairs. Part of being a computer tech in my job. At least I'm not a mechanic and out in the cold underneath a friend's car two or three times a month.

"Sure Amy, I can come over Thursday or Friday. Which would be easier for you, Andrew and the girls?" She had three kids. One was from a previous marriage and two were with Andrew.

"Actually, can you do it tonight? The kids are with their grandmother... and I just thought it would be better if you did it while they weren't there to interfere."

I found it odd, but agreed. Andrew and I have been friends for a long time. If he needed work done on his machine, I'd do it. I called my wife and explained that I needed to take care of that and she understood. I showed up around 6:oo after work and found Andrew and Amy there. Amy was putting a simple pasta dinner on the table and explained that we would eat first. So I sat down and started eating. After a few polite questions Andrew got really serious.

"John, Amy and I have been thinking about what you said the other night at the party."

Amy jumped in over the top of Andrew, "You know about the bondage fetish you have?"

I must have had a stunned look on my face. I really hadn't expected this and didn't know what to say. Amy started talking again. "Andrew and I think that you should have a chance to fufill that want for bondage without sex. We know that your wife is a little too straight-laced to try stuff like that and we just want to offer for you to come over from time to time and try it. That way, you aren't cheating on your wife, but still getting a chance to fufill a fantasy."

I was still stunned. I mean, I had mentioned Stacy's lack of interest in anything kinky. I didn't mind. I loved her. I hadn't expected Andrew to share that info with his wife. I had to admit, even though I didn't find Amy attractive at all, I felt my cock responding to the offer. I'd often thought of being tied up.

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"Look John, Amy means that it gives you a way to do something that you want without cheating. It's without guilt. I mean, Stacey doesn't like you smoking cigars, but you do when we go on camping trips. It's not like you are fucking someone else, right? So you don't ever tell her. It's the same thing. You stay here safe with friends and get your rocks off on something you wanted without any guilt."

Amy got up and carried away a few of the plates. She talked as she went into the kitchen. "We could start tonight. It stays between the three of us, as long as you want it that way. I'll tie you up, Andrew supervises and we go about our buisness while you stay here safe and sound. What do you think?"

I took a minute to compose myself. I had a lot of thoughts running around in my head. I had a lot of feelings running around in my crotch too. I mean, this gave me a chance to fufill a fantasy. Granted, Amy was no supermodel, but they were right. I wasn't looking to get fucked. I just wanted to feel being tied up and controlled. These people were my friends. What would it hurt to discuss it?

"Okay, let's assume I want to try it. How would we go about it? What would we do?" I felt a little hot, and definately was getting rock hard.

Amy gave Andrew a look as she came back in and sat down at the table. "We discussed this. He and I are in control. Period. You submit to us to be tied up, and stay silent. Forget the 'master and mistress' crap. You stay silent. We tie you up and go on about our buisness here at the house. You have a safe word, but if you utter it one single time, ever, then that's the last time we play this little game. No questions asked and no second chance. That's your loss of control that you crave. Additionally, we pick the times and you have to find the reasons that you come over. You fail to show up, same result."

Andrew took over speaking. They had obviously planned this out, "Right. I mean we are the ones that have to find somewhere for the kids. So you have to give in to us. It's everything you wanted and nothing you didn't. I mean there is no sex involved. Amy is a dominant type and I don't really dig that kind of thing myself."

Amy had wandered away and came back again with a length of white cotton rope. I felt like I could shoot a load in my pants at the sight of it. Even with my friend's wife carrying it!

Andrew got up from the table, "Okay, your choice. I'm going into the living room and watching some TV. You tell her yes or no and get to work. After all, I expect you will be fixing our computer for at least a couple of hours, right?"

I submitted to what I thought were my friends. That first night was so simple. Amy took me into the living room with Andrew, I knelt down by their coffee table as she told me to a few feet from where Andrew watched baseball. She looped my arms behind my back and somehow tied that into the corner of the coffee table, and then to my ankles. I don't know what the knot was, but she had me pinned solidly within about 3-4 minutes. My arms were comfortable behind my back, but I really couldn't move them and I had about 6 inches I could scoot on a sort of leash to the coffee table.

Amy simply told me to 'Stay there, and be quiet' and then proceeded to get on the computer and read email and talk to Andrew like I wasn't even there. It was like a high I can't explain. I was made into an object that sat there waiting for them to have a use or need of me. I waited patiently and was ignored for about an hour and a half. Afterwards, Amy untied me, told me they would make time in the next few weeks and ushered me to the door. Andrew told me he would see me at the bi-weekly poker game.

I went home and took a shower, jerking off to what had just occured. I couldn't mention it to my wife. But then, I hadn't really done anything. It was fantastic. There were other 'sessions' much like this one. Once, I was standing blindfolded and tied to the door of the fridge. Amy did the bills, while Andrew worked out on their treadmill in the other room. I even had to scoot wih my bound legs for Andrew to open the fridge for something to drink after working out.

They always tied me up in new and different ways, going about their lives and then eventually returning and releasing me. Once, I was hogtied on the floor while Andrew mowed the grass and Amy ran some errands. Andrew even came in and asked me a few questions about why I liked it so much or how long would I like doing this. I couldn't help but notice from the floor when he sat in a chair nearby and talked to me that he had a boner too!

Little did I know that they had other plans. It was slow methodical turn of events that turned me into their sexual servant. They made small changes in our little game, walking me towards a total loss of control. But that is another story.

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