Fantasy counselling

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It had all been going so well. Linda had me cuckolded and I had agreed that she needed those bigger black cocks to satisfy her increasing libido. There was a little pushback from me when Linda had invited three of her hung black friends over for the weekend, she had acted like a real slut for the entire time taking them whenever and where ever they had wanted.

Linda had anounced the following week that she thought that we could do with some input from a counsellor and had arranged for us to meet the next friday evening. Linda was dressed in a light summer dress and high heels, no lingerie and as the dress was slightly too small she was showing alot of cleavage and when she sat down the dress rode up to show off her legs all the way to the top. When we arrived an older lady met us, she had obviously dyed long black hairand was wearing a well cut blue suit. She introduced herself as Sara Her white blouse was unbuttoned showing off her ample cleavage and as she walked her heels clicked on the tiles in the hallway.

Linda and I sat on a sofa and Sara at her desk on a swivel office chair. Her body language was very confident as she sat with her legs wide open. Sara asked Linda why she thought it necessary to book the session. While Lida replied, Sara unbuttoned her suit jacket. Linda described how we had agreed that she had needed bigger cocks and her desire to be fucked by big black cocks to satisfy her increased libido. Sara asked if I had agreed and asked how long it had been going on. I told her the truth that Ihad agreed and that it had been going on for over a year. We discussed the situation of the weekend prior and Sara asked Linda if I was able to see other women. Linda had replied that she didn't think that anyone would want to fuck a guy with a small white dick. Sara paused for a moment asking if she could see what I was working with. Linda took control saying of course, and demanded that I get undressed for Sara. I stood there naked infront of them with my small limp dick exposed. Sara to my surprise said, well I have seen smaller and have worked with them before. Sara asked Linda if she wouldn't mind leaving me in her care for the weekend, she assumed that Linda wouldn't be lonely. Linda took out her phone and scrolled through a few messages before replying, It went so well last weekend for those three guys that there is more on offer now, they each have a friend they have told and want to know if it's OK with my husband now. Sara lloked at me and said, you know she's a slut for their big black cocks, I want to help you this weekend so agreee and we'll get started. Sara seemed very positive she could help so I agreed.

Linda left in a hurry eager to meet up with her six new fuck buddies. Sara, took my cock in her hand and led me to a door at the back of her office, saying once you go through here you are going to go through what I call big cock therpay, sign this waiver agreement then we can begin. I signed and Sara opened the door to a room with a sex sling off to one side a massage table and a bed and other normal furniture. Sara lit some candles, gave me a drink of water with a pill saying take this. Sara then took out some oil saying to lie face down on the massage table. I did as I was told and Sara began to massage my shoulders, relaxing me. Working her way down my body before concentrating on my legs. Sara began to whisper something under her breath. She then asked me to move to the sling, resting in it Sara moved my legs to thet were held up high and spread wide. Sara used a different oil now concenrtating on my ever hardening penis. Sara said that's not so small after all, but I guess you would like it to be bigger. I agreed. Sara continued that she cold really help with it. I asked her how. Sara replied that all she needed to know was how big did I want to be? I replied that the biggest cock Linda had had was aboutt ten inches long and really quite fat. Sara responded, what size cock do you want? I thought for a few seconds and said, well if I could choose then why not go for a full 12 inches and 7 inches around. Sara asked are you sure that is the size you want right now? I replied yes.

Sara then took some diffent oil and worked it into my ass with her fingers, again whispering something under her breath. Then Sara reached for a drawer and opened it, rummaging inside it. Without breaking her little chant Sara applied the tip of a massive 12 inch dildo to my ass. She was stroking my cock with one hand and forcing the dildo into my ass as she chanted. I began to feel faint and must have passed out. The next thing I remember is being woken by Sara asking what I wanted for breakfast.

She told me not to remove the special bandages over my ass and groin area until later. She brought me breakfast in bed and instead of wearing the house coat she had had on before she was no naked spare for the same type of slutty heels Linda would wear. She said, I really do like a man with a big cock, she was massaging her smooth shaved pussy. When I had finished breakfast Sara looked at the time and said that I should follow her to the shower. She made me wait while the temperature rose and then invited me in. The warm double jets ensured we were both nice and warm while Sara now began to remove the bandages. I was busy looking at her fine body until I flet the weight of my cock now hanging between my legs. Sara commented, that is an impressive increase in flacid size. Sara continued to massage my cock with her hands at first and as the bl**d flow increased, so did the girth and length of my penis. Son Sara was on her knees struggling with it's size. Sara had my cock deep in her mouth now, I could see her struggling with the length but I still wasn't fully hard. Sara then rose to her feet presenting me with her ass as she pressed the palms of her hands against the shower wall forcing her breasts and ass out, she looked so ripe, ready to burst out of her tight body. I ran then length of my cock between her legs feeling the warmth of her pussy. One of her hands dropped to meet it, ensuring that the full length ran up her body. Sara then guided me inside her willing pussy. I cold see her lips struggling to accommodate the girth and her anus twitched and spread as my huge cock went deeper inside her. I had never made a woman moan so loudly before, Srar was struggling for breath as I quickened my action. She said, slowly, do it slowly. I slowed to her required rhythm and her moans became louder as I felt her orgasm clenching down hard on my cock. Sara, pushed me back against the wall, my cock still buried deep inside her as her climax softened. She then disengaged and began to lick on the entire length of my new shaft. Her words blew on my shaft as she again whispered a familiar chant.

Sara said for me not to cum, I needed to soften first or else it wouldn't be permanent, She had lost count of the number of guys who would blow their load inside her or wack off afterwards to see their gains fail.

I heeded her words, taking a short nap, before being woken again by Sara's soft tones. This time Sara was wearing a tiny white bikini and some blue platform heels. She drew back the sheets and began to lube up my now impressive looking cock with some oil. I'm so glad that you listed to me, this is the biggest improvement i have seen . I did use my biggest dildo on you though, I couldn't resist it after you passed out. Sara began to work her fingers into my ass now as my cock strengthened and stiffened up. She kept on going working in three then four fingers as my impressive cock reached maximum. Sara took out a tape measure and wrapped it around my cock mid length, hmm she purred seven and a quarter inches. Then measuring the length Sara muttered I thought so, and then more clearly, thirteen inches. That is over double in length. Sara added, you are taking my fingers so easily after last night, I'm going to put you on my A list, she manouvered her hand so that it all slid into my ass,. A hung stud who can take a fist up his ass is hard to find and I know some women who are going to love you..Sara never even touched my raging hard cock only fisting my ass she made me unleash a load of cum so large that even she was amazed, eating it up from my stomach and chest with passion.

Once we were tidied up Sara showed me a list of her friends as she put it. All older women with bodies which defied their age. Sara explained so long as you only meet with my friends your cock will stay this large and you will not believe how dirty some of them are. One or two of my other male clients have complained about a number of them but there are a few with more vanilla tastes. Linda rrived later that afternoon to see how Sara had gotten on with me. Sara explained that I was now fine with her fucking as many hung black men as she wanted, even infront of me. She turned to me asking if she could flirt with them in public or let them touch her. I agreed saying that all sluts should get what they need. Linda was amazed with the results and asked Sara if there was a catch. Sara said no catch really, I just have a few friends who like men who are available with the consent of thier wives. Here they ar, Sara showed Linda headshots of her friends, with Linda asking me, you sure that you're OK with this, you're not going to freak out the next time I have a party are you. I replied, of course not dear I'm just happy that Sara has some friends who are willing to help.

Linda asked me to wait with Sara for a moment and then re-appeared with five of her friends from thenight before. She announced, this is my husband and he is going to let you come around whnever I ask and you can approach me in public an d touch me up like a proper balck cock slut. Two of them now groped Linda infront of me, even removing her dress and fingering her used pussy in front of me., Linda revelled in having an orgasm in front of me and Sara. Confirming, so that's it all good, I'm off for some more fun, see you when you get home.

Sara gave me an adress and said to go there right away. When I arrived I used the intercom and the ladies voice said to come around to the back of the house. There she was, huge round fake tits on her curvy frame, perfectly tanned and naked on a lounger by the pool. Hi I'm Gail, she remarked, you need to get naked and show me that huge cock of yours. I slowly took off my trousers and top before removing my shoes, socks and then my boxers. Gail, purred in delight, Sara tells me it's the biggest one so far, come kiss me on the lips, Gail now spreads her legs wide revealing her big pussy lips and slighty gaping hole. I moved in not wanting to dissappoint, her smooth shaved pussy inviting my tongues progress over her engorged pierced clit, then back down into her lips my tongue easily slipping inside as Gail rolled back her hips and spreading her legs wider. Gail was most receptive when I switched to using my fingers, slipping three into her perfect pussy and allowing her usher me around so she could stroke and lick my huge 13 inch erection. Gail said that she has been anticipating my arrival so much that is why she is so wet, I should slip that monster inside her now. Gail gasped as the tip of my cock stretched even her well used pussy. Gail encouraged me to grope her large breasts and to pull on her nipples saying I have the body of a forty year old and the dirty mind of a woman who has the curiosity of a twenty year old but the experience of a sixty year old. A hand reaches around to grab my ass and Gail is fingering my ass, saying I like it in my ass as well, you want to fuck my ass don't you? I move to position my cock at her winking anus. Gail turns over onto all fours and says this might be better. I slide my massive cock over her anus and then f***e the tip inside. Gail, moans loudly adding oh yes fuck me in the ass. I close my eyes and reach around to feel her huge fake tits as I slide my huge cock deeper into her very fuckable ass. It wobbles as I fuck it, I can't resist slapping her ass and Gail graons in appreciation. I can feel her rubbing her pierced clit as she reaches orgasm and then begs me to cum in her ass. I quicken my rhythm and Gail bucks back as I shoot my copious load into her ass. Gaill immediately moves to suck on my cock cleaning it of both our juices as I now four finger her gaping mature pussy to orgasm as she loses control clasping her legs around my hand as hse bucks her hips willdy.

Gail invites me inside offering me a cold drink. I follow her and take the drink while Gail strokes my huge semi hardon. Gail says, it's been a real pleasure having me over and that I should definately come over again, she is a really dirty slut who will really braoden my horizons. She will be recommending me to the freinds list with the maximum five stars which shold get me a few calls for the coming week.

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