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Marc and Peter met as usual at the sex cinema, a cosy dark room with confortable seats and straight porn running on a giant screen non-stop from 10 am to 2 pm. They loved to be there early, and be the first in the room. They loved the smell of it, the look of it. Cum stains overall. On the floor, on the seats, on the walls. This excited them so much. It was a perfect wankers’ room. They had their favourite seats, in the back corner, with no armrest so that they could be even closer while jerking off to the porn goddesses on the screen. They were in their jerkoff outfits: shorts with no slip underneath, and a t-shirt they would roll up behind their necks. They took their seats and pulled their shorts down to the ankles. They always kept their shorts on while masturbating, right at the ankles, because that way they felt more like the porn addicted losers they were. Each of them had one hand on the cock, with the other hand they tickled their nipples or embraced the other goon buddy as they were stroking away.

They were proud porn junkies. They had been wanking together since they were 14, first in their rooms when the parents were out. They loved to lock up inside especially on weekends, when everybody else was out, and gloat over tons of porn cartoons and porn mags. Men’s Only (a favourite), Club, Playboy, Penthouse, as well as harder stuff. They were totally crazy about models and pornstars, knew their names by heart, and would spend hours gooning and watching and commenting on the details: faces, tits, butts, legs, the positions. They would lie naked on the bed and stroke away for hours, their bodies touching and sweating. They were straight but had so much in common that they soon became faggots “between them”. When a pic excited them in particular, they did not hesitate to tongue kiss or masturbate each other. They would also suck each other off at times, and at the end of their sessions they would always spurt their loads on each other. They loved feeling the warm spunk on their bodies, pick it up with the fingers and spread it on the porn mags, or lick it, and then tongue kiss again. They were pornosexuals. They treasured their stained porn mag collection, which grew over time to cover the entire room and bed during their long wank sessions. They would take breaks and sl**p next to each other, in the middle of their porn stash. It felt so good.

The first movie featured Veronica Rodriguez, one of their favourites. She was being fucked with legs wide open in an airplane seat, begging for cum to land on her splendid face and mouth. They loved her legs, heels, and the way that she looked in her hostess outfit. What a total whore. Back home, they decided they would enlarge a couple of her photographs and print out posters to hang up on the wall. After one hour of restless wanking and drooling, Marc pulled up his pants and went to a corner where a couple of other jerkoffs were busy petting. As he joined them, one of the two guys pulled up Marc’s t-shirt and started kissing Marc in the mouth, while the other pulled down his pants. The threesome went on petting and wanking together for half an hour, drooling over the new pornstars on the screen. They exchanged enthusiastic views on Peta Jensen’s tits and were talking of making a video collection of the pornstars with long legs and heels.

Peter, in the meantime, had gone to another corner where he was watching some porn mags with a guy. In that part of the room there was more light. They spread the mag on a side wall shelf, with pics of Nina Elle and Anissa Kate beautifully presenting their looks and cocksucking skills, and at the same time could follow the porn film from a distance. They stroked slowly, enjoying the mags where so many of their fellow wankers had previously spunked on. They tongue-kissed every time that there was a particularly exciting pic, and loved to run their fingers through the cum-soaked pages. They too had their pants all the way down, as proud jerk-off losers.

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