Ragna, the old neighbour lady

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first of all this is a true story happend some years ago, when I was in m*d t***ns, living with my parents.
We had a summer house by the coast of Sweden and most weekends we spent there, and also most of the summer holiday.
the house was like pair house, with two flats connected to each other.
Our neighbour called Ragna was a lady around 60 I would guess, a bit religious they said, never drinking any alcohol as far as we know.
She was always very friendly and my mom and Ragna seems to be good friends, having coffe and even go for aswim together.

One day my dad said we need to go home because of his work, and I was really unhappy as I had a lot to do , like fishing, driving my own boat and so on.
My mom said there was no way I could stay for 14 days on my own.
But Ragna is here I said, she can watch out for me, please let me stay..
My mom talked for a while with dad and then she said she will talk to Ragna as well.
After 15 minutes she said it was ok with her if I stayed, but I have to sl**p at Ragnas place.
I was not to positive about that, but better than to be in town all the time..

Mom and dad left early next morning and soon Ragna came in and woke me up serving breakfast outside.
I grabbed a pair of shorts and went out.
It was already hot, and she asked if we should go out with my boat for fishing and swimming.
I said ok, and went in to pack my things.
We went my small boat and started to go out into between the small islands.
Soon we came to a nice place free from wind and with nice rocks to sit on.
We parked the boat and went up on the rocks and It was so hot, and no people as long as you could see.
I grabbed my fishing things and said I will go around the small island to fish a bit. Ragna was arranging the towel and and undressed to a swimsuit, and I went away. After about 100 m I noticed I forgotten some things and went back.
Just when I was about to go out from the bushes I saw something that got me froozen. Ragna dropped her swimsuit on the ground and starting to rub in some sunlotion allover her body.
That was the first time I saw a naked lade except from my mom, at least what I could remember.
I made sure she couldn't see me, and At once something happend in my pants.
Dropped my shorts and started to rub my cock, while she was putting on a show for me.
She had nice big breast, and here nipples was visible also thrue her bra and shirts I have noticed before.
Between her legs I saw a black bush and I was just starring at her naked body at the same time I was stroking.
Suddenly she started walking in my direction and I was scared she had noticed me, and quickly I got my pants up.
10 m from where I stood she turned around and bent forward and spread her legs, and seconds later she started to pee rightin fron of me.
The wiew was amazing and I almost came in my pants just by seeing this. She took a piece of paper and cleaned herself. before she got back and dressed again.
I was shocked and completly lost in what I just saw.
I walked away and started fishing, but my thoughts was somewhere else.
After an hour I got back and she was laying in the sun, and I could see parts of her bush sticking out on both sides of her swimsuit.
We had a lunch and talked a bit, and we took a bath and when we got up, she was turning around and dropped her swimsuit, before she took the towel around her.
You shouldnt sit in wet shorts she said, you will catch a cold then.
Seconds later she bent over and strarted to look for something in her bag.
I looked and the sight was just unbelivible, when I saw her pussy lips and her brown butthole exposed 1 m in front of me.
At once I felt my hardon, and she got up with a pair of panties and a bra in her hands.
She got it on and I tried to cover my status by going on my belly instead.
Her white underwear was almost transparent and the bush was completly visible, when she walked around there.

Once again she told me to change, and I took my pants off under a towel and sat there while sha hang them in the sun to dry..
Big clouds started to get up on the sky and We started to pack, and tried to leave before the rain started.
15 minutes later we both was soaking wet, and had to walk from the boat to the house in the rain.
When we cane to the house, she told me to stay outside until she had opened from the rear door by the washing room. I went around and she opened and told me to undress to dont wet the floor on the way to the shower, which I have started for you she said.
I undressed and just had underwear on, when she told me to take them off as well. I quickly removed them with my back against her, and ran away to the bathroom and into the shower.
It was nice and I was started to get back to normal in temprature.
I was almost done when Ragna opened the door and asked if I want some tee or coffe, and I replied with tee.
Got ready and put a towel on and went to my things to get some dry cloths, when I looked into the washing room and saw her bent over exposing her pussy to me when she put the laundry into the washing machine. I quickly went to get dressed and I saw a short glimpse of her walking towards the shower.
It took a long timeand I went to try to peek into the shower when I heard a strange noice, and just when I tried to lookshe was shouting that I should take care of the tea, and that she will be ready any minute now..
I went to the kitchen and in about 10 minutes she was our dressed and ready for a tea.
We had the tea and watched some TV, before it was bedtime.
I hoped to get a glimpse of her undressing before bed, so I went into the bed before her.
She was coming after another 15 minutes and I tried to look like I was asl**p. She undressed and took her bra off with the back against me, and took a very long t-shirt on, and I was so disapointed when she quickly removed her underwear. I got hard just by the thoughts she was naked underneath, and I had really problems to get to sl**p.
Woke up when the sun was shining and had a quick look at Ragna, but she was not there.
Some minutes later she called for me for breakfast, and I went up.
She was in a good mood and the clock was just 07.00 and that was at least 3 hours to early for me..
Lovely weather again, and she asked if we should go to the same island again, and I almost jumped off the chair when I said yes.
Ok pack your fishing things and I pack the rest she said. I went away and off we went... no boats on the sea yet and we came to the island half an hour later.
She placed out the towels and took a cup of coffe, and I waited for her to change to the swimsuit. It didnt take long before she went up and started to look for her swimsuit. After a while she asked if I had it in my trunk, and I said no, it was you who packed I said.
Ok, then you dont have any swimpants or shorts either she said.
I can use my underwaer I said, as jeans will be to hot in an hour..
I have no underwear to use she said, and my heart was jumping....
There is no one around so I can go naked if you dont mind she said.
I was about to die, when I said a quiet ok no problem..
Two seconds later she grabbed the dress and dropped it on the ground standing there fully naked in front of me.
I had hard problems to not look, and when she turned around I noticed she was completly shaved between her legs, not a single hair any longer.
She was acting like nothing happend and she started to walk around naked in front of me.
After a who,e she asked if I had froozen or felt uncomfortable seeing her naked...
I just said no no, afraid she will get dressed..You should go naked you too Ragna said, as there is no one to be ashamed too here. My heart was beating , and I was afraid and courious at the same time.
Come on she said lets take a swim.
She quickly went into the sea and I renowed my jeans and underwear and ran into the water before she could see my situation.
The cold water made my day, and I could relax a bit until she went up in front of me. I was just behind her and got her ass almost in my face when she stepped up on the rocks, and at once I got hard again.
She got up and laid down on the towel, amd I decided to stay in the water for a while.
I saw straight between her legs and it was a very meaty big pusståy she had, the lips was splitted open and I saw everything, and it didnt make my life easier.
After 5 minutes she told me to get up, and I had no choiåce then to step up.
Directly she saw my cock pointing at her, and she said no worries, Ive seen it before on boys like you.
Felt a bit more relaxed and sat down beside her, and she started to ask how it felt to be naked, if I liked it?
I said yes, and then she told me she often go naked at home and by the sea, when she is alone.
She said she had never told anyone about that, and its now our secret.
then she asked me straight in the face if I liked her shaved pussy, and if I wanted to touch it..
My cock went hard in two seconds and, I said yes...
Then do it she said, and laid back and spread her legs.
I touched her softly and she was wet, very wet, and my fingers exploring her pussy.
I felt her hand grab my cock and I was just about to explode when she gor me on my back.

Now its my turn she said, just look, no touching...
She stood up and started to rub herself in front of me, and she got on all fours and inserted a finger in her pussy and another one into her anus.
Im in heaven I thought, and my cock was rock hard seeing this, and soon she came in front of me.
Thought it was over when she laid down and told me to get up..
Sit above my chest she said, and I just sat down, and felt her mouth around ny cock I exploaded in her mouth.
She just swallowed and continued sucking, and I never got soft.

We switched position and she lowered herself down on my face abd told me to lick, as much as I could, and såge moved around on my face, and sometimes it was pussy and sometimes the ass i was licking.
She got more and more wild from my tounge, and she was rubbing her clit while she told me to lick her ass.
And so I dod and she came some minutes later, and dreanched my face almost..

Lets swim now then we can continue she said, and I webt down to the water...
Then we got up and she asked what I wanted to do, and that is the second part of the story with Ragna..

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