I'm Lazy

Written by , on 2022-03-18, genre S&M

Ill use Bob 38 for this story, I travel a great deal for my work and don't actually own a home or even rent one. I'm always travelling and so I don't a home, but I use my brother home as my home address and stay with him and his family when in their town. I wouldn't have a home address but sometimes you need to put down a home address. Mainly so the government departments to send you things or to just have it on your files. You know for passports and tax reasons are the main ones. Good luck getting them to send your new passport to a postal box or even a post office. So I'm usually travelling around staying at hotels at my employers expense, I don't go wild with it keep it simple. I get paid well. I've found over the years the housemaids at hotels are usually willing to play for a little money. I've notices there tells so to speak and so know who to ask and who not to ask for sex. I prefer a mature maid to the younger ones, mainly I don't want one who might already be pregnant and looking for someone to take the fall. Also the mature women are better lovers mostly. If I want sex with a maid and want to see if she is interested so I can ask her for sex. I start talking to her and then glance at the bed in the room. If she doesn't back away and looks at me and then bed I ask her for sex and rarely have I failed. Last month I was in a city for 4 days and the second day I was just hanging around the hotel waiting for the person I was to see return to the city, he was late due flight problems I was told. Maria 57 (name changed) was housemaid on my floor and I thought she looked good enough to fuck. She was willing except I would have to wait until after her shift, I agreed and 3 hours later she returned and stayed with me until 6 the next morning. She really drained my balls and I got her to join me again on my last night there. I gave the hotel top marks on my review.

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