How my pet took my ass

Written by , on 2017-06-29, genre zoophilia

My dog was always dry humping anyone it could . one day I was home alone an was eager to get wasted I went to the garage where I kept some weed an rolled me one. Smokey my dog always followed me around so he was there wanting to play.. I was really stoned an tried something different my cousin told me about huffing gas so I put some in a cup an started huffing. I blanked out a Lil bit an when I came round I had to pee. I huffed a big breath of gas as I was pulling my shorts down to pee an I suddenly went limp an fell onto a small work bench .. I was froze but knew what was going on an thats when I felt smokey lick my ass a few times I half groaned out no smokey but after a couple licks to mark my ass an wettin it slightly he mounted me I felt his dick hit my ass cheek a few times then in between them an suddenly a Sharpe stabbing eruption of pain as smokey found my asshole an jammed every last bit of his dick into me an fucked me out hard an fast with about 9 inches of dog dick

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