I finally worked up the courage to meet my daddy

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It had been a while since I had heard from my daddy. Jon... his name immediately brings up a deep, guttural lust inside me that makes my cock stir. I couldn't count on both hands or feet how many times I had snuck off my job duties or slipped into the bathroom to stroke my cock, dreaming about my last fantasy encounter with him at the movie theater. Starting slow, then building steam re-living the warm spurts of cum that came out of my daddy's big dick in the dark corner of the movie theater. Getting so hot that I found myself completely missing my tissue target and shooting pump after pump on the wall, floor, and when laying down an eager jet or two may have mistakenly found my own face. :) After deep sighs and the afterglow a sly smirk would come to my face thinking about my new friend, my daddy I so desperately wish to please. Flashes would cross my mind in random non sexual moments that f***ed me to conceal the growing bulge in my shorts. ...chairs.... pledge of allegiance... waiting in line at the post office... phew, boner averted. But anyway... he finally got back to his eager boy.

Getting a wild hair one morning after waking up for work, I opened my email to a pleasant surprise! My heart skipped a beat when I saw the unread marker next to his reply. I eagerly clicked my daddy's message and my eyes hungrily read the words on my phone screen.

"I need you now... meet me at Gibson Park, 7:30pm."

Immediately my heart doubled pace. "Shit. What do I have going on tonight at 7:30? Can I do this? Am I ready?" Countless excuses kept cramming into my thought process. Each one falling mute to the sheer excitement, butterflies, and explosion of nerves. For the next 8 hours at work I was in a daze. Mindlessly completing my tasks, not engaged enough to converse with my work friends. Secretly in my own little world filled with the fear and rush of something completely new... and desired. Finally, I clocked out and took intentional deep breaths on the way to my truck. "
I'm doing this. This is going to happen. I'm going to give myself to my daddy like I have daydreamed about hundreds of times before. Fuck yea." Whew... breathe. I reach for my phone, open my private email... and my fingers shook as I typed the two words that have escaped my mouth countless times in the throws of orgasm. "Yes, Daddy."

I rushed home and jumped in the shower to wash the day away. I took extra care to wash all the parts I secretly hoped my daddy would be exploring in just under an hour. The buildup of butterflies was immense as I dried, got dressed, and walked out the door. I didn't quite know what to think on my way to the park. I was almost stunned into a sense of destiny and I all but blinked and there I was pulling into the parking lot at Gibson. Rotating the key backward and feeling my truck shiver to a stall... I came to the realization that I had no idea who I was looking for. I had seen my daddy's delicious looking cock... but that was it. Again nerves built up in my throat as I began to dread the thought of all this build up and the possibility of me missing out on meeting Jon. I took a deep breath noticing how dry my mouth had become and I stepped out of the truck. The sun was warm on its way down, and coupled with the gentle breeze and the smell of cottonwoods I relaxed a little. "Hell, even if I don't meet up it's still awesome out."

I started walking to the duck pond with both hands in my pockets, looking around for whom I hoped was looking for me. As I strolled I started looking from person to person to see who might match the description I had though up in my head... and who is alone, sexy, stoic, waiting for his boy? I saw a man, in one of the inlets where people tossed bread to the ducks standing casually. He was alone, he was sexy, he seemed completely at ease where he was... was this him? I slowly walked by, trying to look as non interested as possible. Inside I was screaming with the sense of adventure and the fear of the unknown. I tried to keep my head straight but look through the corner of my sunglasses to see if he would react to my passing. Straining my eyes almost to their limit, and slowly filling with the sense of disappointment, I saw him tilt his head in my direction. Wham! It's like my body kicked on the furnace as I instantly flushed. I felt excitement beyond description as I tried everything I could to act like I didn't notice and continued slowly walking down the path. "I think that's him, it's gotta be him..."

I continued down the path a little way, but my mind was on the man leaning against the rail of the inlet behind me. I stopped, pretending to be admiring the day, rotated on my heel and slowly started walking back in the direction of the handsome man. Ah, the beauty of sunglasses. My head was pointed in a non suspecting direction but my eyes could have been boring a hole through this strange man. I slowly continued and although my body was screaming for me to run away, I turned casually into the opposite side of the inlet and f***ed myself to admire a duck I had absolutely no interest in. Taking all my willpower to stay my beating heart and slow my breath I turned my head to look at the man standing across from me. Taking in the sight of what could be my fantasy daddy. He looked strong, built thick, with facial hair and a good stance. Easily someone who I could hang out with, or go hiking with ... while he reaches his hand down the front of my... NO No no... keep it together. As I sat there looking this man up and down, he turned to look at me and panicking I jerked away. I could have sworn I heard a short laugh come out from under his breath. I stood there looking out across the pond feeling like a fool, and I head the words that turned my legs into rubber bands...

"You lookin' for your Daddy?"

Instantly flooded with a mixture of panic and relief, I f***ed myself to turn and managed to fumble the word "Yea" out of my mouth. A warm smile came across his face and I nervously replied in kind. "Let's go for a walk."

This is it! It's happening! And fuck me look at him, I could easily drop to my knees and blow that hunk of a stud! We both turned to walk along the path, and I looked to him and stammered out.. "so your the guy who I've been writing all my fantasies to huh?" With a short laugh.

"That's me" He said with a smile and offered me his hand. I shook it back, noticing his grip and responding with my own firmness.

We walked along the path and the words finally came out from behind the nerves. We talked about ourselves, our jobs, f****y, weather... it all started to blend into a decent conversation between to friends. Before I knew it the sky started to dim into the summer sky, casting a comfortable light on the rest of the trail. People started to leave, and cars began to clear out of the parking lots. Jon and I continued to walk, and talk. As time carried on I began to smile on the inside as I realized, "This dude is legit. He could easily be someone I could hang out with on the regular and be myself around." As we were coming up on the long stretch running next to the tracks, I worked up my courage. Finding a new level of bravery, I finally dived in.

"So, I've been thinking about this "edging" thing you brought up to me... and I gotta say, I've been curious to know more..."

Jon laughed, and said "Yea, you don't know the half of it. It's the best. I can't believe you've never done it."

"Yeah well, that's me for ya. I have yet to spread my wings and explore all that is my sexuality."

"I think I can help with that." Jon said with a grin.

"Well, that was the plan by meeting you ha ha..." I waited a couple seconds then uttered the word, "Daddy"

Jon didn't say anything back, and I started cursing myself for being a fucking retard. He had his head turned the other way almost looking for something. As I was about to say something, Jon grabbed my wrist and turned me directly to him. Paralysis... I stood frozen. He slowly moved closer to me and got inches away with a focused look in his face. "What are we waiting for then?" he whispered. He wrapped his other hand around my back and let go of my wrist to move down and squeezed my left butt cheek. HOLY FUCK. I responded only by letting out a soft moan and pressed my body against his while he grabbed the other cheek. I slid one hand up his back and the other down closer to his own ass and grabbed a hold of my daddy's firm cheek too. My insides were exploding with a fire I have never felt before. He leaned in and started sucking my neck, licking, kissing, sucking more and gently biting. My cock got rock hard in two seconds flat and I could feel it straining against my shorts. I felt Jon push forward into my cock and I gasped instantly when I felt his own hard bulge rub and press against my own. All I could mumble was "holy fuck daddy".

Jon reached his hands in front of my shorts and grabbed hold of my pulsing, iron hard cock and looked me dead in the eye. "You like what your daddy is doing?"

"mm hmm..." I replied biting my lip.

Jon started to move me closer to the bushes, and eventually lead me into a small opening though thick brush. I could hear the cars in the distance, and a soft breeze was coming over the tracks. With my heart racing he turned around to face me. My daddy reached for my front button on my shorts and I instantly had shivers of pleasure radiate throughout my body starting at the pressure I felt from his hands. He never stopped looking at me as he unzipped and pulled down the front of my boxers. There I was, in all my glory... standing in front of my sexy fucking daddy with my dick pointed at him like a weapon in public. I couldn't describe the tingles and sparks that flew knowing that anyone walking past could just glance to the right and see me standing with my pants down with another man. I fuckin' loved it. I had thought about our previous conversations when Jon had brought up kissing and I never knew if I could go in for it, but at that moment all I could think about was having my daddy pull my head in and lock lips... which he just so happened to do. With mind numbing waves I fell into him. Stroking my cock with one hand and sliding his tongue in my mouth, I was in bliss. As soon as it started it felt like he broke away, wondering what was going on it only took a second for me to realize he was migrating south.

"Daddy's gunna show you something."

"oh fuck, ok daddy..." I whispered.

Jon took my rock hard cock in his mouth and I all but came right then and there. His mouth moving slowly but methodically over and around my cock head. The warmth of his tongue and the heat from his breath took me to a place I never knew existed. I looked down as my daddy was concentrating on my cock as he slowly reached his hands up my shirt and grabbed hold of my nipple. I let a soft moan escape my mouth and instantly looked around to see if anyone had heard. Just as Jon was licking the tip of my dick I realized I didn't give a fuck. I reached down and grabbed the side of his head and kept it there with the rhythm of his sucking. Breathing deep I felt the amazing familiar feeling building in by balls, but now with a vigor I hand't felt before. I whispered, "Oh fuck daddy I'm getting close..." with my eyes closed and my head tilting back. POP! I leaned forward with a start and looked at him, and there he was smiling back at me.

"Not yet boy..." with amusement, as he lowered his head and sucked my right ball into his amazing mouth. Sending shockwaves through my body my daddy tongued my balls, stopping to suck each one individually then going back to long slow licks to the base of my cock. Raaaahhhh! It drove me nuts as my orgasm subsided, and just as it did he wrapped his manly mouth around my aching cock once again. Ahhh... fuck me... the relief to be in his warm, wet, mouth again. "Ohhhh you fucker ha ha" I let out and I heard Jon's vocal cords vibrate my cock with a deep mischievous laugh. It wasn't long again before I was getting close again and instinctively Jon once again lowered his loving tongue to work my balls.... "Hoooooly shit daddy!!!!" I said through gritted teeth and I gave his head a firm tug to get him back to work on my now neglected cock head. He wasn't having any of it... "Daddy knows best, listen to me boy" he said through his ball smithing. Melting at the word "daddy" I again relented to his will.

Again, as what had to be the orgasm that could shoot down a 747 jet subsided Jon moved his warm tongue back to my dripping cock. I couldn't move as again the pleasure moved over me. Mere minutes passed and it's like my daddy had fucking ESP... he removed his expert lips from my shaft at the most inopportune time and I grunted my disapproval. He worked his mischievous magic on my balls and then back to my cock. As he removed his head once again from my almost spurting cock I reached again for his head to protest. Faster than I knew it my daddy spun me around ripped my pants the rest of the way down and f***ed me in a bent over position! My eyes wide with the unexpected, he buried his tongue between my ass and I all but dissolved into the earth. "OOOOOOhhhhhh Daddy!" I moaned as I felt him explore my virgin ass with his amazing tongue. Feeling pleasure never felt I could all but close my eyes and scream from the inside my approval... but only quiet moans and gasps manages to move past my lips. I reached back felt his head move around as his tongue darted in my most private of areas. I was in bliss... lost, Imagining his steel cock rounding the now spit slicked hole he was f***efully licking when he spun me back around and buried his mouth around my cock again. I could feel my daddy sucking a little more f***efully as I all but resigned myself to this fucking stud of a man working my cock like never before. As my orgasm built I expected him to pull away again, but this time he reached around my ass and pulled me in firmly. Deep, slow, steady sucking as I felt him circle a finger around my puckered ass. I felt my daddy f***e his finger in my tight hole and I felt it come.... Deep in his mouth I let out what felt like a spurt that should have come out the back of his head! I felt the vibrations of a deep moan come from my daddy's mouth and he popped out my cock head from his beautiful mouth. I let another spurt fly in the depths of pleasure and watched with utter amazement as it flew what had to be 15 feet in the air past Jon's head. My body shook as the rest of my waves came forth and having my daddy hold me close to him as he licked at the jets of cum and tip of my cock sent me to a place I never thought existed. Jon engulfed my cock as the waves subsided and sucked until I couldn't stand it anymore... then he laughed and sucked me some more.

Holy Fuck...

"That... my boy... was edging. What'd ya think"

I stood there shaking and could only shake my head as I looked down at the man that just gave me the orgasm of a lifetime. Wow.

He stood up and pulled my pants up, and I stood there like the boy I was while I let my daddy put me back together. He leaned in and kissed me hard, then led me from the bushes. We both laughed as I struggled to walk, as my head sparked and my movements faltered like I hadn't taken a breath in minutes. I walked close to my daddy as we made our way back to the parking lot in the deepening darkness. I didn't want the night to end... but it seemed that was the way it was going. As we approached the trucks I looked at Jon and said "thank you".

John replied 'What, you think we're done here?" with a BIG grin. I bit my lip...

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