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Written by , on 2017-06-18, genre fetish

I would say a little known fact about me is I would accept sexual favors for almost any personal payment a woman owes me. For that matter I would take another man's woman as payment for anything he might owe. Socially this obviously isn't a common way of doing business so only a few times in my life have I received reimbursement for my work this way.

One such time an old friend needed help repairing something. She was using this for her own business so getting it working again was time-sensitive. I think the urgency of the situation and her gratefulness for being able to continue her work played in favor for me this time. We had been sexual before with each other a long time ago so she already knew what a very dirty man I was. Once things we're going again she expressed how thankful she was and asked what she owed me. Jokingly not jokingly I used the old line "a blowjob wouldn't be out of the question would it?" A short burst of laughter and with a smile she exclaimed I don't know about that we both have significant others now. I stayed silent for a moment with our eyes locked. I watched that smile turn into a grin as her thoughts rewind back to all the fun times we had before. I cracked a smile and said it's not like I asked to fuck your throat then pound your little asshole like before. We share another small giggle then with a look of seriousness she says I miss that cock. Mmmm I miss giving it to you I said. Now at this point I pause for a small internal struggle. I say small because I'm trying to discover a way to do the "right" thing when what I want to do is put her on her knees, fuck her throat then bend her over and take her sexy ass. However I know that despite her desires her commitment to her husband is important. I know she would feel extremely guilty despite having enjoyed it in that moment. However as stated before I am dirty and have had little success in my past resisting such dirty opportunities despite any potentially ill outcomes. In that moment a compromise came into my thoughts. So I asked would it be okay if I made you something to eat? It would be rude not to accept it wouldn't it? There's no harm in eating something that somebody made for you is there? A look of confusion as she muttered I guess I would. I don't see any harm in it. No sooner than those words left her mouth I saw the look change on her face as she realized what I was about to feed her. Good then get on your knees slut and take your tits out for me I commanded her. These were directions she had received before but it had been a while. She did not however at all hesitate at my request. I looked down at her to see eyes looking up at me and her gorgeous tits are out as she cups them in her hands. I tell her since we're being good I'm going to tell you exactly what I want to do to you while I stroke my cock in front of you then I am going to cum in your mouth slut. Do you understand I ask her? I begin unzipping my pants as she replies yes sir. I start stroking my hard cock in front of her while I remind her how it would be choking her as I fucked her throat. Her eyes are locked with mine as she continuously glances at my cock in front of her. I see her begin to pinch her nipples as I continue. You would get that cock all wet for me wouldn't you slut? Yes sir so wet. What are you getting it so wet for slut? So you can fuck my ass. I reach out with my other hand to give her a quick slap to the face. She quickly corrects and says Please fuck my ass sir. That's my good girl I reply. This exchange between us continues on. The reminder in my mind of how it played out long ago has me ready to explode. I can see the hunger in her eyes as she waits with her hard nipples between her fingers still pinched tightly. Open up wide for me slut. I grab the back of her head and clench her hair in my hand to hold her perfectly in place. I continue to stroke my cock as I pump hot cum into her open mouth. I watch the last drop hit her tongue as she closes her eyes, then her mouth and swallows. Mmmm that was the best thing I've had anyone make me to eat in a long time. Thank you sir. We break into smiles as I sigh you're welcome slut. I zip up then reach down and give her a hand up off the floor. We hug and exchange thank you's one more time before I exit her office. Although the payment wasn't as dirty as I'd hoped it would be it is a wonderfully dirty memory.

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