Adult theater

Written by , on 2017-06-12, genre first times

My friends at school told me about a theater that showed porn movies. After getting the address I decided to see if I could get in. Friday night I went to the place and it didn't look like the local movie theater where we all went. Feeling brave I walked through the door and gave the man my money. I look older than my age so I thought I could get in, but it didn't matter. The guy never looked up. I went down the hall and opened the doors, the only light was the movie. I found a seat in the back row and sat down. I watched a guy pounding the shit out of some chick, when some body sat in the seat next to me. I noticed him undoing his pants and pull out his dick. Shocked I looked straight at the screen. Suddenly I felt his hand on mine. I looked down and he was motioning for me to touch it. I pulled my hand away and watched the movie. The guy tapped my shoulder and said do you want to. I was shocked and frightened. I thought about leaving, then decided to go to the bathroom hoping he'd leave. A few minutes later the guy came in. He looked at me and asked how old I was. Shaking I told him. He laughed and said you've never been to one of these places before have you. I hung my head and said no. He pressed his hand against my crotch and squeezed. He looked up and said can I see it. Not knowing what to do I said not here. He told me to go to the front row. Frightened what he might do I want to the front row and sat down. A minute later he sat beside me. He leaned over and said to undo my pants. I undid my belt, popped the button and pulled down the zipper. He reached over and stuck his hand in my underwear, and grabbed my dick. Shocked I took a deep breath and watched the movie. He pulled my dick out and started stroking it. As I watched the guy in the movie get his dick sucked I started to relax. As Tim (i found out later) stroked me he said to pull my pants fown. I reached down and wiggled them down. Tim used his other hand to massage my balls while he stroked. I felt the eurge to cum and told Tim. He squeezed my dick tight till the feeling passed. In the mean time Tim had his pants down and stroking his dick till it was stiff. He looked around and said to take my pants off since no one was here. A little scared I looked around and seen we were alone. Not knowing any better I took them off, and he started stroking me again. As the feeling to cum built up, Tim said to take off my shirt. Not wanting him to stop I pulled it off. Now totally naked in the theater I wanted to cum so bad. Suddenly Tim stood up grabbed my clothes and opened the back door and throw them out. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me back to the seats and told me to suck his dick. I wanted to cry I was so scared. He pulled my head down till my mouth was over his stiff dick. Not wanting anything else to happen to me I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. As I sucked he held my head down and pushed me lower. I gagged as his dick touched my throat. He moved my head up and down till he came.

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