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Written by , on 2017-06-05, genre poems

Roar Bean Got Chosen
Drips he's risen face, boiling taste
If lips could fuck pour me Porn Starbucks
She's engaging "Velvet Smooth Vagina" flirting
He's jerking off her iced Queen rocks
the miraculous exhibition, She's pulsating sex boiling
Two lip porn cups
comes together wicked orally delicious
Bold, tantalizing blend, of Coffee to hold.
My flavor came out in my shower. he's sold
Pop- erotic body--steamy he raided my book,
How it poured sadistically.He whipped up
another look
Sex Guru Grind, not one drop left behind
Sex up the invitation, Coffee Masquerade
more licking and tasting men Political so
Red velvet whole cheesecake
his lips devoured me he poured me
nymphomanic personality going down one sip
what movement video game submissive trip
He rose to the oral orgy thick massive.
For Petes sadistic sake how you grind

fantasy trip. Her lips going down perverted mind.
Chosen One Bean bodily-scent legs parting
Cat dressed purr scratches Cafe "Sixty-Nine"
The computer hot matches Facebook pages
Million in one drips Coffee and sex the drug
obsessions more coffee. Hot swingers to meet
laptop taking a sip he smiles amplifies I greet.
kaleidoscope hot colors warm-Carmello melts

lip's in the French erotic cup cappuccino.
He steams erotically movie set with Tarantino.
Here's his handle I'm his passionate scout.
The smell of his aura cup.with my sensual pout.
In his eye's only for coffee? What about me?
Seeing him kiss my orgy mouth.
Exotic blend's rough grains-organic oral
The picture sets the mood like moans from the mural

His sugar flight I'm Goth shaking Chandeliers
Sex light coffee crystals, he pours me more
Coffee swinger V coupled and musketeer...

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