Me and my Sisters

Written by , on 2017-06-05, genre incest

It has only been a week since my parents passed away. I am 20 and my sisters are 19 and 18. My house was robbed and my dad was murdered while defending our house. My mom was raped, beaten and killed. All three of us sleep together because they are scared to sleep alone. We sleep in our parents room. 1 night i woke up to both my sisters Brooke and Hope extremely close to me, more than normal. I just figured they had a bad dream and scooted closer. So i just went back to bed. I woke up that following morning and slipped out of bed. I went to use the restroom and noticed that my morning wood was stiffer than normal. So i put some cold water on it so i could pee. Then i showered and got dressed and went and got breakfast started for the girls. We had all graduated from high school so no one really had to leave. My youngest sister hope was a freaking genius and graduated a year early. Our paretns were very successful and had a pretty full bank account so we could have time to grieve without having to worry about money. They had their own business and we as a group deiced to sell it. While i was making breakfast the girls woke up and came down stairs. I made them eggs, bacon, and hash browns. I got them their plates and put them on the table. they ate and went up stairs to get ready for the day. Today was the funeral for our parents. It started at 1 p.m. they were buried at 4 p.m. We went home and got dressed into some comfortable cloths (I can't stand wearing dress cloths) and sat down to watch a movie. They got super close to me and hugged each of my arms pretty tight. We watched a parody of a scary movie and had a pretty good time. about 9 p.m. rolled around and we were all pretty tired so we went to bed. at 9:15 we were all settled and ready for bed. I was almost asleep when i felt a had on my stomach. I did flinch or anything, i just figured one of the girls moved it in their sleep. Then another hand and i was a little suspicions at this point. Then i felt their hands go lower and grazed over my willy. That made me wiggle a bit. Then the hands came back up to my stomach. Then i just laid back and tried to sleep. Then their hands went into my sweats and under my boxers. One grabbed my semi erect willy and the other grabbed my balls and played with them. I squired pretty hard and opened my eyes. Both Hope and Brooke were wide awake and staring at me. I asked what was going on and they said just be quite and let it happen. So hope jumped up and pulled my sweats and boxers off. She they too my fully erect willy and started licking/kissing it. Then Brooke started kissing my and idk why but i kissed her back. Then Hope took my willy into her mouth. I am a good 8" long and she took all of it. I was going nuts. Then Brooke ripped her shirt off and let her tits out. They were pretty good size, then hope did the same and hers were even bigger. They both had lovely curves and a huge ass. Hope kept sucking on my dick and then Brooke hopped up and put her cleanly shaved pussy in my face and said "You look like you're starving, want a snack". so the ni dove in and started eating her. I sucked on her clit and licked her lips. I made her cum within 5 minutes. Then i realized i was approaching my climaxe. Then i felt my balls tense and i blew a load down her throat. She swallowed ever drop. Once i thought it was over i was wrong. They switched spots and hope hopped up and put her also cleanly shaved pussy in my face. I brought her to a climaxe as well. Brooke was just as good if not better than hope at giving blowjobs. She made me cum in half the time. My little solider was getting tired so they gave me one of the pills my dad had to take to keep him stiff. Then i felt my dick enter a warm soft and went cave. then i noticed that hope was riding my dick. I watched her as her massive tits were flopping and slapping off her chest. Then brooke put her ass in my face and said eat this hole now. So i buried my face in her hot ass and ate her like a bag of groceries. I felt another climaxe coming and i told hope and she said to come in her. So i did and it felt so amazing. She then came herself. I figured my little man would become soft but he was still at attention. So brooke and hope switched places again and i ate hope's ass and brought her to a climaxe while brooke was riding my dick. She was going fast and hard. Then i came to another climaxe. I shot so much cum into her that it leaked out of her like a running hose. then my little solider became soft. Then hope and brooke laided down next to me and we went to sleep. That's the end, if you want more just let me know. Shoot me an email with ideas or topics. Thanks hope you enjoy this story.

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