Being a good white boi

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"So," James asked me, "you been a good boi for me?"

"Yes I have," I replied, "I've been a very good boi!"

"No jacking-off?"

"None. Not even once!"

"Hmm," he said. "I'm glad to hear that. Married fag-bois like you need to control those desires you have that make you what you are."

"I agree," I replied, feeling the thrill of anticipation at what I was hoping James was going to do for me; especially since I really and truly had refrained completely from any jacking-off ever since the last time he'd come by to the house! So, as you can imagine, I was feeling extremely horny and VERY sexually frustrated at the self-imposed lack of orgasms!

"So," James said, smiling faintly, "I suppose you think you need an orgasm, huh?"

"I'd very much LIKE to have one; that is," I said, remembering to be deferential towards James, which he especially liked for me to be, "if YOU think I should have one!"

He chuckled at that! "Hmm! You are being very obedient," he said. "I like that in a married fag-boi!"

"I know you do," I said, smiling as well. "That's why I said what I did!"

"Well then," he said, stepping up close in front of me, "since you've been so obedient, and so very 'chaste' since the last time, I've decided to reward you with an orgasm! Sound good to you?"

"Oh yes!" I replied, eagerly; but not too eagerly, because that might seem that I was being pushy, and impatient with James' decision to 'reward' my self-denial of an orgasm in deference to him for that; but he didn't react that way.

When I had my cock and balls out, James stepped up even closer and he took my balls in one hand, gripping them tightly, as he always did at such a moment, and then with the other hand, he began slowly stroking my cock shaft; which was already as hard as it could ever get!

"That feels SO GOOD, James," I said with all the sincerity I could muster!

"Good," he said, and we both stood looking down at my small white dick in his hand, with his dark chocolate colored fingers wrapped around my cock.

As he stroked my cock, he continued to grasp my balls in his other hand very firmly; and to the point that it hurt a little, but, there was something in that strange blend of pain, as well as pleasure, that I enjoyed a great deal! James knew this, and he smiled.

"Good little fag boi," he said. "Later on I'm gonna fuck that wife of yours good and hard."

"I'm sure you will," I replied.

"Yeah, you KNOW I am! I'm gonna do for her what YOU never could. Right, fag?"

"Oh yes!" I said, feeling my orgasm approaching quickly.

"That's right," he said, smiling again. "You white fag bois never could please a woman, black, or white, could ya?" He was deliberately teasing and mocking me now, which was the basis of our 'relationship.' It always had been, and it would always be that way, too. He and I both were very well aware of that! Yet, for me, having acknowledged my obvious sexual inferiority to his superiority, as well as my acknowledgement of my homosexual nature, there had become a curiously exciting sense of acceptance of that!

"Oh, god, James," I suddenly said out loud, "I'm SO close to coming!" I said that in order that he might decided to either go on with that, postpone it, or deny me altogether; but on that day, James was feeling magnanimous; and he finished jerking me off!

When I came, and after such a long span of entirely self-imposed chastity, I had a lot of sperm built up inside my balls, and James watched with quite satisfaction as I pumped out a truly huge load of cum all across the glass-topped coffee table that was close to where we stood!

"Oh GOD!!!" I cried out in the utter pleasure of the orgasmic release, and I kept saying that, again, and again, until he had milked my balls completely dry; and then, as he smiled into my face, he stepped back.

"There ya go, fag-boi! Now you've been good and milked. And by a real man!"

"Oh yesss," I said sighing out loud. "You've got that right!"

"Now get on your hands and knees and lick up all that sperm you just made such a fucking mess with!"

I did as he ordered, just as I always did, of course. This was all part of my servitude to James! He was the Master, and I the Slave! This was the basis of our relationship after all!

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