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A few weeks after my last private massage woth Kyla I decided to message her on a Friday morning to book a private session with her on the Monday. She replied back soon asking if 10h00 would be ok. I said that would be perfect and that I'm looking forward to having her touching my body. She replied saying sounds real good and that she is looking forward to it.
The next few days went by and then Sunday evening after dinner with my husband and daughter I received a message from Kyla asking if I'm looking forward to seeing her tomorrow. I replied back that I'm definitely am and can't wait. She replied saying that nor can she as she enjoys being in my company and the thoughts of the last time she saw me were still fresh in her head.
I replied telling her that she's now making me wet thinking about her cute hard nipples and boobs and I asked if she'd like another massage again.
She soon replied saying that would be nice if I'm up to for it.
I replied of course I am and that I can't wait to see her tomorrow.
She replied saying awesome can't wait and that ended our messaging till the next day.
Monday after my man left for work and once I was home from dropping our daughter off at crèche, I had a relaxing hot bath and then after getting out I wore my gown while I waited for Kyla to arrive. She arrived before 10h00 and we greeted each other with a hug. She then set up in the lounge once again. I was first to hop on the massage bed and while laying down on my belly Kyla started massaging my neck and shoulders slowly making her way down my back and to my ass. We chatted while she massaged and she told me how things were with her BF and work etc. Once she reached my bum she massaged my bum cheeks and a few times she spread them and her fingers would run over my pussy lips and up over my bum hole. She then teasingly massage down my inner thighs and to my feet before asking me to turn over. She then made her way back up my legs and once reaching my inner thighs and groins area I spread my legs slightly for her. Her thumbs started massaging my pussy lips as I asked her if she was a little wet down below. She replied that she is and then started rubbing my pussy up and down for a while. She then moved up and rubbed oil onto my skin of my tummy and up onto my boobs, she now asked me just how horny am I right now. I replied as she gently pinched and massaged my nipples that I was real horny and could do with a good hard fucking. She replied as she moved and started massaging my head that she felt the same way after the last time she saw me. I replied asking if my massage really made her that horny and she replied it did. She then moved down to be aside me and told me to keep quiet and enjoy. He hand moved to between my legs and she started to rub my pussy up and down. She stimulated my clit with her fingers and soon as I started moaning and as my body tensed up Kyla entered two of her fingers into my pussy and started to finger me while I orgasmed. I moaned from the pleasure of Kyla fingering my horny pussy as I orgasmed, releasing all the sexual tension from my body for a few minutes.
After I finished orgasmning Kyla removed her fingers and I sat up in a total relaxed state. I then first offered her a glass of fruit juice and her and I went to the kitchen. We sipped on the juice and chatted for 20 odd mins before I said to her that it is now your turn to lay on the bed.

She was still a bit shy but this time she stripped down in front of me leaving only her tiny black G string on. She then laid down on her tummy and I slowly drizzled oil onto her back. I started massaging her neck and shoulders before moving down her back.
Reaching her ass on this occasion I massaged her bum cheeks and then moved slowly down her inner thighs and legs till reaching and massaging her feet. Once done with her feet I asked her to turn over and I made my way back up her legs and teasingly massage her inner thighs. I could slightly see a little of her pussy lips as I massaged her upper part of her inner thighs and as I move up I decided to run my middle finger up and down her G string a few times. Her body flinched the first time that my finger ran over her G string and pussy but then she relaxed. I then moved up and rubbed oil onto her belly soon making my way up to her boobs. I massaged her sexy boobs and gently pinched her erect nipples causing her to moan softly. I then move up to her chest and throat and massaged her there before deciding to slowly make my way back down to her boobs.

Standing along side her body on this occasion I pinched her nipples slightly harder with my left hand as my right hand ran down her belly and under her G string. She flinched slightly and then moved her right hand and held onto my naked ass. I started rubbing her wet shaven pussy up and down and Kyla instantly started to moan. I rubbed and stimulated her clit in a circular motion and as her body tensed up, she squeezed my bum harder I slipped my middle finger into her pussy and started fingering. Her moans became louder and her pussy tightened around my finger as she started to orgasm. I fingered her harder and fast as she said oh fuck while she moaned and orgasmed. After she finished orgasmning I slowly removed finger from her pussy and out from under her tiny G string. She then release her grip from my bum and sat up. I stood in front of her between her legs as she said that was great. I placed my hands on her hips as I replied saying I'm glad you enjoyed it. She then said thank you it was really great and well needed. I told her that she's welcome and then we went to the kitchen and I poured us a both a single vodka lime and lemonade. We both sat on the kitchen counter opposite each other while we chatted and sipped on a drink and once we finished our drinks Kyla slowly got dressed as I put my gown back on and then helped her pack up her things.
12h45 once all was packed up I asked Kyla when her next appointment was and she said 15h00 I offered for her to stay a while with me and she accepted. She quickly packed all her things into her car and we then went to the kitchen again. I made us some lunch as we spoke and then she mentioned again that she really enjoyed the massage I gave her and ending it off by fingering her pussy.
I replied saying that I to enjoyed the pleasure she gave me and that I'm very happy I was able to pleasure her.
She then asked me about my other lesbian experience and what all I have done with women.
I told her everything.

She replied asking if I enjoy it and I replied saying that I do in fact enjoy my woman on woman experiences.
We soon finished eating and I took the plates to the sink on my return I offered Kyla another drink and while pouring it she came up behind me and placed her arms around my body. I asked and now and she turned me around and pulled into me. Her soft lips met mine and our mouths opened as we started to kiss. I placed my hands on her ass and hers went onto mine as we kissed. Once our lips aparted Kyla said she just wanted to know what it felt like to kiss a woman. I laughed as I asked if she enjoyed it and she said yes she did. It's was just before 14h00 when I started feeling real horny again and wanted to fuck Kyla. I then asked how busy she is on Wednesday and she replied she has only got a 14h30 appointment currently.
I asked her if she would like to join me for the day until then and she said she would love that.
She then started saying goodbye to me and as I was letting her out the front door I gave a her a kiss and a hug and told her I'm looking forward to seeing her on Wednesday. She replied saying she can't wait as she got into her car and then drove off.

Later that evening after I tugged my daughter into bed and made my way to the bedroom, I was still rather horny. My hubby was in the shower and I decided to strip down naked and join him. My hands went around my husbands neck as he placed his hands on my ass and we started kissing. His cock was soon hard and he picked me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist as his cock entered my wet pussy. He started fucking me while standing in the shower. His cock sliding in and out of my pussy. He soon put me down and he kneeled on the shower floor, he lifted my right leg over his shoulder as he made his way to my pussy. He licked me up and down my pussy lips and then stimulated my clit with his tongue. I was moaning from the pleasure and soon I started to orgasm. After I finished orgasmning my man stood up and bent me over. My hands rested on the shower wall as his cock entered me from behind. He started thrusting hard and rough back and forth into my pussy. I moaned from the pleasure and soon my man pulled his cock out of my pussy and told me to get onto my knees. I did as he said and he started jerking himself off, aiming his cock at my face and as I closed my eyes his cock exploded and he shot his hot cum all over my face. Once he finished cumming he lifted me up and while I was standing washing his cum off my face he stood behind me. His right hand went down between my legs and he started rubbing my clit. His other hand was around my throat as he started to pleasure me again. My legs soon became weak as my body tensed up, my man started stimulating my clit harder and faster. As I started to moan from the pleasure of an orgasm he tightened his grip around my throat. It intensified my orgasm and once I finished cumming he released me and I turned around and gave him a big kiss before we got out the shower and dried off. We then made our way to bed were I soon fell asl**p.

Tuesday went by rather quickly and that evening Kyla message me confirming my appointment with her for Wednesday and what time shall she be there?
I told her to be by me by 8h00 and that I look forward to seeing her. I soon fell asl**p and waking up Wednesday morning I was already rather horny. I got my daughter ready for crèche and soon was downstairs saying goodbye to my husband. I then left to drop our daughter off at crèche and returned home by 7h45.
Kyla soon arrived a little after 8h00. She took her massaging bed out her car and wheeled it inside. Before she unpacked it I offered her a cup of coffee and her and I made our way to the kitchen.
I sat on the kitchen counter while we drank our coffee and chatted. I then asked Kyla how she felt after Monday and she responded by saying extremely horny and glad she was able to see her boyfriend that night. She told me how she road him hard and rough and that while doing so that she kept think of her kissing me and me playing with her pussy. I finished my cup of coffee and hop off the kitchen counter and walked up to Kyla. I took her hand and led her up to my bedroom.

Once in the room she asked and now? I turned around to face her and placed my one hand on her cheek and the other around her body as I pulled her towards me. My lips met hers and our mouths opened. Our tounges met and started to massage each other. Her hands made their way to my ass as we kissed. Once our lips aparted we slowly started to strip each other.
I was in my underwear when I removed Kyla's bra and pushed her to the bed. I sat down on her lap and as I removed my bra she said oh my god I'm so horny now. I moved down and kiss her once more with tounge before moving down kissing her neck and chest until I reached her boobs. I took her hard nipples into my mouth and sucked on them as she started to moan. After sucking on her hard nipples I started kissing Kyla down her belly and to her G string. I then slowly pulled her G string down as she lifted her legs into the air. I dropped it on the floor and then spread her legs exposing her cleanly shaven pussy to me for the first time. I kissed her teasingly down her inner thighs of both her legs as she laid moaning and massaging her boobs. My tounge then met her pussy and I started to muff her. I licked her pussy up and down as she moaned from the pleasure. I was soon stimulating her clit with my tounge as her body trembled and she started to orgasm. Her moans became louder as I continued to lick her clit while she orgasmed. After she finished orgasmning I kissed her up her body until our lips met and our mouths opened to let our tounges exchanging saliva again. We then rolled over for her to be on top. She laid beside me as we still kissed and her hand made its way under my g string. She rubbed my pussy up and down, stimulating my clit. Our lips soon aparted and I started moaning from the pleasure. Her mouth moved to my boobs and she started sucking on my hard nipples while stimulating my clit. My body soon started tensing up and my moans became louder as I started to orgasm. Kyla rubbed my pussy harder as I orgasmed. After I finished orgasmning our lips met again for a short while before she started kissing me down my body. She soon reached my g string and removed it. She then said this will be the first time that she will be muffing a girl and if she does anything wrong I must please let her know. I told not to worry that I am sure she will be fine.
She teasingly kissed my inner thighs as she slowly made her way to my pussy. I couldn't wait for her to muff me and eventually I felt her lips reach my pussy. She softly and slowly lick up and down my pussy, stimulating my clit as well. I moaned from the pleasure and it wasn't long till I started to orgasm again. Kyla kept licking my clit while I orgasmed and continued for a while afterwards until she started kissing me up my body. She laid ontop of me as I placed my hands on her ass. We chatted for a short while until I told her to lay on her back. She did as I said and I then got my vibrator and dildo from the draw next to the bed.
Kyla was shocked as she said you got toys? I answered saying yes. She then asked if my husband knew and I told her that he bought them for me. She said that's rather cool. I then switched on the vibrator as a laid across her body, and placed it between her legs. Her knees bent as the vibrations started to stimulate her pussy and clit. She placed her hands on my body as she started moaning and soon her body started to tense up from the pleasure of the vibrator. As she started orgasmning I entered the vibrator into her pussy and fucked her slowly back and forth with it. Her body trembled while she orgasmed as her moans became louder. After she finished orgasmning I continued to fuck her with the vibrator in and out of her pussy. With my other hand I started to rub her clit and soon her body started tensing up again as she started having multiple orgasms from the pleasure. She moaned as she came again and this occasion after she finished orgasmning I removed the vibrator from her pussy. I laid back next to her as she caught her breath.

After a minute Kyla took the dildo and said now it's your turn, she first sucked on it as if she was sucking a guys cock which teased me a bit. She then placed it between my legs and softly pushed it into my pussy. I picked up the vibrator and switched it on and as Kyla started fucking me with the dildo in and out of my pussy I placed the vibrator on my clit. She hit up against my pussy walls with the dildo while I stimulated my clit and soon my body tensed up as I started moaning. My pussy tightened around the dildo and as I started to cum Kyla fucked me harder with the dildo hitting my back walls making me moan louder. After I finished cumming she removed the dildo from my pussy and came and laid next to me.

We chilled and chatted for a while before getting up and making our way downstairs where I made us breakfast. The rest of the day we spent naked in each others company until 13h00 when we finally got dressed. She left soon afterwards and when we said goodbye we gave each other a kiss. She soon drove off and I went back inside being rather pleasured from my lesbian experience with Kyla.
Later that day she sent me a message saying that she really enjoyed today and that she is totally pleasured. She loved every moment of it and was very glad she got to experience a wonderful lesbian experience. And would love to do so again one day.

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