Spanking The Soccer Mom.

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I coach soccer ⚽️ for the local parks and recreation. I'm a volunteer and I do it because I enjoy the sport,that and those beautiful soccer moms.You would think they would enjoy the sport too since their kids are playing but most of them are so competitive. I mean you have to have a healthy dose of competitiveness but some of them go over board by making their kids hurt other kids. And Tina was one of those monster mothers.
Her son Max was a bit of a bully when he didn't get his way and sometimes he would act aggressive toward other players by shoving them or dead legging them.And if you have ever been legged then you know how much it hurts.There wasn't a week that went by that he didn't dead leg or shove another kid.
Last Saturday we were playing another team and they were handing our asses to us because they had this kid on their team name Rusty who was carrying the entire team.
At the last quarter Max targets Rusty and dead legs the poor kid so hard that he has to leave the game on a stretcher!😳
The ref kicked Max out of the game, and as he was walking off the field I saw Tina giving him the thumbs with a big smile on her face.We still lost the fucking game so what was the fucking point?😳😖😡 I was pissed that she was using her son like an assassin.
That Monday when practice rolled around I called Tina and Max to my office. "Tina, Max is no longer welcomed to play on my team."
Tina's mouth 👄 dropped."Are you serious,Jon?"
"I most certainly am!" I snapped.
"But coach,why?"Max asked tearfully.
"Yes I'd like to know myself!" Tina snapped."
"Well for starters,Max I'm dropping you for poor sportsmanship." Then I looked at Tina who still appeared gobsmacked "And because you ordered him to deadleg an opposing team-mate!"
"I did no such thing! How dare you accuse me of wrong doing all because you lost last Saturday's game."
"Yeah how dare you!"Max said.
I pointed to him,"You shut your mouth 👄 boy. Grown ups are talking."
"Don't you talk to Max that way!"
I stood up and looked down at her."You two can leave this meeting is over!"
Tina stood up and took her son's hand and they left the office. Tina shot me the bird and slammed the door behind her. Like mother like son. I said it loud enough for them to hear me.
Somehow I knew I hadn't heard the last of Tina. And there were most likely gonna be repercussions from this considering the plant that Tina works for was a big sponsor for the team. She was head over the personal office. She did the hiring and firing and she has the ego of a three story building.
I went back outside and finished up practice with the team and also broke the news to them that Max was off the team until further notice and believe it or not a cheer went up. Wow! I almost laughed.
As I gathered up the equipment and put it away I saw Tina's red Corvette pull into the parking lot. A man is driving and she is sitting in the passenger seat. They both get out the man is easily twice my size. They both get out and the man reaches into the back seat and takes out a small wooden case, it was about twenty inches long and ten inches wide with a depth of three inches. It was the perfect size to carry a pistol in.
SHIT! I thought and started walking to the office just as they start walking down to the soccer field.I see Tina point at me.
The husband and wife start moving faster.
"Hey pal hold up!" The man yells,but I keep walking. My mind is on the Louisville slugger I have behind my desk.
I shove the door to my office open and hurry inside, slamming it shut and locking it behind me. Then made my way to the desk and picked up the baseball bat and sat down in my chair. I was so winded I felt like I was about to pass out.
The man started jiggling the door know and knocking at the door. "Dude let me in we just want to talk"👄 "My wife just wants to apologize."
"That's the truth Jon." Tina says.
I laid the bat on the ground beside my desk and walked over and unlocked the door and opened it and walked back to my desk and sat down and reached down and put my hand on the bat.
They walk in the man first and then Tina who now has her head down.
The man leans in and offers his hand and we shake. I'm Buck and this is my wife Tina."
"She and I have already met." I said scowling at her.Tina looked away.
"Yes and she's told me everything and she confessed to putting Max up to hurting that kid the other day."
"Okay." I looked at Tina and she looked down at the floor not wanting to look me in the eye."I'm Jonathan for disrespecting you like that. And I apologize for instigating my son to injure another player. It was a foolish action. And again I apologize."
Buck handed her the box and she walked over and sat it down on the desk infront of me. She produced a tiny key and unlocked the box and opened it before me. The box was lined with a red pillowy crushed velvet material and in the center lay a thick shiny black paddle. There were gold lettering stinseled across the the business end that read "The Boss" and the handle was wraped in leather cord. Someone had taken the time to make it look as ominous as possible.
"What's this?" I asked already knowing what it was.
"It's a paddle Jon." Buck grinned.
"I know what it is Buck but why is it here,sitting on my fucking desk."
"Because I want you to punish me Jon." Tina said meekly.
"The FUCK you say." I laughed looking at the both of them. They weren't laughing at all in fact Tina looked like she was about to cry.
"This is insane,I'm not going to paddle you,Tina!"
"But why Jon. I disrespected you. I deserve to be punished!"
I looked at Buck.
"She's serious dude." He smiled.
"And your okay with all this nonsense,Buck?"
"It's not nonsense, Jon. So stop calling it that." Tina snapped."It's the only way I'm gonna feel better about all this. So PLEASE spank me!"
I held back a snicker,"Okay say I spank your ass. It doesn't mean I'm changing my mind about kicking your son off the team. He's off either way."
"I don't care about that. I'm not here to change your mind but to ease my mind."She said desperately.
Buck laughed, "You just might find that you enjoy it Jon. I mean she has been a bad girl.👧
"So your okay with all this right?"
Buck smiled and turned to the door,"Your not the only one she's offered her sweet ass to. So enjoy yourself,Jon." Then he popped Tina on the ass with his hand and she jumped,"I'll be in the car when your done." Then he looked at me again,"Take your time."he winked and with that he left.
I picked up the paddle and turned it few times in my hand it was heavy but was well balanced. I noticed Tina watching me intently with those beautiful blue eyes of hers.
She was gorgeous looking and stood before my desk dressed in a short summer dress,three inch heels 👠 and white stockings. And I had to admit the thought of paddling Tina gave me a chub.
"Take your dress off,Tina."
She nodded and obediently unzipped the back and let it fall loosely about her feet. The sight of her standing there in her red lacy bra and matching thong, further moved me.
"Take your bra off and lay it on my desk."
She didn't hesitate she unsnapped the center and slipped it off. The sight of her large tits took my breath away,they were crowned with a set of popping pink nipples with tips as large as the tip of my pinky finger. They made my Fucking mouth water. I got up and walked around my desk to where she now stood shivering from the air conditioner blowing against her body.
I place the edge of the paddle beneath her right breast and raised it."Nice tits."
"Thank you Jon."
I removed the paddle from her breast and smacked her across the ass. Tina yelped.
"You'll call me Daddy 👨 Do you understand..SLUT?"
Tina looked at me in shock 😲
I slapped her ass again with the paddle and she quickly looked straight ahead biting her lower lip. 💋
"How about it your gonna be Daddy’s little slut sub,right?"
She nodded.
*SMACK* "Words!"
I laid the flat of the paddle against her left ass cheek. It was cherry 🍒 red. "Bend over the desk,tits all the way down!" I snapped.
She instantly positioned herself over the top of my desk.
"Spread you fucking legs Misty! I said tapping the insides of her ankles with my tennis shoes. She spread her legs about a shoulder length apart.
"Wider"I snapped and slapped her ass hard with the paddle.
She jumped at the sound of my voice and spread her legs wide to the point she was having to reach across and hold the other side of the desk.
I paced slowly back and forth just looking at her cherry red ass. And damn did it look good! I stepped to the side and without warning her started slapping her as *SMACK*SMACK*SMACK*
Tins cried out with every crack of the paddle as I rained down blow after blow after blow.
Suddenly she screams "APPLE SAUCE!!!APPLE SAUCE!!!"
I stopped immediately and she barely hanging on to the desk now. Her arms and legs trembling.
I laughed,"So that's your safe word?"
"Yes Daddy." She said breathlessly.
I laid my hand on her now tender ass and she jumped.
"Too much huh?"I laughed.
She turns her head and looks at me defiantly and I started smaking her ass again. I did it a full minute before she cried the safe word again.
I had to have a break too. My arm was killing me. He sweet little ass was glowing. I smiled and walk around to the front of my desk and sit down in my chair and look into her deep blue eyes. She looked like she was in such pain and ecstacy all at the same time.
I leaned in and kissed 💋 her softly and she kissed me back,pushing her tongue so far into my mouth 👄 I thought would choke. And then she bit my lower lip,"Spank me Daddy!"
"You little slut, I'll teach you!I opened my desk drawer and took out a twelve inch wooden ruler.
"What are gonna do with that small thing?" She giggled.
"I'm gonna do something,I don't think your husband will even with you." I walked around behind her and slid the flat side of the ruler against her hairy blonde pussy. I began gently tapping it against her wet rippling labia.
"Oh shit! That's different."
I smiled and started tapping the piece of wood a little harder. Tina moaned her approval.
"How's that feel on your pussy,huh?"
"It feels good Daddy."
I slapped the ruler hard against her now hot pink pussy. Her labia began drip with her juices.
Tina gasped aloud,"Ohhhhhhhhh!" She groaned in such painful pleasure moved her hips while keeping her legs wide apart.
"Are feeling it baby?"
"Mmmmm Daddy." She breathed,"More please."😌
And I gave her more! Slapping her pussy over and over until she was screaming but never used her safe word.
"Oooooo uggggg!"Tina suddenly arches her back in a full on orgasm and she squirts spraying my hand and forarm with her hot juices.
She released her grip on the desk and slowly sank to the floor in front of me and raised her right hand,"I'm done Daddy."
I smiled down at her pleasantly satisfied that Tina had learned her lesson.
She smiles up at me and reaches up and cups my raging hard on through my gym pants. I took her hand and helped her to stand up and then I pushed her back first onto the top of my desk.
Tina knew what I wanted and she pushed her legs straight up into the air and spread them until her legs were flat on the desk. Fuck me I never seen a woman do that before!
I fucked Tina for all she was worth and non to gently either,and when I was done we were both covered in sweat. So we now lay in the floor holding each other when she suddenly asked me,"Can we have another session tomorrow Daddy. I have to fire a few people and Buck is one of them?" She pouted.
I laughed and slapped her ass and she yelped.
"Your paddle or mine,baby girl!?"

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