Spying brunette naked in her mews house

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We moved again recently and as usual my first task was identifying potential peeping locations. We lived opposite a mews which I initially discounted because the houses were looking across at each other so I assumed curtains would be firmly closed.

As time went by and I became more acquainted with the location the mews looked increasingly promising. There was an arch at the entrance largely obscuring the nearest houses to us. However i had seen that you could see some of the top floor window from the left side of the arched entrance but it felt hugely exposed to onlookers. As winter took hold and the evenings became darker I noticed that the high density of street lights created reflections from both cars and windows alike which got me excited.

I found a spot I felt confident loitering in and began observing the houses looking for opportunity. It was clear that one house was predominantly unoccupied. Subsequently the unlit windows provided good reflections of the house directly opposite - the target.

I also discovered that whichever car was parked in a certain parking spot gave enough of a view to see movement in the target window. This allows me to remain in a less conspicuous spot until the situation went live

Now it was just a matter of time. I got lucky after a few days, clearly seeing movement reflected in the car window and moving into position while trying to maintain a casual demeaner. I glanced upwards being greeted By the distinctive colour of flesh moving around. I tried to maintain a casual pose so as not to alert onlookers as my excitement levels accelerated

The reflection was pretty decent allowing me to establish an outline before adjusting angles, position etc to optimise the view. Only her upper half was visible, her movements suggested this encounter was post shower and she was totally naked.
Her body was svelte with no extra weight as I watched her back and fleeting side boob shots until she turned to face the window. They were small and pert with little pink nipples bouncing slightly as she moved.

I had the pleasure of this view for a few seconds before the blinds were dropped leaving me with fond memories and a raging erection. This became my number one target eventually getting lucky enough to see her face in the daylight. She was early 20's pretty and petite. Her hair was brunette and curly pulled tight in a ponytail with curls erupting down her back. She looked cute and I was desperate to see more.

My efforts quickly yielding several more successes the majority following the above routine and one proving more memorable. It was early in the morning when I left the flat for a cigarette. Reaching the top of my stairs from our basement flat I spotted her striding unsteadily down the mews. I retreated back out of sight and listened as she fumbled with her keys before entering the house. I waited before stepping onto the street to see the kitchen light on.

From the opposite side of the mews entrance to my usual spot you could see directly into a section of her bedroom window. I had noticed this earlier but discounted it in account of being too visible and having ruined so many opportunities historically was wary. Tonight though I decided to risk it, it was definitely a risk because a) I could get busted ruining future opportunities and b) only a small section was visible so I might miss everything.

The Gods were shining on me and I was rewarded with a full frontal and profile shot of her beautiful young tits. She even climbed across her bed revealing one tight ass cheek and black thong. Her window was open and I witnessed her getting onto the bed with only the top of her hair visible. Please let me hear her getting off, sadly not.

Fingers crossed there will be more to come!! I hope you enjoy, let me know if you would like an update on her.

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