Do Tell . . . A Story of Dog Raoe

Written by , on 2017-01-09, genre zoophilia

It has always made my pussy wet -- the thought of fucking a huge, strong dog with an enormous cock -- as long as I remember.
My first dog was Major, a large, black shepherd with long hair. I was a young girl. Our female dog was in heat, so Major was really horny. But we didn't want then to breed, so they were kept apart. That made Major even more horny.
When the house was empty, I closed Major in my bedroom. I said,"I'll be your dog slut." But Major was already between my legs with his long snout. It rammed against my shorts, right at my pussy. Oh, I couldn't stand it! I wanted his tongue in my pussy so bad I could almost die!
I quickly removed my shorts, dripping wet with pussy juice. Then Major lunged at my hot twat. Hus tongue flicked my clit and i felt it swell in anticipation. I tilted my hips forward, his hot red tongue seeking for my pussy. Then he was in! That long tongue all the way deep insude me. I rode Major's head, pulling his tongue deeper in me.
But that wasn't enough . . .
I had to have him. I wanted his cock -- that glo

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