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We met at a pub "the Three Tuns" in downtown West End, London in 1997. I actually met her friend Patsy (a petite bottle blond, 56 years of age and dressed in a red outfit) first, who asked me if her and her friend could sit at my table, since it was the only one available. I looked at her and said "sure, no problem".

Patsy was surprised that I was an American. I explained that I had moved over a short time before and was now working there. I looked up at the bar at her friend Karen; who was, an attractive 46 year old (7 years older than me), long haired blond, of 5 feet six inches, in a nice blue dress, with red lipstick, long red nails, with a nice chest. I got a good look at her while she was standing up at the bar getting their drinks and walked over and sat down next to me.

Her girlfriend Patsy introduced us. They asked me about London and told me they were there working on a contract. After some chit-chat they asked me about restaurants and I asked them what they wanted to eat. Having not eaten yet myself, I asked them if I could join them. We walked over to a nearby restaurant, where I knew the wait staff, so we got excellent service. Dinner was fun and after both ladies returned from the bathroom, they both kissed me on the cheeks at the same time. The waiters had a good laugh about it too.

Not wanting to return to my flat yet, I asked them if they wanted to visit a few more pubs in the area. Both said sure but that they couldn't stay out all night as they had to work in the morning. So we walked over to a nearby pub and had the first of many more drinks in pubs, before going back to their hotel at Marble Arch. Once we arrived there we had a few more drinks at Irish pub in the hotel itself. At about midnight Patsy said that it was time for them to go.

Karen got up and bent over to me and whispered in my ear, her room number and to wait 5 minutes, and then she kissed me with a big wet kiss and left with her friend. I waited five minutes and went up to the room, hoping that she didn't play a trick on me. After a light knock on the door, it opened and Karen was there dressed in an oversize T-shirt as she had already undressed. "Come in" she said in a sexy husky voice. She pulled me inside her room and kissed me open mouthed.

My hands roamed her back as I kissed her back, my tongue deep into her mouth as she sucked on it. She stepped back and started undressing me, first my jacket, then tie, shirt and pants, in quick order. I stood in front of her in just my boxer shorts tented from my hard member. “I want you", Karen murmured in that husky voice.

Karen kissed me deeply again and her hands moved through my chest hair and down to my hard-on. In a second she dropped to her knees and pulled my boxers down to my ankles. “I’ve got to have it", Karen said passionately. As I watched she took my cock head into her mouth and sucked on it hard as her tongue tickled the slit on my cock head. Then she engulfed my cock completely all the way into her mouth, her lips at the base and her nose in my pubic hair. Then she was up and down with her mouth on my cock, her hands playing with my balls and encircling the base of my dick.

She pushed me to the bed where I sat and again Karen sucked me into her mouth, my cock wet from her saliva. I could see her sucking me only intermittently as her long blond hair covered her face. This went on until I thought I was going to cum in her mouth.

At that point, I stood up and pulled Karen's cotton night shirt over her head. Her 36c breasts stood up, both nipples stuck straight out an inch long, deep pink in color, with slight aureoles around the nipples also pink from her passion. My hands covered her breasts and her hot nipples stuck out between my fingers. I pulled her to her feet and kissed her, a faint taste of my precum in her mouth, her nipples poking into my chest, and my cock pressing into her panties.

I got on my knees and pulled her panties down, face level looking directly at her blond hair covered mound. The smell of her cunt filled my nostrils and the room. I parted her pubic hair with my middle finger and touched her pussy lips, which were hot to the touch and wet with her desire. Rubbing my finger up and down, Karen moaned, and I slipped my finger inside her wet hole."Uuuuhhh" she moaned again, as I started finger fucking her dripping wet pussy.

Erotic squishy sounds came from her cunt as I fingered it. Leaning forward, I licked her erect clit that protruded from her fleshy cunt lips. Her tangy musk filled my mouth as I licked up and down her pussy and around my fucking finger. Adding another finger, I heard her gasp as I had my index and middle fingers deep inside her hot velvet wetness. Adding a third finger, as I licked her clitoris flicking my tongue on it, Karen trembled and her cunt juice ran down my fingers and hand.

Karen grabbed my shoulder and said in a sultry voice, "get up, I want to fuck you." I rose and Karen took my hand to her mouth and sucked her pussy juice off each finger, one at a time, looking me in the eyes. Then she kissed my wet lips and again licked her juices from my lips and chin. Again she thrust her tongue in my mouth and as she pressed her hands against my chest, I willingly sat back on the bed. Karen bent forward and engulfed my cock deeply again in her mouth. Then pulling her head off my dick while still sucking, it came out with an audible pop.

I lay back on the bed and Karen climbed up with me until her pelvis was over mine. She took my cock into her hand and lowering herself, rubbed my cock head up and down her wet slit. Rubbing up and down, she finally parted her cunt lips with the head of my cock and in a quick motion, impaled herself on my cock, taking it all the way inside her as she exhaled deeply. Karen leaned forward and I took her nipples into my mouth and sucked from one to the other, as Karen moved slowly up and down on my cock. Her pussy was hot, tight, and wet as she moved herself taking me all the way into her cunt and then almost all the way out. Then she would jam herself back down on my cock again.

I was sucking hard on her nipples and started sucking on the fleshy parts of her breasts until I left several hickeys beneath her nipples. Karen's head was back and she panted "Oh God, Yes, yes, yes, yes", as she fucked my cock. I grabbed onto her ass cheeks and pulled her down hard and started my own rhythmic fuck of her cunt as she kissed my mouth, her long blond hair hanging in my face. I started fucking her wet pussy faster and faster, her ass cheeks in my hands and her tongue in my mouth until I could hold back no more.

I felt my sperm jet deep inside her, one spurt after another, for five or six times until I was drained. Karen bucked and came as I filled her, both of us grunting and moaning until she dropped on my chest. As we caught our breath, she kissed me deeply again.

And then climbing off me she faced my midriff and took my wet semi-hard dick into her hand. Jacking my cock slowly, she bent over it, her blond hair falling over my cock, she brushed her hair back and sucked my cum drenched cock into her mouth.

I reached around her ass cheek and was able to touch her wet cunt as she crouched on the bed sucking me. My fingers easily penetrated her spunk filled cunt and one by one I added a finger until all four fingers were fucking her pussy, all the way in and back out.

I was amazed, but the sight of her sucking me, and my fingering her big wet cunt, brought me back to a state of arousal so I was hard again.

I pulled her head from my cock and offered her my cunt and sperm covered fingers which she again sucked and licked clean. I rose and pulling Karen to the side of the bed, I stood by the bed and stuck my cock into her cum filled cunt. I slipped inside easily and started slamming my cock forward all the way in, her ass slapping against me.

I was taken with excitement and rapidly fucked her hard "doggy style". Each thrust brought a grunted "ugh" from her mouth. Grabbing a breast from behind, I squeezed her nipple hard and thrust myself harder into her wet willing pussy. With my left hand I slipped my finger in between us and caressed her puckered brown ass hole while I manhandled her tit and slammed my dick into her cunt. Then without asking, I slipped my left finger deep into her ass hole and slammed my cock inside her pussy. Karen came deeply and groaned as she contracted around my cock and finger.

I could feel my cock with my finger in her ass hole as I started cumming again. My balls tightened as I pumped what sperm I had left into her. Karen collapsed forward onto the bed moaning, my cock and finger pulled from her. I looked at her as she lay there with legs spread, her puckered ass hole, and gaping cunt that was leaking onto the bedspread.

Exhausted I had enough energy to step around the bed and lifting her head, I stuck my cock up to her lips and Karen opened her mouth and sucked on my spent dick, cleaning my cock with what energy she had left. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and kissed her. Karen took me in her arms and getting under the covers we fell asl**p.

During the night I woke and we fucked once more and again in the morning as well. After the morning we both went to work and I saw her later that night and we had an encore repeat. Six months later we were married.

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