Bad Girl Seduction

Written by , on 2016-12-29, genre lesbian

Jane hopped out of her car to see her best friend Jessie sitting on her motor cycle. She always secretly loved her, but today Jane felt extra horny.Jessie's boons never looked so big. She had no bra, unusual. Her tits were like head light popping out at me. She wore a tight leather crop top that showed of her cleavage. Jessie like never word skirts but today she wore a long black one. It was like she was hiding something. I don't know how long I was stearing but I finally said "hey what's up". After that I regreted it. She just stared at me up ad down. It was like she could see the extra sex lingerine I was wearing under my yellow tang top and long blue jeans. I looked casual but under all that was a black lacy thong and a matching bra connected with a chain strap. We walked inside I asked her if she wanted to eat with me since my husband was on a business trip. She wipered in my ear "I would love some of your great food, I'm reeeaaallllyyyy hungry" she nibbled my ear a little and sat down. We had some spigetti and a little in to our meal I told her a joke she laughed so hard she put her hand on my inner thigh. We just kept eating and she did it again. And again and again each time her hand moved closer up. When j was washing the dishes she came and groped me pulling me closer. She pulled down her skirt to reveal pink lace underwear with a red dilldo on it she pulled down my pants I and sticker her fingers in my underwear she started to slide her finger in and out of my pussy. When I came I yelled " YES MAMA" I pulled down my under wear and pushed her on the floor. I stated to shove the red dilld ok in my pussy saying " OOOO OOOO MOMMY DON'T STOP MOMMY" She tore of her shirt and put her hand on busty boobs saying " like that you little slut do you like it" TO BE CONTINUED........

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