Cousins with Benefits

Written by , on 2016-12-24, genre incest

"Mel, are you texting again? Who is it this time?"

Mel looked up from her phone and out the windshield.

"Oh, just a friend," she replied, grateful that her driving step mom couldn't actually read what was on her screen.

"Not another boyfriend, I hope."

Mel rolled her eyes. "Come on..."

"Honestly, you had how many boyfriends this year?"

Mel looked out the window on her right. Always the same conversation with Sally.

"Only two, really."

"Hmm...Well, I hope you've been safe."

Now that was a loaded statement. Of course, it wasn't as loaded as some of the guys she'd been with in the past year, and the vivid memories flashing through her mind made her squirm slightly in her seat. Not now, she thought to herself. The last thing I need right now is to start juicing myself when I can't even jill off.

"I know, I know..." she muttered, still looking out the window.

"You remember what your father said, right? If you get pregnant—"

"I'm not going to get pregnant, and you know why," Mel said, glancing at her step-mother.

"It's unlikely, but still..."

Suddenly distracted by her driving, Sally never finished her statement. Mel looked down when her phone buzzed in her lap and saw that Chase had sent another message. Mel looked over their conversation so far and had to smile:

Chase: Hey girl, where are u?

Mel: driving with the f****y

Chase: ooh, gonna see the hot cuz?

Mel: [eye rolling emoticon]

Chase: I'd totally do him if I were u

Mel: He's such a jerk

Chase: yeah but he's a hot jerk and not really your cuz

Mel: you're f'ed up, girlfriend

Chase: ooh, I need it bad too.

Chase: totally wish your hot bod was here right now.

Mel: Told you, i'm not bi.

Chase: oh you will be when you taste me!

Mel: eew

Chase: you let guys cum in your mouth, that's eew

Mel had to stifle a laugh when she read her latest text. Chase was the biggest sex freak she knew, and she had definitely let more guys cum in her mouth than she ever had—more than any girl she knew. And when she wasn't going on about boys she was talking about girls. She was a total freak.

She felt her phone buzz again; Chase must have gotten tired of waiting for her to respond.

Chase: send me a pic of your face w/ his cum, k?

Mel: Not gonna happen!!

Chase: Whatevs, have fun, I know u will [winking emoticon].

Looking up, Mel noticed they were only a few minutes from their destination. She sent one final farewell text to Chase, closed her messenger, and looked out the windshield again. She missed Chase a lot. They had hit it off almost immediately when they met in August and had done a lot of crazy stuff together during their first academic year. And next year they would be room-mates; she could only imagine the fun and trouble they would get in.

Mel would so much rather be spending a summer holiday with Chase and her f****y than where she was going. Oh, she didn't mind most of her step-f****y. Everyone was really nice to her and the little cousins were cute and fun. The problem was the other cousin: Max.

She grimaced. A mental picture of her step-cousin flashed through her mind, and mental images of Max weren't really the problem. Or maybe they were exactly the problem because Max was hot. Really hot. Truth is, he looked like a model—perfect teeth and smile, dreamy green eyes, dark hair that was always a little disheveled, and just the right amount of muscle. When she showed pics of her messed up f****y to friends at college, all her friends, especially Chase, would grab at her phone to drool over Max.

So he was definitely fun to look at; the problem with her cousin was that he really was a total jerk. Mel sighed. That probably wasn't fair. She was really bitchy toward him, and it had always been like this. Why? Why had they had never gotten along? Almost from the first time they met, their bickering had started and every time they were together they picked up where they had left off.

And that wasn't the worst of it. The worst of it was that she felt so turned on when around him, and she knew he was always checking her out. She was used to that. Chase always told her she was curvalicious, and she knew she had the goods—long, thick dirty blonde hair, boobs, butt, and legs—that turned guys' heads. But it really annoyed her that Max drooled over her as much as any guy while pretending that he wasn't interested. He had a girlfriend, or so she had heard, but he still looked. There was just this weird sexual tension between them that kept escalating every time they were together. And now they were going to be together for a few days.

We're gonna either kill each other fuck each other silly, Mel thought darkly. And wouldn't it be awesome if it made him lose his girlfriend? Ha! That would be—

She shook her head slightly to banish that thought and wondered again why was she always such a bitch around him. It would be terrible if she were the cause of Max's breakup; she wouldn't want to do that to him, even if he was a total jerk.

They pulled into the driveway and all the little cousins squirmed through the front door of the house and onto the porch. Mel smiled at the sight; they were definitely cute.

And then he walked out the door.

Max stood with his hands in his pockets, watching the cousins and their van drive up, looking impossibly hot. And just like that, Mel found a tidal wave of emotions crashing around her that left her a boiling mess of desire, guilt, and anger. His smile faded when their eyes met, and she watched the expression on Max's face change from an amused smile to an intense look in his eyes when he noticed her and then, just like that, a smirk, probably matching the one on her own face, took over his handsome features.

Mel looked away, emotions seething inside her. Why must they always be mean to each other? She took a deep breath and decided she would try one last time. She would be nice; she would be polite; she would jump her cousin's hot body and—

No! She shook her head again as she reached for her purse. No: he's f****y.

"Are you OK Mel?"

Mel met her step-mom's eyes. "Yeah, just a little head ache, but I'm good."

"Do you need some Ibuprofen? Tylenol?"

"No, I'll be fine. Hugs from little cousins will help a lot," she said smiling at her.

Sally smiled in turn. "They really love you, don't they?"

"Oh, and how about hugs from big cousins too? There's Max!" she continued, climbing out of the van.

Mel sighed. "Yeah, there's Max," she muttered, and grabbed her door handle.

* * * * *

"Did you finish setting the table, Max?"

"Yeah, it's done," Max called from the living room.


Max sighed, pocketed his phone, and headed for the kitchen.

"Doing it right now," he called again.

He counted out the napkins: eight for the k**'s table and eight...for the adult's table. It was supposed to be nine, but all that changed a few weeks ago when he and Candice had finally both admitted the inevitable—their relationship was dead. Though it was a relief in some ways, it had also made the week since then more difficult.

Max felt his phone buzz and pulled it out. His best friend Mike had been trying to get him to go to an under twenty-one club with a bunch of other friends. He claimed the girls were hot, horny, and easy. He had already told him he couldn't go tonight, but Mike wasn't taking no for an answer. How many different ways had he already said "no," Max thought, glancing through the messages.

Mike: c'mon, ditch the fam, u need to get laid.

Max: promised I'd be here.

Mike: did I tell you about the hot blonde I f'ed last time?

Mike: there's lots of girls like that!

Max: wish I could, I need it.

Mike: Dude, then ditch the fam.

Max: Can't, sorry.

Max looked at his latest text and had to smile. Mike was relentless and had a single-minded devotion to sex. Not that he blamed him.

Mike: I'm tellin u, you'll have girls all over u!

Max sighed and again said no and told him he needed to go. He turned off his phone, put it back into his pocket, and finished setting out eight napkins. When he noticed the place card in front of the final table setting, he frowned. The problem, he mused, as he folded the napkin, and slid it under Mel's fork, is that he was going to be with a really hot girl for a few days. Not just really hot, easily the hottest girl he had ever seen or been around. She was amazing, and Max felt his cock twitch as an image of Mel from a f****y pool party last summer flashed through his mind. But there were two problems: she was technically f****y, a cousin brought into the f****y when his aunt remarried and, more importantly, she was a royal bitch.

It made no sense to him why they never got along, but their animosity seemed to grow with every f****y gathering. He knew he should try to be nicer, but he always felt a seething torrent of emotions overwhelm him whenever she was near him: guilt, lust, and anger were the main ones.

"They're here!" Max's mom sang out from the living room.

"OK," Max called, mentally preparing himself for what was to come. He silently vowed he wouldn't check out her tits or ass, he would always look her in the eyes and focus on her stunningly pretty face and long thick hair, and brown eyes, and if he were lucky, she would be wearing a plunging neckline that showed off—

Max shook his head quickly and angrily. No! He wasn't going to think that way. He was going to be polite and friendly. He moved through the living room, following the little cousins outside and noticed at once the van coming to a stop in the driveway.

He caught his breath at the sight of his stunning cousin through the window, and despite all his best intentions, noticed immediately the top of her boobs visible from the shirt she was wearing. God she was so hot; how was he going to stand it? And then, catching her eye, he saw the smirk on her lips, and like a switch being thrown, he felt a jolt of irritation move through him. What a bitch, he thought to himself, trying to imagine how he was going to manage the next few days jostling between desire for and anger at his hot and bitchy cousin.

* * * * *

Mel noticed that Max was being icily polite to her all that afternoon and all throughout dinner. They were, of course, sitting next to each other. The older adults loved the idea of Max the 20 year old and Mel the 19 year old who had suddenly become cousins and who were now best friends, and gave them plenty of opportunity to be together. She did her best to be equally civil to Max, though she was still a boiling mess inside of desire and irritation.

She wondered where his supposed girlfriend was. No one said anything about her, and she certainly wasn't going to ask Max. She knew he would talk up their relationship and suggest somehow that Mel was a loser because she didn't have a long term boyfriend. As if she wanted one! And the idea that Max was somehow better than she was at relationships really irritated her. By the time the little cousins had she and Max on the ground, roughhousing after dinner, she had gotten herself into a furious state at the idea that Max was not talking about the girlfriend so she would ask and then he could rub it in her face.

And then she got really angry when it was obvious to her that Max was checking her out as they gave rides to the little cousins on their backs walking around the living room on all fours. Who did he think he was, perving on her when he already had a girlfriend? Was he really desiring her, longing to see and touch her. Was he imagining that he was on top of her, penetrating her over and over, his dreamy green eyes centimeters above her own, his chest smashing her boobs and his lips pressed against hers. Or maybe, since he was watching her crawl around on all fours, he was imagining taking her from behind and calling out her name as he—

"Ha ha ha!" she said loudly to the two k**s on her back in order to redirect her wandering mind, "isn't this fun?"

"Yeah!" they replied, "let's get Max."

"Yeah!" she agreed, a little savagely, "let's get Max."

Angry that Max would even think such things—and she was absolutely certain that he was—Mel looked for opportunities to "get Max" repeatedly. Several times Mel "accidentally" slammed a knee or a foot onto Max's hands and one time, when he was trying to slip by her in a race, with cousins screaming all around them, she kicked him hard in the thigh.

"Ouch! Damn—" Max hissed.

"Language!" Mel whispered sweetly in return, though she was sure from the grimace he gave her that he understood very well that her feelings were anything but sweet.

By the time they were done, Max was not looking pleased, and when his mother spoke to him, he eagerly jumped to his feet and headed into the kitchen. Mel remained on the floor for a few more minutes, absentmindedly playing with the cousins. She was angry with Max for mentally ravishing her, and she was angry with Max for having some stupid girlfriend, and she was guilty for thinking these thoughts, and most of all she was angry with herself for, once again, allowing herself to be such a bitch to her smoking hot cousin.

* * * * *

Max tackled the dishes eagerly and vigorously. Hot water streamed into the sink, and he was soon scrubbing and scouring serving dishes and cooking dishes and anything else he could attack with soap and water. He was happy to have something to do with his hands.

Mel! Damn her! She had actually been trying to hurt him. What the hell was wrong with her? Max scrubbed and scrubbed, all the while fuming about his cousin. Yes, he admitted to himself, he had failed miserably; he had been perving on her from the moment they got on the floor. God, she was so hot! How was he supposed to not notice when she was on all fours, her tits hanging below her body and her bottom and shapely legs right at eye level? And that one time when he was behind her, and she was crawling on all fours in front of him? Oh my God, her ass was...yeah, it was amazing.

On top of everything else, whatever perfume she was wearing was driving him crazy. It was light and sweet and only increased his desire to do many, many naughty things with her.

So, he shouldn't have been doing that, and maybe Mel realized that he had been mentally ravishing her. Maybe—or maybe she was just being her normal bitchy self. Honestly, he couldn't figure her out. She seemed like a perfectly reasonable and fun person, and he could imagine them having fun together. No, he quickly redirected his mind, not that kind of fun. But still...he thought, damn... He smiled to himself thinking what Mike would say about Mel if he ever saw her. And suddenly the idea of Mike hitting on Mel and Mel coming on to Mike put him in an even fouler mood and caused him to swear mentally that he would never allow Mike to see or come near Mel.

"Your mom sent me to help you. Apparently she thinks you're a loser in the kitchen."

Surprised, Max turned to see Mel, hands on her hips and smirking at him. He tried really hard not to allow his eyes to wander, but he may have taken a little peak at the mounds straining against her snug t-shirt.

"I got it covered, so you can go back out there."

"Doubtful," she snorted, picking up a serving spoon from the drying rack. "This one isn't clean. See?"

Mel dumped it into the sink, splashing soapy water onto his pants.

And now she laughed. "Oh, too bad. Looks like you wet your pants."

This was juvenile and stupid, and Max was really getting angry. He grabbed the sink with two hands, mentally counted to five, then whirled on his cousin.

"Why are you always such a bitch?"

"Ooh, watch that language, pretty boy. I'm gonna tell your Momma."

"Fuck you!"

"I know you want to; all the boys do."

"And no doubt you let them."

"No I don't! I'm not a slut!"

Max rolled his eyes. "Whatever Melissa."

"Of course, that doesn't stop you. I've seen the way you perv on my boobs. You think I don't notice?"

"Dream on."

"It's no wonder you don't talk about this girlfriend of yours—unless you made her up—your too busy being a sicko who's always dreaming about his cousin."

"I didn't make her up, and you're not my cousin." Dumb, dumb, dumb! Max silently cursed. Why did I say that? Now she's going to—

"So that's what you tell yourself when you're jacking off and thinking about me, isn't it?"

Melissa started stroking an imaginary cock in front of her crotch and deepened her voice to imitate Max speaking:

"Ooh she's so sexy, but that makes me feel guilty cause she's my cousin. Hey, she's not really my cousin, she's a step-cousin. Groan, groan, groan..."

Melissa ended up smirking and laughing at Max while continuing to stroke her imaginary cock.

"Your just a pathetic sicko, did you know that? What will your parents say if they find out their son wants to fuck sweet, little Melissa."

Max snorted and threw his dish towel on the counter.

"You're full of shit."

Melissa pointed at Max and then made an "L" with the same hand against her forehead.

"Yep, that's my cousin. A big, fat loser."

Max glared at Melissa with her smirk, willing himself not to glance down at her heaving chest and the upper part of her breasts.

"Alright, fine! Do you want me to admit I think your hot? Fine, I think your hot. You're probably the hottest girl I've ever seen."

Whoa, did she just blush? Max paused for a moment. Nah, she's probably just getting red in the face because I'm pissing her off.

"So, yeah, you've got an amazing body," Max hissed in a whisper. "And I believe you when you talk about all your boyfriends. I bet guys line up to feel your tits or taste your pussy. And when you tell a guy to kiss your ass I bet he drops to his knees and smashes his face between your beautiful, round cheeks."

Melissa's eyes flashed and her cheeks definitely got red. "Max, you—"

"But you know what?" Max continued. "I also bet the reason why you've had so many boyfriends is your such a bitch and your personality really sucks. How many times have you been dumped, you whore? How many times?"

"I am not a whore!" she hissed. "But you, you're a pathetic perv! You jack off thinking about my ass don't you, perv? How many of your friends know that you want to feel your cousin's titties? I bet that every time you fuck your 'girlfriend'"—and she said the word as if Candice had always been imaginary—"you think about me, don't you? As she squirms with pleasure beneath you and as you pin her down, grinding against her body and thrusting into her over and over, you imagine it's my voice screaming your name and my hands tousling your hair and my body bucking beneath you."

"In your dreams!"

"Ha! That's your ultimate fantasy, isn't it loser? That I daydream about fucking my tall, intelligent, model-like cousin."

At that moment, Max's Aunt Sally, Mel's step-mom, walked into the kitchen.

"Oh good, you're doing dishes together."

She gave Mel a little side hug and then smiled at Max. "You certainly have turned into quite the handsome young man."

Max smiled and thanked her, all the while willing himself not to catch Melissa's eye. Aunt Sally turned to her step-daughter and continued without breaking a stride.

"It's too bad he's off limits, isn't it, sweetheart? He would be quite a catch."

Max smiled again, still not catching Mel's eye though he desperately wanted to gloat.

"Oh and Max, I'm sorry to hear about your breakup. What was that girl Candice thinking, dumping you like that? Well, at least you two can commiserate together. Mel can't seem to keep a boyfriend at all."

Max and Mel both wore plastic smiles, studiously avoiding looking at each other and watching the woman with them.

"Well, finish up the dishes quickly. We want to take some f****y photos in the living room."

Her heels clicked out of the kitchen, and Max quickly turned back to the sink and grabbed his towel, internally cursing his Aunt Sally while thinking gleefully about Mel's failure to keep a boyfriend. He half expected Mel to follow her step-mom out of the kitchen, and he wouldn't have minded a bit.

"Loser," Mel whispered at his back. "She dumped you!"

Max didn't even turn around. "Slut," he hissed, "so how many loads have you taken on your pretty face, desperate to keep a boyfriend who treated you like the slut you are?"

He whirled and glared at his cousin. "And she didn't dump me, it was mutual. It should have been over months ago."

Mel laughed. "You're so pathetic. She dumped you, probably because you were always too spent for sex with her."

She leaned in, and Max was suddenly aware again of the intoxicating aroma around her. It made his mind wander for a moment and images of sex with Mel raced through his imagination.

"Because the whole time you were dating her you were always jacking off into the bathroom sink, imagining I was kneeling in front of you eager to take all of your cream in my mouth."

This time Max laughed and, in turn, he leaned closer to Mel. Their faces were only inches apart now, and even more of her scent was clouding his brain.

"Is that an invitation, dear cousin? Because it sounds like you could use the practice. Your technique must be terrible since you can't manage to keep a boyfriend for longer than two weeks."

"That's not true! And I haven't been with a lot of guys."

Max snorted, turned around and dried the final dish in the rack. He hung the towel on the oven door and then faced Mel again.

Her arms crossed on her chest—which, Max noticed immediately, gathered up her tits and pushed them out—Mel hadn't moved at all. Her stormy expression and the smirk on her full red lips told Max she was still angry.

"Well, dear cousin," she said with mock politeness," we better get ready to have our picture taken. I know you'll want to stand next to me so you can secretly feel my ass when we're all smiling at the camera."

Max snorted again and turned to walk away but didn't escape Mel's vice like grip on his arm.

"And if you tried something like that perv," she whispered severely, "I would slap you into next week."

Max wrenched his arm free and smiled sweetly at her.

"Don't worry; I won't touch you. See, if I put my hand on your ass then you would bite your lip to stop yourself from moaning with pleasure. I don't wan to ruin the picture, so I'll keep my hands to myself."

Pleased with himself, Max marched out of the kitchen, imagining that Mel was glaring at his back as she followed him into the living room.

* * * * *

Mel lay staring at the dark ceiling above her head, surrounded by giggling and whispering. She was on a blow up mattress on the floor with two of her little cousins in bunk beads, and she was afraid she would never get to sl**p.

"OK k**dos, time for sl**ping," she said again, "we can play in the morning."

It was quiet for a minute, and Mel was hopeful that they were finally asl**p. She thought fleetingly of Max, alone in the attic loft room. She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of complaining about the fact that she, as a guest, was on the floor, while he got a bed and a room to himself. It wasn't fair, she grimaced. If she had the guts—

A little voice interrupted her growing irritation: "Where's Max?"

"He's up in the attic in his room."

"Oh. I miss him. I wish he could be with us."

"Yeah, he's a lot of fun," a second voice said.

Mel gritted her teeth and counted to three before answering.

"Yeah, he seems to like you k**s."

"Isn't he lonely upstairs, all by himself?"

"Oh, I think he'll be fine. He's probably already asl**p"—that big jerk, she thought savagely—"like we should be."

It was quiet for another minute.

"Well...maybe you should go sl**p with him in his room."

"Yeah," a second voice said through a yawn, "make sure he's not lonely."

"You could get in bed with him and make sure he's warm enough," the first little girl offered.

An avalanche of thoughts dumped on Mel at that moment, and she felt hot desire rush through her at the images coursing through her brain: in bed with Max, keeping him warm. Oh my, we could definitely keep each other—

She rolled over on the mattress violently, shifting her blankets practically off her body.

"I think Max will be fine. We'll check on him in the morning, OK?"

sl**py murmurs of agreement sounded from the two bunks, and before long, Mel could hear soft, regular breathing.

Mel shifted again, trying to remain quiet, her mind swamped with anger as her hand moved down to her damp crotch. She was desperate and she needed to do something—either pound Max for being a jerk or fuck him like crazy.

She slowly sat up from her mattress and looked around. Both of the k**s were asl**p. Despite her roiling emotions, she smiled at their innocence: they had no idea what they had done to her with their simple suggestions and simple concerns for Max. Honestly, she could care less whether he was lonely or not, and she was pretty sure he wasn't lonely at all. Probably upstairs jerking off right now and thinking about me she decided.

Ooh, what if I caught him in the act? The thought made her smirky smile play across her face and set her body in motion. She rose quietly, gathered her blankets and pillow, and snuck out of the room.

In the hallway everything was dark and quiet, and Mel moved slowly up to the third floor. The last things she wanted was to see her step-mom or some other adult and try to explain where she was going. But no one stirred, and in no time at all, she was standing outside the jerk's room. She paused, for a moment feeling uncertain about what to do, but the usual emotions she associated with Max—lust and anger—now augmented with the idea that she was going to interrupt that perv rubbing his rock hard cock (a fleeting interest in how big he was raced through her mind only to be savagely dismissed by a jerk of her head) while fantasizing about her—motivated her to action.

* * * * *

As usual, Max was stuck in the attic bedroom of his parents' house. He was used to being here for f****y gatherings; it had become a tradition. At least he had a room to himself while his own bedroom was occupied by either cousins or an aunt and uncle. He had no idea where Melissa was, and he didn't care. If they had gotten along better, or even moderately better, he might have invited her to come up here so they could hang out. The thought of Mel lounging in this room, or maybe the two of them lounging on the bed, chatting and laughing together, her green eyes flashing, her hair pulled back, her perfect body splayed next to his, her lips joined to his, his hands moving over her tits and ass, her—

Max shook his head and grinned ruefully. Not gonna happen, ever.

But just the fantasy had roused him and his rock hard cock was straining at his shorts. Maybe I should have gone out with Mike, he thought. He looked around to make sure a box of tissues was in the room, and then reached his hands down into his pants, stroking his hand over his sensitive member and sighing slightly. God, it wasn't fair. The hottest girl in the world in this house and we can't even—

The door banged open, and Max sat up in confusion.

"What the..."

"Sorry to barge in on you, perv. You were probably making a mess of yourself under the covers, weren't you?"

Max gritted his teeth. "Mel, what are you doing in my room."

Mel dumped a pile of blankets and a pillow on the floor. "I can't sl**p downstairs—too many people and too many noises. So I'm sl**ping up here tonight. You're going downstairs."

Max guffawed and sat up, careful to keep a blanket over his still raging hard on. In the dim light he could see she was wearing very little—a sports bra, boy shorts, and that's it. She was so hot it made him ache, but at the moment his anger at her was overcoming his lust.

"Get out, bitch! I am sl**ping right here!"

"Nope, I am. Get out of my bed!"

Mel stood over him, her hands on her hips, her boobs seemingly pointing directly in his face. Max tried hard to lock his eyes on hers, but his gaze slipped down to her chest and lower to the camel toe between her legs. He wondered, for a second, how much hair she had and how big her clit was and how puffy her lips were. This visual journey over her body took less than a second, but it wasn't short enough to keep Mel from noticing.

"Sicko," she hissed. "You really were jacking off thinking about me, weren't you?"

Her smirk made him angry. She's probably been planning this all night. To torture him in his own room and make him miserable. But he would not give in.

Mel made a sudden move for the blanket covering his torso and legs. But before she could yank it free, he pushed her away and scooted further onto the futon.

"Ha! I thought so. Trying to hide that you were stroking your pathetic tiny cock while imagining your sexy cousin, weren't you?"

She jumped on the futon and came at him again. Max pushed her away, but Mel grabbed his arm and his shoulder so that he moved with her.

The next few moments were utter chaos. Max grappled trying to get her off the futon while Mel tried to stay on. At one point they both fell onto the floor, tangled together, only to struggle back onto the futon at the same moment, both trying to keep quiet and both trying to claim the mattress for their own. All the while, Max was keenly aware that his hands were on Mel's body—on her smooth back, against her side, a hand each on her thigh and full bottom, and once there was full contact between his hand and a pillowy breast. All the while he was aware of her heavy vocalized breathing and the way she impetuously pushed herself against him, as if to provoke him to action.

Finally, Max evaded her attempt to kick him off the futon, rolled with her and ended up on top of her, their faces inches apart, his right leg between hers. Mel looked up at him, her chest heaving from their exertion, and Max had to use every bit of self control not to ravish her. In that moment that their eyes met, he wondered briefly if this was really her plan, if she had all along wanted nothing more than to put him in a situation where he desperately wanted to fuck her so she could laugh at him, proving once and for all that he was, as she always said, a sicko perv who wanted to to have sex with his cousin. But if that was true, Max mused quickly, then he was certain that she wanted it too, badly.

That second's worth of insight passed quickly, however, when he noticed the look on her face. It was innocence and fear. He realized, then, that perhaps he was putting too much pressure on her shoulders.

"Don't hurt me Max," Mel whispered in a small voice.

Max backed off immediately, concerned. He certainly didn't want to hurt her, bitch though she was. He moved back from her a little, and, knew, at that moment, he had made a mistake. With surprising strength Mel lunged and pushed him back and off the futon. She laughed and stretched out on the bed.

"Ha! My bed now!"

But Max was on the bed again in a moment, diving to place his body full length next to hers and as soon as he landed they were grappling again.

"," Max grunted, groping her body in his attempt to push her off. Her back to him, Mel braced herself with one foot against the floor and pushed back hard with her bottom against him. His rock hard cock nestled just between her cheeks as she rammed back against him, and for a moment they both paused as Max's moan joined with her audible gasp. Max, simultaneously fighting back and thrusting with overwhelming desire, pushed hard against her butt while Mel, bracing herself again pushed back even stronger.

"Not...a...chance..." she grunted.

Max gasped at the intense pleasure of his cock rubbing in her crack, even with his boxers and her boy-shorts separating their flesh. His right hand on her hip and his left hand on her shoulder, Max thrust against her again. Mel gasped in turn and seemed to give way, just a little, to his f***eful thrust but just at the moment when he relented she made a lightning fast move. Turning and twisting herself onto the bed she landed next to him, face to face and they were soon at it again, grappling with each other. Their bodies pressed and moved against each other, and Max didn't even try to hid his bulging manhood straining against his boxers.

Just when it seemed like he would be able to push her off—but did he really want to push her out of bed?—Mel threw her leg over his and squeezed him towards her.

Again their faces were inches apart and again Max was keenly aware of the heat from her body, her breasts heaving only inches from his bare chest, her eyes flashing with amusement and annoyance, and the damp heat of her crotch pressing against his thigh.

And then, suddenly and inexplicably, their lips were locked together.

Their lips met and re-met, their tongues tangling in and out of their mouths, and their bodies mashed against each other. They moved rapidly, rolling on the futon, at one point crashing to the floor and tumbling into Mel's pile of blankets, only to somehow end up back on the futon, kneeling and pawing at each other while kissing passionately.

Max's hands passed over her body rapidly, eager to touch every inch of his cousin's taboo flesh. Down her back, over and around her full cheeks. God, that ass! So full, so soft, so luscious. He couldn't believe he was finally squeezing and caressing it. His hands moved again, traveling up her sides and squeezing together her full breasts.

Mel made no moves to stop him. Her feverish, sex crazed mind had pushed far down into her subconscious any thoughts about stopping or whether they even should be doing this. She didn't care—she only knew two things: one, she loved the look of absolute lust on Max's face as he groped and fondled her body—he was on fire for her and his kisses and hands felt amazing—and two, he was really big and she wanted him, all of him, inside her.

Pulling away from a passionate kiss, Mel ripped off her bra and smirked at Max.

"There you go, perv."

Max didn't even bother responding verbally. His eyes drank in the glorious sight of her mounds which, in the dim light he could see were crowned with large, puffy dark nipples. His hands were soon full of her tits, and he was rewarded with a gasp of pleasure from his bitchy cousin. She moaned again and again as his fingers twisted and pulled at her nipples, finally stifling them when she kissed him hungrily and greedily sucked on his tongue. Max broke away a moment later, kissing down her neck until his lips were poised over her left nipple. He flicked his tongue out and grazed the sensitive tip. She moaned and cupped herself into his face.

"Suck it, you perv," she whispered hoarsely, her final statement lost in a loud moan when Max engulfed her breast in his mouth.

Again and again he sucked her engorged nipple into his mouth and then let it out slowly. When he moved to the other side Mel eagerly cupped it for him and gasped again at the feeling of him sucking on her deeply while his fingers played with the slick nipple he had just finished.

"Feels so good," she moaned.

And when he smashed her mounds together, taking both nipples into his mouth simultaneously, sucking deeply and fully, then she moaned even louder.

"Oh my god...Max...don't stop."

Mel had her hands over his, cupping herself into Max's face, urging him to suck more and more. With each pull on her nipples, each time his tongue swirled around them, Mel felt her slit get hotter and wetter. He was arousing her to a state she had not experienced for a long time—too long. She closed her eyes, relishing the feeling of his lips and tongue on her nipples as his hands, now free to roam, moved down her back and to her full cheeks.

She jiggled her boobs in front of his mouth, teasing him until he succeeded in wrapping his lips around first one then both nipples again. And all the while, between her gasps for pleasure and barrage of dirty talk, Max felt more aroused than he ever had his whole life.

"Suck them, you fucking...perv"—her last word more a gasp than a word as Max f***efully sucked on her nipple—"you know you love your"—another moan from her lips as she f***ed both nipples in his mouth and he sucked deeply—"your cousin's titties."

Molding and squeezing her ass, Max suddenly gave her a little slap, pulled his face away from her tits, looked her in the eye, and with one swift motion, yanked her boy-shorts off her waist and down to her knees. His hands back on her ass, he pulled her close to him, their lips and tongue meeting and his rigid clock, straining against his boxers, was now firmly between her legs. Through the flimsy fabric Max could feel her damp heat, and it was only seconds later when Mel ripped his own shorts down to his knees that he felt just how hot and wet she really was.

Mel moaned into his mouth as his rigid cock rubbed through the slick, hot flesh, and Max could barely contain himself. His fingers dug into her ass, and he leaned into her as she pushed back, grinding her crotch against him. Their combined movements were just enough to throw them off balance and they crashed back on to the futon, Mel on her back and Max's thigh pressed firmly against her sopping wet pussy, their tongues dancing across each other, and Mel's hand now stroking his cock.

Max lay over her, loving the feeling of her grinding against his thigh, a wild look of mischievous desire playing across her face. His fingers were pulling on one of her nipples as he kissed her hungrily again, noting how her grinding became more insistent as they kissed and as he played with her tits. He shifted position and, as if already anticipating his move, Mel spread her legs wide so he landed between them, leaning on his elbows, poised with his cock inches above her pussy.

Mel smirked at him, though her eyes were intense with desire, and he could see her struggling to maintain control when he used both hands to pull on her nipples again.

"So...cousin," she gasped, "are you brave enough?"

"What? To give my cousin what she's been begging...for?"

He barely got through the last part. As he was talking, Mel lifted her torso and tilted her pelvis so his cock was gliding through the steamy flesh between her legs. Again Max held back an almost uncontrollable desire to thrust deeply into her.

Mel's eyes were wild and her chest was heaving as she moved against his rigid manhood, allowing the warm rod to pass through her juicy sex for second time and then a third and then again. It was so intense, and Mel had to practice the ultimate self control. She knew if she moved just the right way that Max would slip easily into her. And she wanted him to—God, how she wanted it!

"You've wanted to fuck me since you first saw me, loser," she moaned in reply.

Spreading her legs farther apart, she lowered herself from him and looked him in the eye. "So give it to me, perv. I'm pretty sure it won't be enough to satisfy—"

Max rammed his cock into her hot wet channel with one swift motion, unwilling and unable to restrain himself any longer. She wanted him to fuck her? Well she was going to get it, good and hard. He moaned loudly at the intense pleasure of his cock buried inside her tight, steamy channel, but he wasn't nearly as loud as Mel when he pushed into her.

"MAX...MAX..." She vocalized his name, gasping and writhing as he filled her to the hilt, clawed at his shoulders, and raked her nails down his back.

Her eyes came back into focus, and for a moment they lay still, staring at each other.

"So whose the perv, now, bitch?" Max pushed slightly against her crotch, exhaling at the jolt of pleasure that raced through his body and reveling in the loud moan from his cousin that filled the attic room at even the slightest movement of his body in hers.

"You want your cousin to fuck you, don't you?" Max continued.

"Shut fucking loser," Mel moaned. "This is the best you'll ever have your whole life, so you better enjoy it, sicko."

Max still wasn't moving, even though every cell in his body was screaming for him to thrust into her again and again until he exploded inside her. He smirked at his cousin as he pinned her beneath him. She caught his eye again, and a combination and wild desire and annoyance filled her large brown eyes.

"Just fuck me OK," she growled with an intensity that surprised Max. She raked her nails against his back again and rested them on his bottom, digging her nails into his taught, muscular flesh.

"Fine! I've wanted you since I first saw you too. Happy? Now just fuck me!"

Max never looked away. He held her eyes with his own and thrust once, then twice, then again, each time thrusting deeper and harder into her tight, hot channel.

"Yes! Yes!" Mel gasped. "Give it to me!"

Max moaned, barely able to keep control of himself anymore. He thrust vigorously, and with each movement he felt her hot, wet flesh closing around his shaft more tightly. Mel was moving frantically beneath him, and when he shifted from thrusting into her to grinding against her, she moaned loudly and pushed back with all her strength.

She raked her hands in his hair and pulled his lips down toward her own, kissing him passionately, her tongue deep in his mouth. Finally pulling away, her breathing changed, her eyes closed and her voice became ecstatic.


He understood. Max shifted back to thrusting into her, deep and full and fast, reveling in the sound of her orgasm overwhelming her. And it was at that moment, just as he felt her spasming with pleasure that he reached the point of no return. With one final thrust, he exploded inside her.


It was all he could manage; breathing out her name once just as the most intense orgasm he could ever remember raced through his body while he filled her with his cream.

* * * * *

How long was it? A minute? Five minutes? He picked up his head from beside her own and looked down at Mel. Her eyes were closed, but Max knew she was awake from the smile that played around her mouth. It wasn't her scowl or sneer or smirk; it was a smile. Max wondered how long it would last before she was smirking at him again. It was nice to see for the moment.

Max climbed into kneeling position between her legs and took in the site of her body spread out before him. She was so amazingly beautiful, and despite having just drained himself inside her, he felt a stirring of arousal coming back.

And then the reality hit him. He had just totally fucked his hot cousin! Unable to help himself, he quietly breathed out a chuckle.

Mel's eyes snapped open, her serene smile changed into a saucy smirk, and she propped herself up on her elbows.

"So, perv, happy now?"

Max snorted. "Like you didn't love that too."

Mel collapsed back on the pillow and stretched. "Yeah, you were OK, I guess. Surprisingly."

Max watched her face as she stared at the ceiling. He wondered what it would have been like if they had just met randomly, if they hadn't been f****y. He would have hit on her, Max was certain of that, but how would she have responded? Mel suddenly pushed herself up on her hands, her boobs swaying deliciously as she moved, and, Max noted, looked pointedly at his cock.

"You're definitely bigger than I thought you would be."

She looked down between her legs and continued, "And God, Max, you cum buckets! I could feel you cumming and cumming inside me."

Her eyes closed for a second, as if reliving the moment, but then her eyes snapped open, and too late, Max realized she had noticed him raking his eyes over her body.

"Planning how you're going to take advantage of your innocent young cousin again, perv? Wasn't once enough for you?

Max just laughed. She really was a piece of work.

"OK, bitch, whatever. I know you loved it, and I know you want some more."

And I definitely do, he thought to himself.

"Why so you can make a total mess of me again?"

She stood up, and in the few seconds she was moving Max felt a surge of desire at the sight of her body. It ended too soon as she grabbed a blanket, wrapped it around herself, and headed to the door.

Max felt taken aback and disappointed.

"Hey, where're you going?"

"To clean up," she snapped. "You're smearing down my legs."

"Oh," Max said. "Well, here, use these."

Max threw the box of tissues at Mel.

"Eww. You probably use those to clean up after you jack off, don't you. I'm not touching those."

Max snorted. "Um, cuz, I just fucked you and came inside you. Remember? It's far too late if you're worried about boy cooties."

Mel snorted in return, but before she could reply, Max continued.

"But no, I haven't used them. I don't sl**p up here."

"And you're not gonna sl**p up here tonight either!" Mel snapped.

She grabbed some of the tissues, turned around and then threw them into a nearby trashcan. The towel still wrapped around her, Mel looked around the room unit her eyes settled again on Max. She tried not to notice his burgeoning cock. He really is big, she thought, and, despite her best intentions, felt herself getting aroused again as she remembered the intense pleasure of having him inside her. And knowing that he obviously wanted her again, that he couldn't keep his eyes off her, was giving her a warm tingly sensation.

But she was not going to give Max the satisfaction of knowing she wanted him again. Could she get him to beg? Definitely.

Still staring at him, Mel let the blanket slide to the floor, and forcing herself again not to pay attention to the way his cock stiffened even more when her blanket hit the floor or the glassy look of desire in his eyes, or the way he exhaled the moment his eyes feasted on her form, she instead plastered on her usual smirk.

"And since I am such a loving cousin, I'll get your bed ready for you."

She began to move around the room, exaggerating her movements so that every bend and twist of her body put on a show for him. Finally, with her back to him, she bent over to straighten the covers and heard Max gasp.

"God're so..."

Mel smiled to herself, wondering again what it was about the view she was giving him that turned on guys so much. She was just experienced enough to know he was practically exploding right now, and the thought that she was so arousing him was sending more hot waves of desire through her own body, radiating from between her legs to her toes and fingers. She was tempted to turn around, jump him, and hungrily kiss him while their bodies writhed together, his hands on her boobs, her nipples in his mouth, his cock...

No! she thought firmly, plumping the pillows, and shifting her body again to the sound of a soft exclamation from Max. Control, I must be in control.

"Please...Mel...let me..."

"Let me help you? Is that what you were going to ask? How sweet! Sure, come on down here and help."

Max made no movement or sound, and Mel glanced over at him. He had moved to the edge of the bed and was sitting, uncertain what to do.

"Oh I see," Mel said, straightening up to her full height, "you weren't really asking to help me, were you dear cousin?"—the last two words received special sarcastic emphasis.

"No, you were asking me, begging me, to let you...what was it you said guys lined up to do to me: suck on my tits, taste my pussy, kiss my ass?"

Mel moved slowly over to Max and stood in front of him, looking down at him over her chest and noticing the absolute desire on his face.

"Is that what you want, cousin? To suck my titties again? To taste my pussy?"

Max's eyes lowered from her own to take in her chest and loins, and again she reveled in the wonder and desire that swept over his features. She wanted him to ravish her, but first he was going to beg.

He looked up again at her, and, his hands gripping the sides of the bed tightly, nodded his head.

"I didn't hear you, cousin."


"Yes, what?"

Irritation filled his eyes. "Come on, Mel, don't be such a bitch about this, you know you want—"

"Bitch? Is that anyway to talk to your cousin?"

Mel took two steps back from Max and put her hands on her hips.

Max's eyes traveled over her body again, and then settled on her face, a smile playing across his lips.

"OK, dear cousin, may I please fuck your brains out?"

"Such language," Mel tut-tutted.

She smiled sweetly at her cousin, hands on her hips, and arched her back so that her chest was more pronounced. She wasn't sure how long either one of them could hold out, but she was determined not to give in first. She shifted her feet to spread her legs side to side, ever so slightly, just enough to give Max a better view of her drenched slit, and watched his eyes hungrily take it in.

"I'll tell you what, dear cousin, I'll let you lick me, suck me, taste me, fuck me, as long as I can sl**p in the bed. Deal?"

Max glanced at her eyes, as if willing himself with difficulty to look away from her body, and exhaled.


He moved faster than she expected. In a flash he was on his knees in front of her, his hands on her tits, his mouth closing over her left nipple, sucking deeply, while his right fingers played with the other. She barely had time to register what had happened—Max on his knees in front of her—and certainly no time to gloat before a tidal wave of lust and pleasure swamped her senses. A gasp and a half formed guttural attempt to say his name ended in a breathy moan as Max's mouth engulfed her other nipple. When Max moved his hands from her breasts, sliding them down her back to her bottom, and then to her hips, she propped her tits up in front of him again, all but jamming her nipples into his mouth, smashing them together so he could—Oh God, yes, yes!—take both in his mouth at once.

Max molded and squeezed his cousin's full cheeks, enjoying the sound of her moaning with pleasure and still in awe that he was, once again, ravishing Mel. He moved his right hand from her backside, across her hip, down her thigh and then back up again, his fingers finally resting lightly on her puffy nether lips. Aware of his intentions, Mel shifted slightly and Max ran two fingers up through her wet slit.

"Yes, right there," she gasped when his fingers found their way to her little nub. He moved his fingers across it, wiggling it gently from side to side, relishing again at how wet she was. After a few moments, his fingers moved down and he slid first one and then a second finger inside her. She was so tight and hot and slickery wet! Max's cock twitched as he felt her tighten around his fingers and moan loudly. Shifting her feet again and spreading her legs still further, Mel began to buck her hips against his fingers as he thrust them into her.

But Max wanted more. Her glistening pink slit, now very visible through her trimmed, dark curls was inches from his face, and Max couldn't stand it anymore. In one swift move, he pulled his fingers out, moved both hands to her hips, lowered himself further, and smashed his face between her legs, his tongue flicking out and tasting her essence.

Mel rewarded him with a guttural attempt at his name, a ragged breath, and her hands on his head pushing his face deeper into her sex. Max didn't mind at all. His hot cousin tasted as amazing as he had always imagined she would.

He had only been licking her for a few seconds when suddenly she moved, or maybe he moved, or maybe they both moved together. It wasn't clear how it happened, but in the next second Mel shifted around him, collapsing onto the bed, and, resting on her elbows, pulled her feet up off the floor while spreading her legs. Max had moved with her and, still on his knees, felt a surge of desire at the sight before him. Mel spread her legs wider and gave Max her trademark smirky smile.

"So cuz, are you just gonna drool at the hottest pussy you've ever seen or are you gonna eat me?" Her answer was not long in coming, and it wasn't verbal. Max lunged, a look of reverent lust on his face, and, his hands on her upper thighs, he buried his face between her legs.

Mel had been planning to make more snarky remarks, but the feeling of his warm, soft tongue once again raking through her sex left her speechless. And the more he devoured her, sucking gently on each petal, pushing his tongue inside her, and finally settling his tongue on and over her clit, whatever words she would have used vanished from her mind to be replaced with unending pleasure from her hot cousin's tongue.

How he could be so impossibly good at this? She picked her head up slightly and watched him sucking eagerly on her clit, and when their eyes met, Mel smiled despite herself. That look in his green eyes—so intense and intoxicated—made her heart flutter. But his tongue, now rapidly moving her clit back and forth, was making it difficult to focus on anything. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, spreading her legs apart even farther. Max must have understood it as an invitation, because seconds later she felt one then two fingers thrusting into her as his tongue and lips continued to work their magic on her clit.

Her head crashed back onto the mattress, breathing heavily and gyrating her hips toward Max's face and fingers. The intense pleasure rushing through her body and mind was almost too much, and with it went all sorts of thoughts of what she wanted to do with this impossible boy.

Mel was on fire, and she wanted all of him all at once. As much as she longed to have him stay right where he was so he could keep licking and fingering her—and God was he good at it—at that moment she wanted something even more. She pulled him up and toward her and met his mouth with a hungry kiss. He followed with very little work, his fingers fumbling to stay between her legs and on her clit. Mel sucked on his tongue, raking her fingers across his back and down to his butt, surprised at the need she felt to suck and have him in her mouth, and the sloppy tongue kisses weren't enough. She had never felt this urgency with any other guy. But with her hot cousin...yeah, she wanted to feel his cock in her mouth. It also warmed her that Max had never even asked for it. Every guy she had ever been with had moved very quickly to the "suck my cock" routine.

"You like how your cousin tastes, perv?"

The smile was maybe a little less smirky, and she wondered if Max could tell.

"You taste amazing," he replied. "I want some more."

"Ah ah," Mel said, her hand on his chest, holding him back.

"Sharesy," she said, leaning forward, kissing her way down his chest until her lips were centimeters from his rock hard member.

"Mel... are you gonna...?"

Mel answered by swirling her tongue around the engorged head.

Max exhaled a loud, ragged breath and then again. She could hear the ecstasy in his voice, and it only fueled her desire to have him in her mouth.

She used her lips and tongue and brought him in deeper and deeper, over and over again, sucking and allowing the underside of his shaft to slide on her tongue.

"! Mel, I..."

Max breathed out broken, half formed words as his mind tried to keep up with the pleasure racing through his body. It was a lost cause. He thought back to the one feeble attempt Candice had made at this, but another deep penetration into Mel's mouth dissolved that memory in an instant. It was so intense and the sight of Mel on all fours, lowering her face again and again onto him was heavenly. Mel was actually sucking him off, and it was the most amazing thing he had ever felt. The trouble was, he knew he wasn't gonna last long and much as the thought of filling her mouth with his cream sent a shot of desire through him, he also didn't want to ruin a good thing.

He pulled gently on her shoulders, and met her tongue with his own as she rose up. Their tongues intertwined in and out of their mouths until they broke away, an almost real smile in Mel's eyes and on her face.

"Mel, that was amazing!"

Placing her hand back on his chest, Mel pushed him and Max fell backward, his head landing on a pile of pillows. She was already straddling his chest when he landed and, and with a saucy grin, Mel inched forward and used her hands to lean against the wall behind the bed.

"Sharesy," Mel said again, as she moved her pussy over Max's face.

Max grabbed at her hips eagerly and smashed his face into her damp crotch. His tongue lapped up and down her pink petals, finally settling on her clit. With the tip of his tongue Max wiggled it back and forth, slowly at first but then more and more rapidly. Gradually he used more more of his tongue, finally enveloping her little nub while continuously shifting it back and forth.

Mel knew she wasn't going to last long, and she was already too far gone to even try to stop. She exhaled gasp after gasp of pleasure, writhing on Max's eager tongue. Finally, Max pulled her down further onto his face and his lips closed around her nub and he sucked eagerly—quick, powerful, repeated pulls on her clit that triggered a tidal wave of pleasure. And Mel, riding her cousin's face, was swamped by that wave. Even as Max sucked more intensely on her clit, she cried out with pleasure and only stayed upright on him because her hands were on the wall.

His tongue was relentless and eventually, as Mel surfaced from the crashing wave of her orgasm, she pulled away, no longer able to stand the intensity of his warm tongue on her throbbing sex. She leaned back and then fell back, sprawling onto the mattress, her legs splayed over his own. She looked up at the ceiling and laughed.

"Oh my God, Max!"

Mel hunched up on her elbows and looked across their bodies toward Max, who was also now on his elbows. He was grinning at her.

"That was amazing!" Mel said, returning his smile, the usual irritation she felt toward him cowering behind the stronger gush of warmth toward him.

"You taste amazing!" he replied quickly. "Can I have some more, please? And yes, I'm begging."

Mel's smile was genuine; she thought Max probably knew that. And as she took in his green eyes, his eager expression, his muscular shoulders and arms, she noticed his rock-hard cock hovering over his abdomen. Faster than she expected, desire to feel him inside her raced through her body, and, truth be told, she wanted to give him what he needed. She rubbed her calf against his cock, and Max exhaled deeply, a look of gratitude on his face.

"Well, since your begging..."

Mel got on all fours and crawled forward, keeping her head low so she could lick slowly up the shaft of his engorged manhood, relishing the way he breathed out her name with pleasure. She kissed up his muscular chest and then inches from his face, she smiled again.

"And since you asked nicely..." she repeated win a husky whisper.

Their lips met and tongues entwined, Mel sucking hungrily on his tongue, a fiery desire coursing through her fevered mind. She wasn't done with him yet, and he certainly wasn't done either. She wanted to feel that thick cock inside her again, to feel him—

All at once, Max rolled her f***efully and she yielded completely, spreading her legs wide and inviting him. Was she begging? Perhaps a little. The little smile on Max's face probably registered the longing need she was sure her own eyes betrayed. But she didn't care. Let him smile—she was beyond caring about their old feuds. Anyway, she was pretty sure Max's smile was friendly. They had finally connected in a meaningful and friendly way, perhaps in the only way they ever could. It was simple really: he wanted her and she wanted him, right here and right now.

"Please Max, give it to me," she whispered, pulling him down toward her.

"Anything for my beloved"—

He impaled her with one swift motion and could only finish his statement between hungry kisses and with a breathy voice—"beloved...cousin."

They weren't even trying to keep quiet anymore. Mel vocalized loudly each breath as Max rammed into her again and again and again, each stroke nudging her closer and closer to the explosion of pleasure that she could feel coming. She wrapped her legs around him, pulled him closer, ground her body against his as he moved against her and with her. Their rhythm, this time, was perfect, and, in no time at all, Mel felt herself pass the point of no return. Her body tensed and her mind contracted to a singular focus until, wonderfully and suddenly, release! Her whole body spasmed, her senses overloaded with the sights and sounds and feelings she was experiencing at that moment. Mel vocalized the name of her cousin, who, at that moment groaned out her own name, and she exhaled his name again with deep satisfaction from the warm gush that exploded inside her.

* * * * *

Mel lay quietly staring at the old plaster wall. The futon was comfortable and she felt cozy, but she was not sl**ping—far from it. Her mind was racing, scarcely believing that she and Max had just had sex twice in a row. And, God, he was as good as she had always imagined. Better even. She still couldn't believe how amazing it felt to have his tongue on her clit and his fingers inside her. Guys had gone down on her before, but Max put all of them to shame. Had the old girlfriend really schooled him this much? She smiled slightly, imaging her thanking Candice for teaching Max how to eat pussy. Yeah, that would go over well.

And when Max was inside her? She had no words—it was simply incredible.

Her mind moving from one sex-drenched thought to the next, Mel was very aware that she was getting aroused again. Jeese, she thought to herself, how can I be turned on again?

At that moment, she felt Max stir. Is he still awake too?

She rolled onto her back and turned her head. Max, lying on his side, was staring at her, eyes wide open and definitely not sl**ping.

She smirked at him slightly, though the normal irritation she felt when she saw him was all but gone. An unusual feeling had replaced it. What was it? Playful affection? It was so unusual she couldn't put a word to it. She was very aware, at any rate, that her smirk was more smile than anything.

"Still in my bed?"

"Want me to get out?" Max asked with a knowing smile.

"Hmm...I guess you can stay. Just keep to your side, 'k?"

"I like that."

"What? sl**ping with your cousin?"

"No, your smile."

Mel rolled toward him and onto her belly, resting on her elbows and looking down at him as Max rolled onto his back. She ran a finger down his muscular shoulder and arm.

"You told me in the kitchen I'm the hottest girl you've ever seen. Is that true?"

Max stared at the ceiling. "Yeah"—and then meeting Mel's eyes—"Definitely true."

Mel grinned—she couldn't help herself—and a warm, fluttery feeling flashed through her whole being.

"And you told me," Max said, "that you've wanted me since you first saw me. Is that true?"

"Maybe." Mel held his eyes for a moment, and then lowered them to his chest, her finger now tracing a line across his smooth pecs. They lay quiet for a moment and then Max, in a halting voice spoke again. His tone startled Mel.

" if you' know...I probably should have used condoms."

Mel laughed out loud, and she could see the confusion on his face. She poked his nose.

"Afraid you knocked up your innocent, little cousin."

Max playfully nipped at her finger.


Mel feigned outrage. "Yeah, of course."


They both laughed, but Max had a concerned look in his eyes.

She ran her finger over his lips and smiled at him.

"Don't worry, perv. I'm on the pill. I don't think my step-mom thinks I can control myself."

Max nipped at her finger again, allowing his tongue to brush against it and Mel, aroused by the sensation, slipped the tip into his mouth. He sucked on it gently, allowing his tongue to swirl around it before it popped out of his mouth.

"Gee, what would have given her that idea?"

They laughed again, Mel feeling her arousal grow by the second and fully aware that Max's eyes were trying to catch glimpses of her body.

His hand went up to her face and his fingers rubbed her cheek. Mel put her hand on his, and they locked eyes for a few seconds.

"So, my beautiful bitchy cousin, what are we gonna do?"

Mel raised her eyebrows knowingly, and Max laughed. She scooted closer to him, the sides of their bodies now touching.

"Really, Max, am I still a bitch?"

Her innocent tone made Max laugh even louder, and she joined him.

"OK, maybe not."

Mel wrapped her leg over him. His response was immediate and intense—hungry desire played across his features and his hands came up to wrap around her. His response and the feeling of his rock hard cock brushing against her thigh unleashed a torrent of desire inside her.

They wanted each other again, and they were going to have each other.

Mel shifted on top of him, propping herself up so that her boobs smashed into her cousin's face. He responded immediately, sucking deeply on one and then the other, using his hands to massage them eagerly. He smashed them together and took both nipples into his mouth at once, and Mel exhaled with pleasure at the feeling.

"God, I love it when you do that."

Mel looked down at him sucking and licking as if his survival depended on it, and, along with her growing arousal she felt a warm tingling that told her things had definitely changed between them. Who knows how this was going to work out, but she knew for certain that things had improved for the better. Their eyes met, and Mel smiled, really smiled. Yeah, they had definitely improved.

"As good as you always imagined when you were perving on me?" She asked with a grin.

"Better," he said, momentarily pausing only to suck vigorously again on both nipples.

Mel moaned as a jolt of ecstasy flashed through her body and mind. She was rapidly losing control of her rational self, knowing only that she wanted her cousin's perfect cock deep inside her again. She backed up a little and nestled his raging manhood between her drenched pink flesh.

Their faces were inches away, their eyes locked, and Mel smiled at him again, moving slightly so his cock move across her clit and nether lips. They both gasped, breathing into each others' mouths just ahead of the hungry, passionate kiss that Mel initiated and Max finished eagerly.

"Ready, perv?" she asked, pulling her lips and tongue from his. "Ready to take your hot, naughty cousin again?"

He moaned in reply as she stroked his cock with her wet flesh.

"I'll take that as a yes," she whispered.

Mel rose up a little and lowered herself onto his manhood. They both gasped in unison, still not jaded by the intense pleasure they both received at that moment of entry. Mel raised and lowered her torso, riding up and down his cock, barely able to keep her position hovering over his face from the sensations overloading her mind. She watched the expressions of intense pleasure flash across his face and in his eyes, and she loved the control she felt as she hugged his cock with her body's hot, wet embrace.

And then, as he began to thrust in turn, it was too much for her. She lowered herself onto his body, and they moved as one flesh—chest to chest, lips to lips, thighs to thighs—grinding and thrusting against each other.

Neither of them lasted long. Mel smiled down at Max as he lost control only moments before she did, his body shuddering as he emptied himself for a third time deep inside her body. She could see he was trying hard to keep his eyes focused on hers, and that moment, more than any other moment that entire night, warmed her from her head to her toes. She was in ecstasy, yes, but more than that she felt something else. Her eyes locked on his as a gentle orgasm washed over her in waves. Max stopped moving beneath her as she finished grinding against him.

She kissed him gently on the lips and then collapsed at his side, her head on his arm and the pillow and Max rolling with her. Somehow, he stayed inside her, their bodies side by side facing each other. Could he stay inside her like this, all night? All night? Oh, yes, they were both staying right here. Any thought of pushing him to the floor was long gone.

"'Night Max."

Max murmured something that might have been goodnight, but Mel was too drained and sleepy to really register what he had said. She smiled slightly to herself and drifted to sleep.

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