My best friend

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It's a hot summers night. I'm lying here in bed next to my baby who's fast asleep. And his friend wiremu the floor. He's staying over the night. As I'm dozing off to sleep, I can hear heavy breathing, it's not coming from baby, It's not breathing you hear when you're asleep. The room is dark and there's a little light from the moon shining through the window. I'm still listening and I can hear the breathing, I pretend to turn and the breathing stops..... for a bit then it goes again. I slowly look over baby coz he's on the side of the bed sleeping on his back where Mu is and there's a light on the floor. It's baby's friend Mu jerking off to porn he's watching on his phone. But its not straight porn its gay porn.

I lie in bed slowly getting hard, as I watch over I can see he has stopped. But he's still watching. I can see what he's watching but makes sure he can't see me watching him. As I watch for a few minutes I lie there slowly stroking and then I slowly slide my hand to touch baby's cock but to my surprise, I feel another hand stroking baby's cock I look at baby who's asleep and touch the hand again and its Mu's hand. Mu stroking my baby's cock while watching his porn. We are now stroking bubbahs cock, hes fully hard and can now hear him breathing heavly. Babys moaning a lil but still half asleep.

Baby turns to me and starts pashing me, and Mu is now at the edge of the bed on his knees sucking babys now rock hard dick. Bubbahs now with his other hand stroking Mu cock and with his other hand stroking mine. Fuck i can feel my precum. As we are all working our part baby turns to Mu and tells him if he could fuck him and Mu says yes but wants his ass eaten. So bubbah nodds and says fuck yes please. wiremu turns to me and says pati can I suck you off while justin eats me out and i say yes. Mu is now sitting on babys face while im standing in front of Mu, his warm wet mouth sucking on my cock. Hearing him moan coz baby is working his tounge in his friends tight hole.

Wiremu slides down to where bubbahs cock is standing stiff rock hard Mu is now facing his friend. Mu eases babys thick cock into his hole. Bubbah is now fully awake, Mu now is leaning over pashing baby as he gets up he starts bouncing. Taking babys cock in deep, "fuck yes, fuck yes" Mu yells out, "justin man, your cock is so thick" bubbah is now making him bouce harder... "you like my thick cock?" Bubbah says, Mu replies "yes". I go over and kneel next to bubbahs head and baby sucking my cock. Fuck his mouth is so warm working in and out. Mu pulls me to his mouth and his tounge slides in my mouth. Hearing him moaning "yeah, baby fuck me harder" bubbah tells him to get off and he gets up. "Mu, lie down" Mu lies down and and baby sucks on Mu's cock, Wiremus cock is so nice, its 8inches, thick uncut, he is so big for a 18 year old. Mu pulls me and demands me to sit on his face. Fuck hes eating me out so good. Just like my baby the know how to work that tounge.

Baby than grabs Mu's legs lifts them up and is now fucking him. Mu still eating me out i pull Wiremu leg towards me and i see babys cock sliding in and out man looks so hot!!! I start sucking on Mu's cock "baby fuck me harder Wiremu says to his friend" baby pulls his cock out and grabs me and shoves his cock in me, fuck baby is on a roll "BUBBAH FUCK ME" I saw to him, Wiremu is now stroking his cock. Minutes later bubbah says hes gonna cum and mu says hes gonna cum too. "BABY CUM IN ME" i say "WIREMU CUM IN MY MOUTH" Mu kneels in front of me and sticks his cock in me and is fucking my mouth while baby is fucking my ass. They bouth say out loud "FUCK IM CUMMING IM CUMMING" they both pash eachother and they both release thier juices. FUCK ii can feel babys load fill my ass and Mu fills my mouth with his cum!!! Baby leans on me with his cock still in my and Mu bends down and i cum kiss him.

Both of them lie there tired, and i lie there stroking wanting to cum. I start wanking faster As i get close to blowing my load i start moaning, i tell them im gonna cum. Baby and Mu both say at the same time WAIT!!! i stop, baby tells me to standup on the bed, they both get on their knees side by side. baby sucking on my cock and Mu sucking on my balls and wanking at the same time again. As i start wanking I tell them im cumming, I blow my load on their faces. Fuck i came heaps. So much. Both Baby and Mu than licks my cum off eachothers faces they are both wanking. The quickly both get up and sit me down they shove their cocks in my mouth and feel their load. Fuck they cum alot. Literally cum burst out of my mouth. They get down and do what we love, cum kiss. Licking every bit off each others faces. We than all drop down on the bed and crash together.

The End

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