A Mother's seduction

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My road to incest. . I'm a 43 year old woman I make a decent living selling insurance. I'm brunette, petite but work out 3 or 4 times a week to stay fit.I consider myself fairly normal or at least I did.I've been single for about 10 years. Other than a few dates which I never let go anywhere there have been no men in my life. I was just focused on raising my son Nick . He was now in his senior year of high school. Tall dark hair with a nice athletic build. He is very outgoing and fun. We have always been close and playfull we each other. He had girlfriends but rarely brought them home. I had an evening appointment but needed to stop by the house to pick up some papers.I pulled into the driveway and went to the back door and saw my office light on. I went to the window and peeked in. I could see Nick standing shirtless and as i got closer i saw a blonde haired girl bobbing her head up and down on his cock.... Omg I thought wtf is going on. . I froze and just watched. He was pulling her hair back and guiding her head up and down on his cock. She lifted her head of his cock and started to lick his balls as she was stroking his cock. This gave a view of his hard cock. .. gawd he had a nice cock I thought to myself. . Fuck what was I thinking. . She went back to sucking on his cock.. i was like get out of the way I want to see his cock again. I found myself jealous of her I wIsh it was me that had this nice cock in front of me. But oh shit this is my son..I could see him tense up and his head tilt back a little. Omg it was so sexy knowing his cock was pumping cum into her mouth for some reason i was wishing it was my mouth that was wrapped around his cock I wanted to smell and taste him .She pulled back and he looked towards the window. I jumped back quickly and went back to my car. I needed to regroup. What would i do I do I opened the garage door this would warn them i was there and look like I just got home. When I stepped out of the car I could feel that my panties were wet.. really ! i thought this is what turns me on. When I got to the kitchen Nick was at the refrigerator with just a towel on damn he looked sexy. Mom? What are you doing home ?. As i started to answer the blonde girl walked in she said hi,her face still flush. She was very pretty I looked at Nick it was awkward so he just said can i take your car to take Jamie home? Sure I wouldn't say no to you Nick. . It came out a little seductive. He smiled and said thanks and they left. I went to my office to get my papers and realized he took my car. I cancelled my appointment i couldn't focus anyway. I went to my room and started to undress. My panties were soaking wet and so was my pussy. I fell back on to my bed and slide my fingers down and into my cunt. The juices ran on to my fingers and I started to rub my clit to images of what I had just witnessed. It didn'take long and I came harder than I had in a long time.
I didn't say anything and several weeks went by. I was now looking at Nick not just as my boy but someone I also wanted sexually.It was a weird mix. I felt dirty but horney I found myself masterbating to thoughts of him fucking me. It was a Saturday night and Nick didn't have anything to do unusual for him. I asked if he would like to watch a movie with his mom. To my delight he said sure. Great than it's a date I said I don't think he got my hint though. As i was looking to see what we could watch he got a text and asked if we could postpone our date. I was disappointed but was glade he used the word date. Again I said you know I can't say no to you Nick. I think he was starting to get what I was hinting at just by the way he said ok. He left so I decided to grab some wine and take a bath. I was in the bath when I heard Nick come back in and go to the kitchen. I then hatched a plan.Maybe it was the wine going to my head but i wanted to see if he thought i was sexy. I was already in the bath so i shaved and trimed and did my hair quickly. Wow all to try to seduce my son. I put on a white silk robe that only comes down to the thigh but left it loosely tied so that it would be mostly open. I grabbed the bottle of wine in one hand and the glass in the other so both hands were full. I walked out to the kitchen. Acting like I didn't know anyone was home Nick was right at the counter I was heading for. I stopped and acted surprised he was there. Oh i didn't know you were home. I saw his eyes scan me up and down quickly. Wow mom i can see almost almost everything you have! Oh so sorry I put the bottle and glass down next to him rubbing against him a little as i did. Then closing my robe up. The silk on my breasts made my nipples hard and it showed. Well I know you must have seen a woman's body before. Mine isn't so bad is it? Before he could answer I put me finger up to his lips. I know you can't answer that. I gave him a kiss on the lips just a little longer then appropriate for a mom. When I pulled away i asked if he wanted to still watch a movie with me. Sure he said. Why don't you go and put something more comfortable on. I'm going to go put some lotion on while I'm still damp from my bath. As i was walking away Nick said mom..yes I asked? You look fantastic and your very pretty. .. why thank you Nick you don't know how that just made me feel and I gave him a little smile. If he only knew what it was doing to me i thought. I went to my room to put some lotion on and left the door open a good foot knowing Nick would need to walk by it to go to his room to change. I went to my mirror and got some lotion on my hand and started to rub it on my neck. I could see Nick walk by in the reflection. I grabbed some more lotion and started to rub it on my chest. In the reflection i saw Nick peek in and then dart back. Oh good yes he is watching me I thought. I'll show him how sexy his mom can be. I continued to rub my chest and then started to grope at my tits rubbing them. I let my robe fall off my shoulders and started to pinch and rolling my nipples till they became hard. I was truly enjoying myself and knowing I was being watched by Nick made it all the better. I could feel my pussy getting wet. I moved my hands down my stomach and gave my pussy and quick feel. Mmm it was definitely getting wet I looked in the mirror just enough to know Nick was still watching. I got some more lotion and put my foot up on the chair to rub it on my legs as i slide my hands up to my thighs I ran one up behind me and slide a finger along my slipery slit and then up to my anus. And pushed in to a knuckle. Mmm gawd my knee almost buckled from the pleasure shock. I got some more lotion and switched to my other leg. This should be the angel that would give him the best view . I let my robe fall the rest of the way off. bent over to start at my ankle and rubbed the lotion up my leg and on to my ass. I reached up with my other hand and let a finger slide in and started to move it back and forth. I spread my pussy lips and gave my clit a rubbing. You could hear the sound of wet pussy as i now had two fingers in me. God I wanted him to be as turned on as much as i was I stood up and looked in the mirror I could see some movement in the cracks in the door where is cock would be. I was sure he was stroking his cock. This excited me more and I put a finger on my clit and started to rub. It made me shudder but i just kept rubbing and was about to have an orgasm. When out of the blu Nicks phone went off. I picked up my robe went to the door and tried to act surprised.. what are you doing? I asked. . his gym shorts were down and in trying to get away he fell over. I I. .he just stopped and looked up at me ready to cry. I melted. I picked him up and brought him into my room. It's ok it's my fault I knew you were watching I wanted you to see how sexy your mom could be. You must think I'm horrible. No mom i just know I'm not suppose to look at you like that. But you do I asked? Well to be honest lately I have.. don't hate me he said. God no Nick i could never. In fact I do actually want you.. like want you and I kissed him and put my hand around his cock. He was kissing me back and started to French kiss me. I moved his hand to my thigh and spread my legs and little to give him better access he moved his hand up and started to feel me.... fuck mom you have a wet pussy It shocked me at first to hear talk like that but turned me on more i let him know by stroking his cock faster. He kinda grunted and said oh shit and cum squirted out hitting me in the chest. Then another squirt not sure where that went. Oh fuck he said and cum was running down the the length of his cock. I smiled and just said well that had to make you feel better. I took my finger and wiped his cum off my chest. Licked it off mmm tastes good i said. He stood up his cock still stiff and said leave it ...it looks good on you. What I said.. his tone had changed. It looks good on you I'm not done and I don't think you are either. He was right I needed more..he was now right in front of me and I knew what he wanted I pulled him up to me as I sat on the edge of the bed. I got his cock and wrapped my lips around it and started to go up and down on his his cock. It was growing in length and getting harder. I couldn't believe it.. this was better than my dreams I started to lick and suck like a mad woman. Tasting his cum gawd i felt like a nasty little slut and loved it. He pushed me back on to the bed and lifted my legs up and put the tip of his cock just at my cunt lips but held it there. I grabbed his hips to pull him in but he just held it there. Omg don't stop. Fuck me.. he still didn't move and asked me what I said. .I said it louder fuck me baby fuck your mother good. And he pushed his cock in up to his balls and held it deep in me. I could feel every inch and his balls up against my ass. I whispered in his ear oh god mommy loves you. Your going to make mommy cum. Mommy'so going to cum he held his cock still has I started to buck and hump on it. Oh god mommy is cumming. I was having a hard time catching my breath and my cunt was gripping his cock. He said God your pussy feels good as he started to fuck me.. the dirty talk just started to come out of me .. thats it fuck mommy. . Fuck mommy's pussy and I came again I could feel my cum dripping out and i was so wet you could hear smacking of wet pussy as his cock was going in and out of me. I'm going to cum mom .. thats it cum for mommy I was looking at his cock going in and out. . That's it cum for me baby damn it looked hot and I came again and gushed a little he was about to cum and tried to pull out..no cum in mommy baby cum in her pussy. I could feel him tighten up and release as his cock was pumping cum into to my vagina. He let out a nice moan. We held each other for a little before he pulled out i could feel cum dripping out i felt more satisfied then ever..... More to cum with possitive feedback

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