After the talk

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All day long I anticipated the talk from my Pops when he got home...I could hear him telling me of how he worked all day and I did nothing and he would not stand for me having my little girlfriends over. If he only knew the truth, I could imagine how his face would have looked if he had came in to break up the little fuck party he thought I was having.

How could I tell them that since my second year in high school their little boy had been turned into a fuck toy for guys. How could I tell them that I was introduced to this by three of the schools bullies who took my innocence and later had me when ever they decided to. How could I tell them that even though I am now in college, those same bullies, well at least two of them, are still sexing their little boy when ever they wanted and that they even invited them into the house when I was trying my best to avoid them. I decided to tell him the truth and leave the house.

I was in my room when Pops opened the door and walked over and sat on the bed, he looked at me and smiled. Pop started '...listen, last night I thought that you were having a bad dream. I peeped in when I got to the door and heard her grunting and moaning...' Oh man did he have it wrong, I started to speak '...but Pop that wasn't...' He raised his hand and said '...let me continue...I'm not mad at you just surprised that you have a girlfriend that will sneak into your window to have sex. Your Mom and I had talked about you being here and having no friends.

When that young guy came to the door and told us about the problem y'all once had over a girl, we were shocked but I'm proud that the two of you got to be such good friends. He seems like a very nice guy...' Pops got up, patted me on the head and whispered '...if your Mom asked tell her I grounded you tell you go back to school...' Pops closed the door as I just looked incredulous at him.

Time seemed to pass after that like sand in an hour glass, so slowly that I drifted off to sl**p reading a book. I was waken by the sound of something at my window, my heart skipped a beat as I thought who it could be. As I peered out the curtain there was Daniel standing there looking up at me. I slowly raised the window and helped him in.

Daniel started towards the door and I gasped "...please don't do that again. I'll do as you say...' Daniel turned and smiled at me saying '...I just wanted to make sure the door was locked. Last night some one opened it and closed it real quick...' I looked at him now knowing that he knew we had been seen and said nothing.I got angry and just as I started to say something, Daniel dropped his pants and started to stroke his huge monstrous cock.

Daniel knew what he was doing as he kicked off his tennis and stepped out his pants and walked over to me. Daniele and quietly growled ' like a good Bitch start nursing from my dick...' I knelt before him and placed my hands behind my back. Daniel smiled at ,me and said '...see you learned good...' Daniel's cock was bobbing up and down in front of me as I watched.

Mesmerized I watched his cock bounce up and down till my head was moving with his mammoth black snake. Like a moth to a candle I slowly leaned in till it brushed my lips smearing pre-cum over them,. Slowly I parted my lips and captured the tip in my lips I sucked and licked the pre-cum from the tip of his cock. Daniel moaned softly as I did so, my body trembled in response.

Slowly I sucked Daniel's huge dick head into my lips and sucked at his enormous gland as if it was a babies bottles Daniel's hands gently embraced my head as he let me nurse at his tool. Daniel's cock started to throb as I sucked and savored the taste of his creamy pre-cum.

Daniel gripped my head tightly and his dick twitched suddenly Daniel pulled me to him and his huge dick head hit the back of my mouth. I started to gag as Daniel pulled me tighter and pushed his crotch into my face, panicking I gripped his thighs to push him off when suddenly his dick head poked into my throat and he started to piss. I was trying to get loose when I barely could hear him order '...swallow Bitch or I'll piss all on your floor.

I gagged, gulped and swallowed as his piss filled my mouth and squirted around his cock and down my chest drenching my pajama top. I could not believe what was happening, I had no other option but to close my lips around his enormous cock and swallow his piss.

Once Daniel had completed emptying his bladder he pulled from my gasping mouth and let me fall to my knees. I quickly got to the window and hung my head out as I puked up the contents of my guts. As I was heaving my guts up, Daniel came up behind me and pulled down y pajama pants and was trying to get his huge dick head int o my anus. I tried to kick him away only to have him stick both his thumbs into my rectum and pull my buttocks apart.

He spit into my open anus and pushed his huge head between his thumbs, moving his thumbs Daniel pushed and his enormous dick head popped into my very tender anal opening. There I was chest, shoulders and head hanging out the window and Daniel lodged tight in my ass hole.

I was trying desperately to get back into my room thinking some one would hear me retching up my guts and come to see what was going on. Or worst call my folks to tell them what was happening in the backyard. No matter how I tried all I could do was to raise my head up and give Daniel more access to my butt.

After a few minutes Daniel pulled out and pulled me back into my room just as my Pops knocked at my door. Daniel went into the closet and I went for the door, my pops looked at me and said '...what the hell...' I quickly barge past for the bath saying ' sick, threw up...'

To be continued....

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