I cheated on my boyfriend with one of his mates

Written by , on 2016-10-20, genre cheating

I have been with my boyfriend over 20 years and I love him dearly,although we have decent sex I still after all these years find it hard to be satisfied as he only has a small dick. We have children together which I love with all my heart and I want there dad in there lives as much as possible but I'm now and have been for a few year thinking of a bigger dick inside me but never have I done it as I know my boyfriend would go out of his mind even though when we have sex he always talks dirty which I fucking love, he mentions his friends fucking and cumming all over me and I honestly go damp at the thought of it. He mentions one guy all the time when we have sex and it drives me crazy and I have always thought about fucking this certain person, and one day my wishes came true, we were all out at a club one day where a competition was taking part and there he was sitting there looking gorgeous and all that I could think of was getting down and dirty with him but truthfully I am a shy person and did not know how to attract him, then after a few hours I noticed him looking at me turning away then looking at me so I thought I would lower my top just a bit to give him a glimpse of my huge beasts next time he looked he noticed straight away and I could tell he wanted me as much as I wanted him, I started gaining confidence and started touching my breast quickly so I did not get noticed by my boyfriend and after 5 minutes I could feel myself getting turned on and with the excitement I needed the toilet so off I went as I was taking a pee I was thinking of him so I started wanking myself off in the toilet stroking my pussy and decided to enter 2 fingers deep in my love hole thinking of his cock I must have came within seconds finishing myself off I just started pulling my knickers up when the faulty door on the toilet opened and I could not believe the person I was wanking too was standing there with what has to have been the biggest thing in his hands I have ever seen it was about 9 to 10 inches of pure delight and the thickness of what I can describe to as a can of Coca Cola. I did not say anything to him I just dropped to my knees pulled him in the toilet and took his massive manhood straight in my mouth sucking slurping and spitting all over it I could feel his balls were telling his cock to explode all over me covering me from head to toe but I did not want him to come just yet as I have dreamed for ages that he was in side me so i stood up and bent over the toilet telling him to enter me and before I got the words out of my mouth he shoved his huge cock right up me and with one pump inside of me I came all over his cock which I have never done with my boyfriend before he was smashing me so hard and violently I kept on cumming he was pulling out of me with his whole 10 inches and ramming it back in me with pleasure I could feel my legs weakunining and I was bloody loving it even though we had not spoke he whispered to me that I was a great fuck and that he wanted to put his cock in my bum hole but with me never doing this with my boyfriend in over 20 years I thought it would be wrong for me to do this so instead why he was smashing me from behind I took my hand and put it next to my bum putting a finger in my arse and he kept on giving me the love talk and telling me how good I was and that if I let him fuck my arse he would give me a cum load I have never experienced, I pulled my finger out of my arse as he pulled out of my honey putting the tip of his huge cock next to my arse and boy did I want fucking up the arse for the first time. I'm not going to lie but every inch what was going in slowly I knew I could not bare it unless I just pushed back and took it all so I did and fuck me it was heaven my arse was getting smashed all over I was producing liquids all over the floor. I was lost in love as he grabbed my hair pulling it I took his hand and started to suck on 3 of his fingers and with loads of pumping away he released his cock and came all over my back my arse my pussy my god I was soaked dripping with his man juices as he kept on cumming I told him that I wish he had of came all over my face and tits he said not to worry turning me round putting me on my knees he told me to lick his head clean gargling on the remainders of his cum so I did and after a few seconds he took his huge cock in his left hand jerking it telling me he comes more the second time than the first what I thought hard to believe as I was soaked and how wrong was I he then let if a Moan and my god he came like he was throwing milk over me I have never been so much covered like this before my face and massive breasts what he was sucking his own come off I then realised I must get back as my boyfriend would be wondering where I was but could not go without sucking him for a bit longer just to say thanks for the best shag I have ever had dripping pussy and a throbbing arsehole I took one last suck of his cock and said I have to get back to my boyfriend and just as I stood up he let out what I knew from last time that he was going to come for a third time I told him please hold it don't come I have my clothes on and then I heard my boyfriend say you might as well take it ya filthy girl why waste his third load you have took the other 2 and bam this time it was like a water pistol shooting at me he nearly took my head off with it covering me again all over my clothes he dropped his last little bit in my mouth and said he loves me zipped up and left me soaking on the toilet floor then my boyfriend came in and gave me his little load poor thing. Since that day I fuck him all the time every day

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