What I want

Written by , on 2016-10-15, genre gay

We've planned this meeting and I know what you want. As I enter the room and the door closes behind me, there you stand in tight bluejeans and a tee shirt that show your muscular arms and legs. You've demanded that there be no talking. I'm here for one purpose only. Your satisfaction. I walk over, drop to my knees and unzip your pants. You're commando and your cock flops out of your paints into my face. Without hands I lick the lenght of your cock and take it int my mouth. Soft you're 6" but as I take you in my mouth you start to grow. Soon I'm gaging on your hard 8" thick cock. The head is beautiful, swollen and thick. I reach up and pull your jeans over you hips to the floor and as you step out of them your cock pops out of my mouth and your huge cum filled balls bounce in front of my face. On cue I suck them into my mouth hearing you moan slightly. I run my tongue back to your ass and you moan again. I release your balls and go back to your cock. It's fully hard now and massive. The pics you had sent didn't do it justice. I hold it in my mouth circling your massive shaft with my tongue as I Bob up and down on it. You start to match my moves with your hip thrusts as you slowly start to face fuck me. One hand is on the back of my head as the other pushes my hand away from your shaft so you can shove your cock deeper into my gaging mouth. My throat contracts as my drool coats your cock. I can feel your excitement building and don't want you to cum this way. It's almost as if you read my mind as you pull out and lay on the bed ordering me to strip down and join you. As I crawl onto the bed you hand me lube. I squirt it onto my hand and generously coat your cock and reach behind me and try to prepare my ass for your cock to invade. You motion me on top of you and I straddle you and try to slowly ease your huge cock into my tight ass. You're patient as I finally get the head in and start slowly working you deeper into my ass. The feeling is both painful and exciting. I get half of you in me before you start moving you hips upward wanting more. I try to move up with you but you grab my hips pulling me down on your cock all the way to your balls. I cry out as you thrust out and back in again feeling as if you've split me open. You smile and thrust again, knowing you're in control and dominant. My cock is hard and bouncing up and down as you fuck me but it pails in comparison to yours. You pull out and order me to get on all fours. You spread my legs and ease your massive, swollen cock back into my now gaped open ass. It still hurts so good as you push inside me. Deeper and deeper. Faster and faster. I feel your nuts slapping against mine as you now crawl up my back to get maximum penetration. I hear you moan as your thrust go deep and hard and with one hard push you go balls deep and pause as I feel your cock pump the first shot of hot cum into my ass. You draw back slightly and push again and I feel you shoot once more. Your whole body quivers as you push again and I feel your cock pumping more cum into me. Two more thrust and groans as you finally empty your nuts into my ass. You're still balls deep in my ass as you reach around and start to stroke my cock. Within seconds I cum in your hand and you catch my load. Still in my ass you shove your hand to my mouth and say clean it up bitch. And I eagerly comply.

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