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My girlfriend, Katherine, is a playful, cute girl who lives life to its fullest. As her boyfriend I’m used to other guys turning their head and staring at her. However, Katherine is not impressed by other guys’ attention but became more self-confident over the years. Nevertheless, I realized that Katherine has a preference for tall, muscular, blonde guys. Whenever we are walking by a guy with these characteristics, she checks them out and sometimes even turns her head. Katherine is very subtle at looking at other guys but I realized the common pattern and now I’m especially attentive.

Last Saturday afternoon, Katherine and I went to a bar for some refreshments. The bar had a nice atmosphere and wasn’t really busy. Katherine was wearing a black top that emphasized her boobs but did not show too much cleavage. Furthermore, she wore a white skirt that barely covered her juicy ass. Katherine always dresses sexy but never cheap or sleazy.

Katherine and I were sipping our cocktails while another attractive young couple entered the bar. He was a well-built tall blonde guy and she was a petite slim brunette. They hit the bar, grabbed some drinks and sat on a sofa near us. Katherine used her general tactic when she was attracted to a guy… She tried to draw my attention to the girl rather than the guy. Katherine remarked about the red long dress the slim girl was wearing and how awful it would look on her. In order to avoid any trouble with Katherine, I agreed with her and trashed the other girl’s outfit even though it looked pretty nice.

The other couple was sitting on a sofa on the opposite side of the bar, which was about five meters away from our place. However, as the bar was rather quiet, we had a good view on the other couple. We both looked over from time to time but once I finished my drink I asked Katherine whether she would like to leave. However, she insisted to get another drink, as the atmosphere at the bar would be so nice. To convince me she bent over, started tongue kissing me and whispered some naughty sentences in my ear. At the end I gave in, went to the bar, and grabbed another round of drinks. While waiting at the bar I kept monitoring Katherine and the other couple. It seemed that the tall guy spotted Katherine and seemed interested in her. Katherine was playing with her hair and licked her lips with her tongue. The tall muscular guy glanced over from time to time and smiled at her.

Once I was back on the sofa with Katherine, I tried to distract her by being more intimate. I laid my arm around her shoulders, moved closer to her, and fed her some g****s. Katherine seemed to like it and returned the favor. Moreover, she ate the g****s in a lascivious manner and tried to seduce me. I was really turned on by her behavior and wanted to kiss her again. However, Katherine refused the kiss and whispered in my ear that I should control myself and be more patient. Katherine loves to tease the shit out of me and enjoys seeing the lust in my eyes.

After a while, Katherine became a bit tipsy as she drank several cocktails. Moreover, she became more touchy-feely and started making out with me. She embraced my upper body and shoved her tongue down my throat. Katherine continued her tongue play in my mouth and started f***efully biting my lips. All of a sudden Katherine disappeared in the direction of the woman’s restrooms. For a moment I was not sure whether I should follow her to continue our steamy action. However, I waited for too long and after two minutes Katherine was already back. She sat next to me and continued cuddling till she put something in my pocket. I was a bit confused as it was pretty soft and light. As I wanted to check, Katherine grabbed my hand and pulled it away. “It’s your task to figure out what it is without touching… if you guess right you can keep it.” That was an interesting game but I was still not sure what it was. I asked Katherine for a clue and she said that it would be something very personal. Well, I thought she might have rapped a surprise in tissues or toilet paper. However, she just laughed at me and whispered in my ear: “It is my soaking wet undie that I wanted to take off… I hope you don’t mind?!” I was really surprised as Katherine never did something like that before however, the thought of her naked wet pussy under her skirt was a huge turn on.

Katherine even went a step further and spread her legs to some extent so that I could completely see her wet tight pussy. However, I pressed her legs together so that not everyone could see her bare pussy. “Why are you doing that? I want to show it off to everyone.” Katherine became now really adventurous and I was not sure where that would lead. She definitely has a wonderful, shaved, clean pussy but I’m not sure whether she should show it off to everyone.

After some time, the brunette opposite of us went to the restroom and left her boyfriend behind. Katherine smiled at him and he smiled back. Before I could do anything, she spread her legs widely so that he had a great view under her skirt… and he did not miss it. He had a big smile on his face and just shook his head in disbelieve. Katherine now even started moving her hips and the tall guy seemed to enjoy what he saw, as he hasn’t looked away once. I got a bit nervous and became sweaty hands. However, to my surprise, a huge boner was growing in my pants. The fact that my sexy girlfriend is seducing another guy was such a turn on. Nevertheless, his girlfriend soon came back and Katherine crossed her legs so that nothing was exposed.

The other guy could not keep his eyes off Katherine and was constantly staring at her. I was just sitting next to Katherine who was taking his clothes off with her eyes. At least the tall guy’s girlfriend did not realize yet what was going on… My mind was going crazy as Katherine was flirting with this guy in my presence. However, the fact that she is so successful at seducing him was a huge turn on.

Katherine winked at the other guy, stood up, and walked in the direction of the restrooms. I saw her disappear around the corner when the tall guy made his way to the toilets. My knees were shivering but I decided to follow the two. Once I entered the man’s restrooms, I saw one of the stall’s door closing. After quickly looking under the door, I recognized Katherine’s high heels. She really disappeared with the other guy in one of the toilets. The jealousy was killing me but at the same time I was rocket hard. After a few seconds I decided to go to the stall next to them to watch them.

The wall in between the two stalls had no holes at all so I could not see through it. However, I heard some noise coming from Katherine and the muscular guy. Katherine was breathing heavily and the guy was laughing a bit. Then, I decided to stand on top of the toilet so that I can look over the wall and enjoy the show.

Katherine and the muscular guy were still fully dressed. He lifted her up and pressed her back against the wall. Afterwards, he f***efully spread her legs and stepped in between her thighs. Katherine was breathing even harder and embraced the tall guy. He pulled out his huge dick out of his pants and first slapped it against her soaking wet pussy. Katherine let a loud scream out but he immediately covered her mouth with his hand. She started submissively sucking on his fingers while he gently entered her tight pussy with his long hard cock. He began penetrating her clit at a slow rate but got faster and more f***eful after some time. Katherine could almost not handle his hard fucking and digged her nails in his back.

After some hard and deep fucking, he put her down and f***ed her on her knees. Moreover, he took her top and bra off so that Katherine was fully exposed. He then slapped his long hard cock against Katherine’s round breasts and then worked his way up to her mouth. Katherine grabbed his stiff boner, pulled back his foreskin, and started licking the tip of his cock with her tongue. She looked deep into his eyes while she was going up and down his shaft. The tall guy really enjoyed her blowjob but wanted more. He pressed Katherine’s head with both his hands down his 7-inch cock. Katherine was gagging and coughing heavily, and her eyes started watering. However, the other guy knew no mercy and continued violating her throat.

For a moment I considered interrupting and helping Katherine but then I decided that she deserves a rough treatment. Moreover, I saw the pleasure in Katherine’s eyes and she was fully enjoying it. When Katherine was sitting on top of him and riding him, she looked up and saw me. Katherine and I were both shocked for a moment but after a moment she just smiled and started riding him even harder. From now on, she tried to keep eye contact with me as often as she could. It was a strange feeling to see my girlfriend pleasing another guy while keeping eye contact with me. However, this feeling drove me crazy and the bl**d in my penis was pumping.

I also realized that she became more and more submissive. Katherine let him take control over her and completely pleased him. Currently, Katherine was kneeling fully naked in front of the tall guy. She strokes his cock while massaging his balls in her mouth with her tongue. Both of them were loudly moaning and completely into each other. Katherine did a fantastic job and he was on the edge of coming. Katherine now looked deep into his eyes and asked him to spray her. The tall guy shoved again his boner down her throat, took it out and continued wanking close to her face. Seconds later, he fired a huge load into Katherine’s face. Her face was covered in cum and some drops were running down her chin on to her breasts.

Once the guy shot his jiiz at her, he immediately disappeared. I was still in the stall next to Katherine as she told me to come over. She was sitting there covered in his cum and had a huge smile on her face. “You are the best boyfriend in the world… and you deserve a reward.” Katherine quickly unbuttoned my shirt and unzipped my pants. She realized how hard my cock was and just took it all the way in, deep down her throat. I told her to take it easy, as I was already really close from watching. However, Katherine did not intend to slow down. Quite the opposite, it seemed that she could not wait to receive another load. She pressed her lips close together and sucked on the tip of my cock. Then, Katherine started stroking my cock while keeping the tip in her mouth. I could not hold it for much longer and shot a huge load down her throat. Not sure if I ever came that much before… Just for the record, Katherine did not waste a drop.

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