In the field

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When i was younger and hadn't quite hit my teens yet i used to enjoy going out by myself in the nearby farmers fields and masturbating in the open air, being naked outside was always a turn on and the thought of someone watching made me unbelievably horny.

One morning i'd made my mind up to go out, get naked and play with myself in one of my favourite spots not too far away so i wandered down the lane and jumped the big white fence into the fields. i wandered a while till i found my spot just off a footpath and made my way just inside a group of trees, i stripped off slowly feeling the air on my naked body making my cock nice and stiff.

I closed my eyes and started stroking and must have been going for a good 5 minutes before i heard voice. It was a man who looked to be in his early fifties with a walking stick, clearly just out for a walk he'd come down the footpath at the perfect angle to see me, naked and masturbating.

"Hello there" He shouted. "Don't stop on my account" I realised i had taken my hand off my cock and was staring at the floor, i raised my hand and started stroking myself again while he walked over to me. He was now standing right in front of me and was rubbing an obvious bulge in his trousers. "Don't mind if i join in?" He asked. All i could do was shrug and carry on. He proceeded to pull out what must have been easily 9 inches long and fairly thick cock and started casually touching himself.

At this point i was so turned on i couldn't help myself and asked him if he needed help, he took his hand off his big cock and nodded, i grabbed my t shirt and threw it on the floor in front of him then dropped to my knees, i was so excited i could barely keep still. I wrapped my hand around his shaft about half way down and started working my hand up and down as i did that he put his hand on my head and guided me towards it. I'd seen enough porn films even at my age to know what he wanted and i was only too happy to oblige.

I opened my mouth and felt the head of his cock slide in, as i started sucking i could hear him gently moaning, i tried to take as much of it as i could but only managed half before i started to gag, he laughed and muttered something about me working on that next time, after a good 10 minutes of me going through everything i'd seen girls do in films he pulled back and said "Why don't you bend over and let me see your arse?" This was more than i'd hoped for, i figured he'd cum in my mouth and that would be it.

I got up grabbed my shirt, threw it on the fence and leaned over it,"Reach back and spread your cheeks for me! He said, i felt so naughty doing this i had to tell him, he laughed it off and knelt behind me then i felt his tongue around my tight little hole, it felt so good being licked from behind i let out a little moan, he must have heard as the licking got more intense until he i felt his tongue slip into my hole. By now i was moaning loudly and i wanted something inside me so i looked back and told him this.

He stood up and put a finger next to my hole which was now good and wet and pushed it inside, he leaned over and asked me if it felt nice, i could hardly speak but managed to squeak out a yes, after a few minutes he worked in a second finger and i had started to push back to drive them in deeper. "I think you're ready for the real thing now" He said as he undid his trousers and let them drop around his ankles. He covered his cock in saliva and i spread my legs waiting for him to fill me up.

I felt the tip of his cock pushing against my hole and he told me to take a deep breath, i'd played with my arse before so i knew vaguely what to expect but it was nothing like this. The head of his thick cock entered me with a pop! and i had to ask him to stop for a minute, my legs had gone weak from the sensation and wanted to be able to stand for my first arse fucking. After a few moments to get used to being so full i told him to carry on and he started pushing again, after what felt like forever he stopped and i realised i could now feel his balls touching me and he was loudly moaning about how deep he was.

"It's in all the way" He said, a hint of surprise in his voice. "Is this your first time?" I told him it was and to stay there for a moment so i could enjoy having it all inside me. Then he pulled back and started to fuck me, it was amazing feeling all that cock thrusting in and out of me. Again i was pushing back on every stroke and he grabbed my hips so he fuck me harder. After a solid five minutes of fucking i heard him grunt and he told me he was about to cum. I told him to go as deep as can and shoot his hot load inside me, he grabbed my waist and shoved his cock all the way down and filled me with his cum.

He pulled out and grabbed a tissue from his pocket, cleaned himself up and pulled up his trousers while i was still bent over letting all the cum leak out of freshly fucked arse. He picked up his stick and started to walk away, before he left he said "I walk this way most Sunday mornings" I looked back and smiled and told him i would definitely be here next week.

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