In the sauna with Leslie Mann and Tea Leoni

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As far as Celebrity Tennis Tournaments go, it doesn't get much better in terms of both star power and actual talent, than the Andre Agassi Tennis Classic in Los Angeles. Andre seems to have the personality that draws the best celebrities from all over the country. The majority of the players are women as this year they have 24 competing in the double competition, while there were only ten men playing. Chelsea Handler and Sandra Bullock were the two-time defending champs, and had to be considered the favorites again this year. One team to look out for was Tea Leoni and Leslie Mann. Tea, who won the event with hot blonde sportscaster Erin Andrews back in 2013, is looking to regain the trophy after a two year absence. Leslie isn't anywhere near Tea as far as athleticism goes, but has been playing the game her whole life and should prove to be a pretty good partner.
Determined to win the event, Tea and Leslie have been practicing daily at the posh Beverly Hills Country Club, hoping they can knock Chelsea and Sandra from the winner's circle. Their latest workout was a two hour session with Andre himself giving the two hot movie stars some lessons. They got a taste of what it was like to be a pro tennis player as Andre didn't hold back, running them ragged. After Leslie took a little tumble on the baseline, Andre decided that was enough for the day, and let the girls go. Leslie was whining about skinning her knee, but Tea helped her up and the two spent blondes headed for the locker room.
Tea changed out of her sweaty white tennis outfit, grabbed a towel and made her way to the sauna, while Leslie opted for a quick dip in the pool. Leslie shimmied out of her clothes, careful not to get any bl**d from her knee on her brand new bright yellow outfit. She removed her bra and peeled off her sweaty panties, sniffing them and scrunching her nose at her own nasty smell as she tossed them aside. The naked beauty then strolled over to the indoor pool in the buff for a little skinny dip, giving Skip, the college-aged lifeguard a playful wink before she dove in. Three laps was all she swam before climbing out and into the waiting towel of one very lucky lifeguard.
She flaunted her nudity in front of young man, toweling off her body from top to bottom, making sure he got a good view of her perfect ass.
Leslie asked Skip to help her dry off and handed him the towel asking him to be gentle with her breasts because her nipples were very sensitive. Like a trooper, Skip did as he was told, gently dabbing the tease on her small, but perfect breasts, before wrapping the oversized towel around her.
Leslie joined her partner in the sauna where Tea was sitting back on the bench, eyes closed, topless with her towel around her waist. The bubbly actress walked in and took a seat next to Tea, unwrapping her towel and letting it fall to the side.
"What took you so long? Were you teasing Skippy again? Why can't you leave that poor k** alone?" Leslie just chuckled, saying it was her way of giving him a tip.
"You're one to talk. Sitting there with your tits hanging out. Anybody, including Skip could have walked in on you."
Tea still had her head back with her eyes closed, and slowly untied her makeshift towel skirt, opening it up and unwrapping it, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. "Tell me what Skippy would think about that" she answered in a low monotonous tone like she was half in a trance. "If he came in right now and started licking my pussy, I would die happy."
Leslie giggled, but didn't quite agree. "It's too bad young guys don't know how to please a woman orally. You need to either be an older man or a lesbian, otherwise you might as well just play with yourself."
Tea mumbled in agreement, stroking her glistening wet pussy, "Too bad you're not a lezzie, otherwise you could do the job."
Leslie giggled like a mischievous schoolgirl, and began running her hand over Tea's smooth, sweaty thigh, "Sometimes I wish I were a dyke. You ever feel like that?"
Tea never flinched, she responded in her same tired voice, "A tongue is a tongue, and a finger is a finger, I don't care who's on the other end, as long as it gets me off."
Tea's rather frank response just encouraged Leslie and her lesbian desires, and the cute blonde crawled over and ran her hands from Tea's silky smooth thighs over to her luscious pussy. The older actress was unfazed by her tennis partner's bold move, and just sat back enjoying the attention. Leslie leaned in cautiously. looking up for a reaction that never came, and blew some little kisses on Tea's puffy pussy lips. She delicately poked her tongue on and around her clit, finally getting a response from her stoic friend in the form of a light breathy moan. Leslie sucked on Tea's excited love button and inserted two fingers into her incredibly wet pussy. Leslie dug her tongue inside the walls of Tea's warm vagina, lapping up her wetness like a pro.
Leslie's fascination with this new lesbian tryst excited her so much she had to stop and give herself some attention, reaching down to finger her own bushy slit. It wasn't five or ten seconds and Leslie gave herself a quick orgasm, squirting a little stream down the inside of her leg. Leslie had many squirting orgasms in the past, but it was the first female ejaculation she had achieved in over a year. Tea was oblivious to her friend's excited reaction, and laid back on the bench, begging her not to stop. Leslie turned her attention back to Tea, sliding a couple fingers back into her slick snatch. But this time she maneuvered herself up and over Tea's head, straddling her face, never once taking her probing fingers out of Tea's pussy. Leslie arched her back, slowly planting her golden muff on Tea's mouth, giving the sweaty MILF no choice but to return the pussy licking favor.
Tea reached up with both hands, cupping Leslie's firm butt cheeks, spreading them to give herself a little breathing room and better access. It also gave her a closeup view of Leslie's nice, tight asshole. Tea opened wide and began licking Leslie's moist pussy, while her friend was fingering hers at the same time. Both women were covered in sweat as they carried out their lesbian desires. Leslie reared back her head as Tea was finding all the right places with her tongue. She looked like a wild a****l with her wet stringy hair hanging everywhere as she let out several high-pitched howls. Leslie's luscious tight asshole resembled a pink fruit loop, and Tea just couldn't resist. She licked her finger and poked it inside, causing her partner to let out another primal scream, as Leslie had her second squirting orgasm, shooting several milky spurts, drenching Tea and covering her with a sticky goo that left the beautiful blonde almost unrecognizable. Leslie rolled off to the bench below, out of breath and still squirming from the convulsive orgasm.
Tea grabbed her towel and cleaned herself off, still stunned by Leslie's incredible ejaculation. She leaned over to check on her spent friend who was sprawled on the bench next to her, when suddenly the door opened and Skip walked in on them. The innocent college student saw the two naked ladies and did a quick about face, embarrassed by walking in on them. Tea and Leslie just looked at each without saying a word, before Leslie broke the silence, "I guess he wanted a bigger tip."

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