My Desire to be Spanked

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When we’re children, we dread being spanked. The thought of it is often terrifying, or it might just be the fear of disappointing our parents. Then as adults, we begin to realize the erotic allure of the stinging pain and the need for discipline during sex or as foreplay. It was something that I didn’t realize I needed until after I was married. Unfortunately for me, it would be several years before that craving was satisfied.
I’m still not sure what made me know that I both wanted and needed to be spanked. However, when I broached the subject with my then-husband, I received the answer I was expecting. It was no. Dylan was reserved, and vanilla in his tastes. Sex was usually missionary position and over in a matter of minutes. Even in my youthful late twenties, I knew I deserved more. I deserved the fulfillment I craved.
After two kids, my derriere had blossomed into soft rounded curves and just the right amount of supple fullness to give my bottom a look that I caught men noticing. The fact that Dylan never mentioned it or even wanted to explore having me from behind to enjoy that view is still mind-boggling. It took my divorce and a few dating failures to find the one who could satisfy my cravings and appreciate my body.
Devin certainly did that all of that.
We were both in our mid-thirties. Devin was passionate on a level I had not experienced before in my life. Handsome and kind with a crooked smile that drew me in, when he took me to bed for the first time it was like fireworks went off inside me, a new experience. In the dim bedroom light, he had maneuvered me onto my hands and knees, and I could hear his murmurs of appreciation for my round apple-shaped bottom as he took it in his hands. When he entered me, his cock felt amazing. Longer and thicker than Dylan’s or any other man I’d had inside me, Devin filled me completely. But it wasn’t just the size of his cock that gave me the biggest orgasm of my life. It was his handling of me and his passion.
As he pounded into me from behind, he wound his fingers into my hair and pulled my head back. The pain and control were intense. That started my orgasm building. His next move wrapped his hand around my throat in an act of total control and it sent me even higher. As he pounded his cock into me, he landed his hand hard on my soft hip. The smack echoed through the room along with my screams as the biggest orgasm of my life shattered me.
“Again! Harder!” I pleaded.
Devin obliged and was soon raining blows on my fleshy ass as he spanked me mercilessly while fucking me properly for the first time in my life. When we finished together, I was in heaven and we lay curled together in a tangle of limbs for half an hour before either of us spoke.
Darren asked me, “You enjoy being spanked?”
“You have no idea,” I breathed with a silly grin plastered on my face. “It was my first time.”
He had me hooked from that moment on. After that night, it became a regular routine in our sex life and in and out of the bedroom. My craving to be spanked opened up a whole new side of me I never knew existed.
One afternoon when we were alone, we had a rare argument; not a fight but just an argument. When it was over, I presented myself in front of him as he sat on the couch, and apologized. Deep down I think I had initiated the argument just to receive my punishment.
“I’m sorry. For all of it,” I told him as I stood in front of him in my favorite yellow sundress.
The dress came down to mid-thigh and I knew it showed off my thick shapely legs, firm breasts, and softly rounded ass. As Devin looked me over, I knew he knew it too.
“I’m sorry too,” he responded.
“Will you punish me for giving you attitude?”
His eyebrows arched up. Even though he controlled and dominated me in the bedroom to a degree that drove me wild, I had never brought that part of us into our relationship outside of our sex life.
“If that’s what you need.”
“I do.”
To prove my point, I stepped toward him and bent over his lap. He wasted no time flipping my dress up over my back exposing the panties covering my bottom. Resolutely, he lowered my panties down around my thighs, trapping them together and exposing my soft bottom to him. He ran his hand over my exposed flesh, enjoying the sight of it. When his hand finally landed against my cool skin, shivers ran through me along with the stinging pain. Several more blows and he was spanking me soundly and I was in ecstasy. The burn was driving me to new heights as I subjected myself to domestic discipline for the first time.
A few minutes later, Devin finished and my bottom was a stinging pulsing maze of welts in the shape of his handprints and I was more aroused than I could ever remember being. So much so that as he finished, I dropped off his lap onto my knees and began immediately tearing at the front of his pants to free his erection that I had felt pulsing against my hip.
Large and already throbbing, his cock was oozing a river of precum as I plunged him into my mouth. That was something else my ex-husband had never enjoyed. Oral. He had found it disgusting and degrading.
On my knees in front of Devin, I gave my first ever blowjob with my panties still around my thighs and my bottom stinging from his punishment of it. Despite my awkward first attempt at oral, the excitement for both of us made it end quickly. After only a few minutes of stroking him into my mouth and sliding my hand up and down his shaft, I tasted cum for the first time. Saltier than I ever imagined, I moaned as he filled my mouth and swallowed every ounce of it greedily. When he finally finished, I wiped my lips as I looked up at him, his spent cock still pulsing in my hand.
“What about you?” Devin asked me.
Turning away, I lowered myself onto my hands and knees in front of him then pulled my dress back up over my hips. Exposed for him, I plunged my fingers into the sopping wetness between my legs and quickly found my clit. It wasn’t the first time I had ever masturbated but it was the first time doing it in front of someone else. The thought of it excited me even more and the spanking he had given me only made my orgasm easier. I came within minutes as my reddened hips flexed and my boyfriend watched from his place on the couch. Crying out as I climaxed, I was dripping cum over my fingers as they plunged inside me and alternated swirling my clit. It felt incredible. It was exhilarating.
That afternoon started a new chapter in our relationship.
After that, I submitted to Devin every chance that I got. It wasn’t giving up my power in the relationship but using it to satisfy something that had long been dormant deep inside me. Weeks later, I came to him and asked to be punished again.
He had asked me what I needed to be punished for but when I had replied that I just needed it, a broad knowing grin had spread across his face.
Minutes later, I found myself bent over the edge of the bed, naked. With Devin standing behind me, he began spanking me soundly and I was enjoying every blow. Each loud smack sent chills through my body and wetness flowing between my legs. Each stinging slap released a level of pent-up desire in me as his hand landed against my fleshy bottom and hips over and over again. Each blow elicited a cry from me until I was a seething mess of desire on the bed aching for him to be inside me.
“Fuck me,” I begged as I lay bent over.
His clothes were torn off in seconds and he was plunging his large cock deep inside me. Straddling my hips, each rough thrust sent my feet rocking off the floor and my hips were being driven into the mattress. With his hand wrapped around my throat, Devin completely owned me at that moment and I willingly gave him my body, heart, and soul.
My orgasm shattered me.
Two orgasms later, as Devin filled me completely with his cock, I was begging for something I’d never asked for before.
“Fuck my ass,” I panted.
My wetness had been flowing from me like a river and the inside of my thighs was drenched and so was his cock. Soaking wet, he pulled out of me and moved up as I reached both hands behind me to pull my stinging globes apart. As he pressed into my rectum, the pressure was intense, but I didn’t want him to stop. Then, to my surprise, the pressure gave way and he slid easily into me. I was fuller than I had ever been before, as Devin lodged his cock deep in my ass then began thrusting.
Any pain that I had been experiencing quickly gave way to pleasure as every nerve ending that I never knew existed began firing at once. Each thrust took me higher and the strange pleasurable feeling was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. When he began raining blows on my already stinging bottom, I experienced my first ever anal orgasm.
It shattered me incredibly.
His cock pulsing inside me signaled his impending finish. His thrusts became even more fervent. Devin had stopped spanking me and had wrapped his hand around my throat in an act of total control over me. His orgasm flooded deep inside me like a dam bursting and I wished it would never end. I came again with him as I screamed and his hot breath in my ear only heightened my own orgasm.
As we lay together and his cock softened inside me, Devin finally slipped from me with a strange sensation that was unmatched. We lay together for some time as the sting on my backside pulsed and the aching in my rectum subsided.
My craving to be spanked had awakened something in me I never knew existed. I craved the stinging feeling of Devin’s hand on me and the need to be disciplined both in the bedroom and in our relationship. It’s a different type of relationship and craving that some people would not understand but Devin and I both do. It’s what I needed and what I crave. It took a strong man to bring out my inner strength and my desire. It takes a strong woman to release herself to him.
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