The robbery

Written by , on 2016-09-05, genre gay

I was sleeping one night in my flat when I here'd a noise down stairs, so I went down to have a look, as I got to the bottom of the stairs I could here two guys talking I tried to sneak back up stairs to get my base ball bat as I got to the top of the stairs a third guy came up behind me and choked me out.
I woke up tied up and they were asking me where I keep all my money I replied "In the bank" one guy said "oh we have a smart one do we" them the other said so "boss what are we gonna do I'm not coming all this way for nothing" the biggest one replied "don't worry Shane I have a better idea" and looked at me with a smirk on his face then he said "Wright boys take of your clothes let's have some fun" and they all stripped I said "what the fuck are you doing let me go please I'll give you what ever you want" he replied "yeah you will hahaha" then Shane said "T do you wanna go first" I examined them once they were naked T was short but very ripped his cock was about 8" soft and then Shane was about 6ft but he was average build and had a bit of a belly on him his dick was about 8" soft too, finally boss as they called him was almost 7ft and ripped to fuck looking at him naked scared me as much as it turned me on his cock was 9" soft.
Then they stripped me naked and the first thing they did was take the piss out of my 4" Cock then Shane stood in front of me the put me on my knees he said "open wide bitch" I said "no way" and kept my mouth shut he said "fine have it your way then" he went over to his clothes and pulled out a pistol and said "no once again open up bitch or I will shoot your dick off" so I did as he said then he stepped back and said now and the boss said "untie him, no listen here you try anything funny and your dead" I nodded he took shanes place and I started sucking while stroking the other two. His dick was was so big it couldn't al fit in my mouth and I could feel it getting harder.
Then they bend me over and T lubed me up and fucked his cock balls deep into me I was in so much pain I was crying as he was destroying my hole, boss grabbed my head and fuck the shit out of my face I was gagging so much I couldn't breath, then I realised shane was recording the whole thing, because of bosses huge cock down my throat I Had gotten over the pain of T fucking me when he said shit I'm about to cum, he pulled out boss stepped back and T put his cock in my mouth the suddenly he came al over my face by this point I was so turned on then boss bent me over and held my hands behind my back and fucked me as hard as he could o was screaming his dick was so big I could feel it in my stomach he fucked me harder and harder then he stopped. And said come with me bitch he took me out into my garden and bent me
Over once again and said I want to here you scream and beg for it let all your nabours know what a slut you are then he whispered or your dead so I did as he ducked me ever harder I was screaming "please daddy fuck me harder I need your big cock" one by one my neighbours we're looking out there Windows taking pictures and videos, boss then said I'm about to cuuuu ahhhh he came balls deep in my with all my neighbours watching but that wasn't the end.

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