My Favorite Sleepiver: Part two/three

Written by , on 2016-08-28, genre gay

If you've read part one, you know what this is about. Will and me. I drove over to Will's house to "hang out". Nobody was home, and we knew what would happen. We went straight upstairs and he started lubricating me with an oil or Vasoline.
The clothes came off in a nanosecond and he started fucking me really hard. This one is kind of unconventional. We basically just had sex in every room of the house and he shaved and waxed all of my body hair. We then went quickly to a really weird and gay store that has dildos, strap-one, ECT. So, he got a chastity cage, an enema and a buttplug. Also, those things are NOT cheap. Just saying. Anyways, we went back home and I used the name and he put on the chastity. Yes, this is all real so far. Even though you're thinking, "Sure, what's he going to do next, lock you up?" Well, he obviously does porn, so yes. He did. He locked me up and hid the key. He fucked me standing up with me in his arms. It was the best position by far. He picked me up, put his hands on my ass for grip, stuck his hard, wet cock in my ass and started fucking me. Soon later, we both blew our loads and he started a warm shower. He thought my chastity was sexy as hell. So did I. I was never going to take it off. Obviously, we made out in the shower and I "accidentally" dropped something and bent over to pick it up. He fucked my ass and laughed. I never wanted to leave the shower. Anyways, we did and we got ready. We got dressed to go to Luke and Leo's house. (They're brothers) . He put in my buttplug, made sure my chastity was tight. ;) and we got dressed and left. ••• When we arrived at Leo and Luke's, the girls had all gone to Park City. (Including my sister and mum.) Another guys night. So, we acted normal, played video games and watched a movie. That's when Luke asked why I was making noise. I pretended to oblivious as to what he was saying, but then he felt my pockets and there he found my penis. He grabbed it and pantsed me IN FRONT OF HIS DAD, Nick. Luke laughed, but got hatd and Leo pointed out my buttplug. Will took off his shirt and pants too, since the secret was out. So, Nick did what any guy who probably hasn't slept with his wife in years would do with a bunch of eighteen- nineteen year old boys and he suggest penis measuring contest. Smallest two get waxed. We measured and of course Nick was the biggest and thickest, soft and hard, Leo's was freaking huge, but it was really thin. Luke's was about in inch shorter than Leo's bit Luke's was fatter, Will's was the second smallest by two inches and I was by far the smallest by an immeasurable distance. Nick literally took us to a waxing place and had us waxed which was disgusting and came back with a paper bag full of things. I didn't know what they were then, but damn, they were sexy. We went home and he forced Will and I (freshly waxed) to strip so they could see our wax. He seemed satisfied. He grabbed my ass and started to stick his huge penis in, when I started screaming. It hurt so bad. It was dry and thick. He whispered in my ear and told me that he would stick his dick all the way in, dry if I didn't obey him. I succumbed. I felt sexy. lol. Leo's was really long too, so he tried to copy his dad with Will and Will agreed fast. Nick pulled out a bunch of sexy underwear, skimpy speedos, lube and more enemas and tampons. He got tampons for me and Will to wear in the pool. IN OUR BUTS at first, it really hurt, but then it felt great. We spent two weeks at their house and it was pretty great. It was a gay dream come true. Basically, whenever anybody was horney, they'd tell one of us to come over and we'd have to let them have sex with us or Nick would dry fuck us. We got fucked so many times, I lost count. Nick was the best, then Luke. Leo wasn't that good. He just liked blowjobs. TONS AND TONS of blowjobs. I wore a red and black g-string around the house and Will wore a black and grey jockstrap. We were total fuckboys. It was great. I was actually sad when the last week ended. We had so much sex. During breakfast, I sat on Nicks dick, in his lap, while we ate and he would shoot a load in me after we were almost done and THAT is the best feeling in the world. You can feel the cum dripping down your ass hole. It feels good. It's a whole new world! In the pool, Luke ripped out my tampon and pool fucked me. We had SO MUCH SEX. I can't wait to go back. Will and I still fuck and I have a new permenant penis size of 1 1/2 soft and three 1/2 hard. I don't even need the chastity anymore. Will and I have sex all the time and I love being the bottom. He takes control and it's sexy as hell. Short guys are awesome. I'll update you all on how our men's Park City trip goes. 😏

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