The Best Sleepover Ever

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This is the my first official story on here. I wanted to share my experience with you all because IT WAS AWESOME. Anyways, this is a trilogy; part one. I hope you all enjoy. I am changing all of the names as well. I'm Nathan (not) and I'm thirteen. The friends who were at this sleepover with me were thirteen and one was twelve. Here's an image for you. I am thirteen and five six. I am quiet slim, I am adequately tan and my parents were born in Saudi. I have waved brown hair that I put in a front spike and I have a lot of hair for my age. My friend, Luke is long, dark, blonde hair with little body hair, about 5' 6.5' and is very athletic. He has really nice abs. My other friend, Will is 4' 10", has short, dark, blonde hair that he front spikes and he has good abs and is fit. My third and final friend, Leo is fourteen, 5' 10", buzzed, blonde hair, acne, and good abs as well. Anyways, as thirteen year old do, we were talking about penises. Luke said his penis was about seven and a half inches. I thought mine was really big, so I estimated about eight inches. Will said his was five and Leo said his was about eight and a half. (I've seen Leo's through his swim trunks and yes, it's huge.) We talked for a little then started to go to bed. Leo and Luke slept in one room and Will and I slept in another. Right when we get in the room, I take my pants off because it was hot. I was wearing grey and blue briefs/trunks. Will (the short one) already has his off. We got into bed and he made a funny gay sex joke. About five minutes later, he grabbed my butt as a "joke". Later, we pretended to have sex as a joke. We thought it was really funny. Then, I noticed he had a boner. I wanted to make sure, so I laid my head on his penis and pretended I was just using it to prop myself up to see the TV. Is dick was definitely erect. It was not five inches. It was maybe six. It felt huge. I then estimated my penis size. Soon, we were in a position where I was laying on his chest and his hand was on my butt. I got up. My horniness got the best of me. I knew he wasn't joking. I locked the door. For a minute, we both just stared, nervously. But then, we knew. He took he shirt off and ripped off mine. We laid there like that for almost a minute. We were in Leo's room and he had some type of Vasoline that he probably uses to jerk off with. Leo is hot. I knew we'd need lubricant, so I subtly put some Vasoline in my butt. I unzipped his pants slowly. He was wearing tight, neon green compression shorts from Nike. I pulled them off. I saw his six inch dick hard. I didn't know much about blow jobs, so I just licked his dick as sexily as I could manage. I did well because I tasted his pre-cum. I thought he was innocent because he was twelve, but now, I'm pretty sure he watches gay porn. He rubbed some Vasoline on his penis and pulled me closer to him. He had me ride him and I loved it. His penis felt amazing. Mine was so small in comparison. I felt sexy, and controlled. He was dominating me. He was so small, but SO sexy. Damn! We started kissing while i slowed down, but still rode him. He next moved me into a position where I'm on my hands and knees, butt in the air. He grabbed my wast and thrusted into me. I moaned (quietly, it's night time.) he began to thrust over and over and I started to produce pre-cum too. He stayed in that position for the perfect amount of time, then he flipped me over. I put my legs in the air and he put his rock-hard dick between my legs and inside of me. I felt everything. It felt great. He was so good. He fucked me while he stood and I had my legs in the air at the edge of the bed. I reached out and felt his pecs and abs. They felt best right now. Nothing would feel this good. We them did what seemed like missionary. I laid on him and he shoved his sexy dick up my boy hole and we made out while I felt his chest all over again. We slowly got tired. So, we started just feeling each other. He felt my dick and gave me a sexy look. It was devilish. I loved it. I felt like the woman, but it was okay. He was the man there. He was MY man. He was hot. He put back on his compression shorts and I put back on my briefs/trunks and he spooned me. His cock was in between my cheeks and we laid like that. One arm over me. He played with my waved hair. He felt so good. We switched positions a few times during the nights. He laid on ME and our hard dicks, or his hard dick and my four inch nub of a penis touched for hours as we faded and passed out. I woke up with my head on his chest, under his armpit, but our bodies seperate. He's hand was on my ass and min on his abs. His sexy abs. We put on our shirts, pretended nothing happened and went downstairs for dinner. The mum and youngest sister were sleeping over at a family/friends house, so it was literally all boys. The dad, Nick was two hundred pound of straight muscle with brown hair, a dark beard and a hairy chest. He doesn't wear shirts around the house. Leo, Luke, Will, and I ate breakfast and went back upstairs. Will and I got picked up and both went home. We met again next weekend, but that's another story...

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