Only if I wanted to

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There was no way he could catch me. Not if I did not want him to. Not if I did not allow it!

I am 5’2”, 22-years-old, weight about 110lb and fairly fit. He is 6’1”, 43-years-old and must be around 200lb. He also loves alcohol and cigarettes a little too much. Nevertheless, catch me he did. Egged on by the promise of intemperate love making and with a little, tactful help by myself I was soon in his evil clutches – right where I longed to be!
He chased me all the way up the field. A slight sk** in the sludgy cow-manure notwithstanding, he shot off after me with an admirable spring in his step. He spent the first few seconds actually closing the gap, valiantly shouting various obscenities at me. I did my best to not giggle, but when he grunted after me: “I’ll get ya **puff – pant**, blighted, floppy-eared bint!” there was nothing I could but laugh aloud. Soon after that, he was out of breath and noticing the gap between us growing again he shut up shouting and concentrated on running.
I got to the stables and as I locked the gate behind me I looked back. He was still huffing and puffing up the field, his face red and his breath misting in the chilly October air. But he was strong! I marvelled at how he took massive strides as he leant forwards heavily. His long, powerful legs thumping at the ground like a shire horse.
Just watching him run like that made me feel feverish, damp and giddy. It was an incredible sensation I could neither describe nor explain. If I was to be f***ed to any hint of rational thought, it had to be the huge effort he was willing to undertake to get me. It drove me insane with unbridled passion.
He banged up against the gate with all his weight and strength. He leant there for several seconds trying to catch his breath. I grabbed at the shovel that was sticking out of the mound of horse manure and flung it at him. It hit him in his face and stuck in his hair. He spat it out and cursed at me. I just giggled and screamed out in feigned terror.
He swore some more and with every ridiculous swear word he blurted out I wanted him more and more. I waved the spade inches from his face:
“Get lost, you old oaf, you are scaring the horses!”
“You’re the one screaming....”
“Just leave me alone”
“Screaming, as if you do not want this...”
“I’ll scream some more if you don’t go away!” He fumbled for the gate lock.
“Jimmy!” I howled with all my strength as I flung more manure in his face. For the briefest of seconds he froze, but I still managed to miss him.
“I know he aint here....”
“I’ll tell!”
“No you won’t you rattling little tyke!”
I banged at his hands with the spade.
“She’s been deaf for as long as I’ve known her!”
“I need to go see to her or she will know something is wrong”.
Again he paused ever so slightly. He was so dumb I loved toying with him. But the cheeky grin on my face must have betrayed me because he grabbed the padlock again and pulled. I screamed like a scared little girl and slammed the shovel into the gate again. Missing his fingers by the breadth of a hair he pulled his hands back cursing.
Wide eyed he spat at me and called me horrible profanities then kicked the gate. It rattled on its hinges but did not budge. The horses were going crazy and I went for the mound of horse manure again. Buried the shovel in deep and heaved a massive load towards him. Never flinching he reached round the gate again and with a yank pulled the padlock open.
I screamed again as he shook the manure out of his eyes and hair. He then took a step back and hoofed the gate again with all his might. This time it flew open unchecked clanging against the far wall while I ran off half giggling half screaming. I think I was genuinely scared but also really anxious and impatient for him to catch me. I ran down the corridor, my heavy boots thunking noisily on the concrete as they slowed me down. They felt like they were made of lead and he was so terribly close now.
He started shouting again; telling what he would do to me and in which order. He promised to rip my clothes open, he promised to eat me alive, he promised to make love to me like an a****l and he promised to make me scream for real, as he commanded me to:
“Stop those simpering squeals, you rusty cow bell!”
At the end of the stables a steep wooden staircase led up to the chicken coup. I hitched my skirt up as high as I could and cleared 4 steps with a single bound. Then carried on as best I could one or two steps at a time. He leapt and being so terribly tall he grabbed my feet. My head jerked forwards and hit the step stunning me for a second but his fate was worse: Both my boots slid off, leaving a grim, muddy mess in his hands as he thud against the steps. I heard his chin crack against a step and despite my stinging head, I laughed like a d***k c***d and launched myself higher into the coup.
He groaned and swore and followed after me, slipping and tripping with almost every step. Barefoot and out of breath I vaulted over the coups sending the last few hens, made braver by their nest eggs, flying in a tumult of feathers, hay and a cacophony of squawks. I ran to the back where the bales of hay were, hid in the maze and kept very quiet.
He followed. Swore at the steps some more, cursed the chickens and stepped into the maze with me. I wasn’t making a peep now and hid deeper and deeper into the maze. He started explaining again, this time in hushed tones, what he would do to me. I was getting so incredibly aroused listening to him tell me how he was going to hold me down with his strong arms and rip the clothes off me. He was gonna beat me silly for a good 10’. Then he used horrible words to explain how his ugly love-tool would tear away at my delicate love-flower.
I squeezed between two bales of hay and my bosoms brushed against the hard-packed hay. The stifling heat was making me dizzy. I tried to squeeze past but felt trapped and helpless. My legs trembled and my hands were no longer my own to command. They reached down and hitched my skirt up. I sobbed and crab-walked through the tiny gap. They reached down and cupped my burning flower. It was so hot and damp I had to bite my lip hard as I went light headed. My ruthless hands went crazy rubbing and hitting my sensitive love berry. Soon I was sobbing and swooning as I climaxed helplessly trapped among the hay!

His heavy footsteps approaching f***ed me back to my senses. With the iron will of a true heroine I pulled my arms away from my seeping honey-pot and placed them in front of me. I could smell myself so clearly my heady orgasm still on my fingers. I pushed and heaved and made enough room to squeeze through. I took another sideways step as a horrible, brown hand grabbed my arm. I screamed and recoiled. I pulled and pulled and a combination of my perspiration and his grubby digits, allowed me to slip away.
The straps of my pinafore were not so fortunate, however. As my arm slipped out of his clutches his fingers grabbed the strap and within seconds it was torn. He kept pulling and growling and by the time I had wriggled free the entire top half of my pinafore was hanging limply off me, held only at the waist. The one arm of my dress also ripped. I carried on screaming and uncontrollably laughing at the same time as I ran off again. He growled and swore and with a huge push tumbled over the bales of hay that were in his way.
I glanced backwards as I ran round to see him bounding over them cursing and spitting. There was nowhere really left for me to go now and he knew that. He stopped running and took slow, purposeful strides towards me. I ceased my running too and walked backwards making idle threats which were made all the more ludicrous by the big, inane grin on my face. I stood on the edge of the platform, the chasm opening up beneath me. The chains that hung from the roof to hoist the bales up loomed like the gallows. And still the monster took big thunderous steps towards me.
When he was within 6’ of me he started rubbing his crotch with his one hands while making lurid gestures to me with his other hand and sticking his tongue out at me. He was such a hideous monster, an uncouth grotesquerie of a man both inside and out. However, I cannot deny he was able to drive me to such wild abandon with passion and lust. He took a step closer. I squirmed away but there was nowhere to go. He took another step and opened his arms wide to grab me.
I spat at him and leapt! I squealed like a little girl and admired the clumsy oaf as I swung away from him. He really could never catch me, unless I wanted him to. The buffoon leered at me confused then wiped my spit off his face and licked his hands grunting. He took a few more steps and waited by the edge. I started swing back towards him. I lifted my legs and as he grabbed at me I kicked. I planted both bare feet in his big stomach and the over inflated windsock that he was let out a huge gust of hot air that stank of coffee and cigarettes. He reeled backwards but managed to grab a handful of skirt.
He carried on stumbling backwards and took half my dress with him before letting go and crumbling to the floor. Free once more I swung away. He was getting so angry now I was genuinely scared. He jumped up and ran to meet me as I swung back. I lifted my feet to kick again but this time he grabbed my legs. I screamed, this time in genuine terror, as I looked down towards the cold concrete floor about 8ft bellow me. I thrashed my legs wildly but he was so strong. His huge hands totally encircled my slender ankles.
“Stop your writhing, you silly cow or you’ll fall for real!”
I looked at him hard and calmed down. There was genuine concern in his eyes. My lovable troll. He stared back at me and smiled. He pulled me gently towards him and took a few steps back away from the edge of the platform. He let go of one leg and put his arm out. I let go with one hurting hand and gave it to him. He took my hand. His hands were so rough. He held tight and letting go of my other leg he put his other arm out and helping him he wrapped around my waist.
I let go and he held my whole body with a single arm so easily. He then wrapped both arms around my waist and lowered me gently. All the while he kept his eyes locked onto mine. I was mesmerised by his strength and his concern. He squeezed me tight and inched his mouth towards mine. I let my head drop a little and my lips met his. His musty smell filled my nose and his lips pressed against mine. I closed my eyes tight and he moaned as he kissed me over and over again passionately.
He sucked hard and nibbled and licked my lips and I was a helpless little doll in his arms. He stood there like he was carrying nothing and my arms wrapped around his hideous head and my legs opened a little to wrap around his waist. He carried on kissing and biting and licking me and when I opened my eyes his were tight shut. He grunted and groaned as I gasped for air and pulled his hair.
Eventually even he needed air, though.
“I have you now!”
I laughed and hit his shoulders as though trying to get away from him. He gently started to lower me and then something hit me between my legs. It was big, hard and hot. It nudged at my loins gently and he thrust his pelvis up to meet my wet heat. I instantly stopped smiling and wriggled a bit. But he was far too strong. He rubbed me up and down on his swollen crotch and I felt disgusting. Being used like some object for his lurid, ghastly fetish. I kicked and thrashed and hit him some more. He just laughed up until the point where I screamed in frustration:
“Let me go, you.... you... baboon!” and slapped him as hard as I could across his face. My reward was to be sent flying again. He just twist his waist and hoisted with all his strength and I took off like a helpless leaf. I went over the edge of the platform where, thankfully, he had seen mound of hay still waiting to be thrashed. I went to scream but I just got a mouthful of hay and spluttered.
He just followed after me:
“Cheeky little slut!” He shouted and landed next to me in the hay. With one incredibly strong hand he pushed my head into the hay and the other went under my ruined skirt and started pawing at my bum. Still shocked from the fall he managed to grab my pants and with a single, painful tug they were reduced to tatters in his hands. The cold air hit my posterior as I tried to steady myself in the deep, loose hay. He pressed my head further into the hay and with a single, sharp motion brought his hand back down onto my exposed flesh.
It made a cruel slapping sound and stung like hell. I screamed in surprised anguish but I just got an even bigger handful of hay in my mouth. My bum got another sharp re-visit by his incredibly strong arms. He wasn’t even holding back at all. I just tried to scream but could hardly breathe and my tears rolled unchecked.
Eventually he let me go and left me slumped limply into the hay. The room went quiet apart from my sobbing and then I heard him unzip his trousers and the clang of his belt buckle as he removed them. He then grabbed me by the hips and lifted me. My sore bum was up in the air again and something hard and hot prodded clumsily at my legs.
“Keep your bum up you little slut!” he ordered me and I obeyed, like a good girl. I rested as best as I could on my elbows my sobs ebbing away, being drown by wicked, twisted lust. I looked back in transfixed fascination and beheld his mammoth-sized love-sausage. It glistened and shone all purple and angry. Purple in the head like his face was and no doubt like my buttocks looked after his horrendous beatings.
“Don’t make me ask again!”
The thing stood proud and wiggled as he manoeuvred me this way and that until he had me how he wanted me. He spat down a huge globule of saliva onto his members angry head and he rubbed. I looked away again and buried my head in the hay. It nudged and prodded for a few more brief seconds and then it touched me there. Right there.
I instantly twitched uncontrollably and he rubbed me with it. Just there, right there. My little flower opened up exposing my inner dampness and opening my buttocks with his strong hands he pushed. His hideous prod opened me up and f***ed itself inside me. We groaned and moaned in orchestral unison and soon my sobs of pent up frustration were a chorus of frantic joy. I climaxed rapidly as his horrible truncheon carried on m*****ing my little flower.
As I reached a crescendo he just carried on humping me to ruin till I was no longer able to scream. I just lay there, hay and hair stuck to my soaked face and he grunted away at me and in me. I was very, very happy and so was he. He kept still for a second pushing all his of his overgrown monster into me and then he jerked some more. His disgusting sperm shot out of him and completely flooded and over-filled the soaking mess that he had turned me into.
He tried with all his might to carry on rocking inside me and with every thrust more of his slimy produce seeped out of me. It trickled, viscous and foul, warm and pungent down the inside of my legs as I lay there lazily relishing his efforts. Eventually he crumpled up on top of me grunting and sighing. He rolled slightly and cuddled up to me.
For a while we lay there as we cooled down. His one arm snaked around me like a constrictor snake, making sure I didn’t go too far. He pulled me close and tried to roll me round to face him. I wriggled as he rolled with me and I ended up on of him.
“Look at my clothes. You a****l!”
He grabbed what was left of my dress and yanked. I tried my best to stop him but he was too strong. Soon my breasts flopped out, free and inches away from his face.
“They were ripped anyway!” He said with a grim leer.
“You are an a****l...” I repeated pointlessly
“Which is why you love me!”
“Don’t flatter yourself – you ****d me!”
By now he had one of my boobs in his mouth and was sucking hard. The sensation was amazing. So warm and welcoming and his tongue flicked away at my nipples as he carried on sucking. The cold air made my skin tingle and his warm mouth on me was heavenly. He let go of my nipple. Looked at me intently and casually ignoring my statement said:
“You are gorgeous!”
If that was not enough to shut me up, his placing his mouth on my other nipple definitely was. My one wet breast was cooling in the morning air and the other was being treated to a warm suck and rub. My head tilted sideways and my eyes closed in bliss. His hands reached round and cupped my buttocks. He lifted me and wiggled and soon his member was hard again. He rudely prodded at my sopping crumpet. There it stayed as he carefully lowered me and soon his genital monster was banging its head up against my coital doorway.
There was very little resistance as I happily opened up for him. He let go of my buttocks and I sank with my whole weight onto him. As my warmth welcomed his, my softness was met by his hardness. He let go of my breasts and started kissing me again. His passion was not calmed by his recent ejaculation and his hands squeezed me all over: my calves, my thighs, my waist, my breasts, my neck and finally my hair. He would pull my hair back gently, then firmer, then firmer still exposing my neck and licking it greedily.
Then he would let go and move his hands downwards in a reverse order and back up again pulling my hair like a savage. All the while I kept gently moving up and down on him. His love sausage making the loveliest hot dog out of my welcoming bread bun. I make sure I positioned and angled myself so that he is hitting me in all the right spots. As he starts paying attention to my breasts again I orgasm once more.
I am reduced to short, sharp gasps that morph into shrill and harsh squeals as he pinches my hard nipples with his stubby, dirty fingers. He twists and pulls like a c***d with a toy. I flushed bright red and carried on sobbing as I administered my own punishment to my poor, helpless cookie.
I looked down at him as I am happily bouncing myself up and down. I was, initially, going really fast but now I have slowed down a little and he seems to be having just as good a time. He starts rubbing his face into my tits grunting and panting heavily and I just laugh at him as I carry on bucking up and down slowly. His hands carry on exploring me, shredding away every last scrap of material.
I squirm and twist in the cold air as his piston carries on boring away at me. The seal my body makes around his grim member is tight but slippery and so incredibly hot, its contrast with the outside air is sickeningly intense. I climax again, or at least I think I did, only this time it is milder but lasts for a very long time as my monstrous lover guides my up-down rhythm to his liking.
He carries on and I slow myself till I relax completely to allow myself to enjoy the feelings. He is now lifting me – he is so strong! – and then lowering me, over and over again. His truncheon is hard and ram-rod straight and the natural curvature of my internal cavities struggle and strain against its relentless firmness. Over and over again they fight against this horrible intruder and every time they lose – I loose. I loose myself and straining once more I yelp and squeal like a deliriously happy little piggy as I orgasm again.
When he gets close he lets go of me and I slunk all the way down. It’s a long, old, hard way, all the way down, but fun. I’ve long stopped making any effort. I gently gyrate and the hideously wide helmet of his angry love-soldier presses deep into my valley. I love this bit. I get a few seconds of dictating (and dick-taking!) the terms. I take my time to make sure I get the angle just right. I arc my back all the way and it is lovely. I hunch over but it gets so deep, so deep I struggle to breath.
Then I gyrate again round and round this way and that and when I hunch over again I sink down the last few inches and I just have to grab him. I hate touching the filthy b**st but I go a bit giddy and I have to steady myself. I steady my hands onto his shoulders. I pinch hard and whimper and through my streaming eyes I can see him grinning at me.
At the same time as this hideous assault to my feeble caverns reduces me to a succulent, trembling flower, his hands, those grim paws of his are doing the same to my body. He rubs and squeezes and pinches and tickles and even slaps me. Sometimes he stops clumsily administrating his fingers and hands on me and instead uses his warm mouth on me. Whatever he can reach. My dangling melons, my chest, my neck, my face, even my fingers.
The grim monster has not had enough, though. His arms, grim like snakes coil arounds my tiny waist and curve down. Their 10 ugly tongues lick gently (at least initially) at the soft skin of my rump. This gives me goose bumps but he gets rougher and rougher and as I lift myself to ease the internal pressure from his foul defiler his fingers find my pouting rosette. I want to squeal and run but the shrill sensation keeps me mesmerised.
And so, I gently start moving up and down ever so gently and gingerly. I watch his face and his lecherous grin makes my skin crawl. As I do, his fingers get more and more adventurous with my dirty orifice. My fingers are digging hard into his shoulders as I try to shake my head at him. He ignores me and rubs my sensitive, palpitating hole.
I let go of him and tried to grab his hands. In the struggle, I lift slightly and I touch his slippery shaft. Half of it still firmly stuck inside me. It is burning hot and slimy. It makes my hands recoil in terror and so he continues to pry into my forbidden entry. His penis is terrorising my vagina his finger rub my bum hole and then his mouth sucks in my one nipple. My brain doesn’t know what to make of this, but my body certainly does – it gives me another delicious little orgasm and as I clench tight he cannot gain entry to my exit-only rear opening. As I begin to come down from the bizarre climax I try to grab him again but with his one hand he hold my hands out of the way. He is strong and it hurts and then he f***es his middle finger into me. His hot piston is still pummelling me. When he secures almost the entire length of his fat, grubby middle finger into me I squeal again and he speeds up. His fingers tears away at my clenching orifice and his truncheon starts pumping manically.
Fortunately this does not last long. I’m a helpless rag doll. And then he explodes inside me again and it sure is not pretty. All his bl**d rushes to his already swollen member inside me. It convulses and jerks and ejects bolt after bolt of hot, grim sperm inside me. I simper and just let him have his grim way with me. I flop onto him and thankfully he relents and relaxes and we crumble into a grim, slimy mess.
I feel myself sliding off him. Relieved, my demolished little meat crumpet makes grim gurgling sounds. His finger pulls out of me too and the grotesque a****l starts licking his finger after where it has been. The horrified look on my face makes him cackle with glee. I try to jump up to run off but I falter. My legs are hurting and my little love-flower squelches as his horrible seed trickles out of me. The gates to my love-cradle are sore and still agape. I tremble from the cold and the excitement.
He uses one strong hand to crab me and help me find myself. With the other he cups my leaking honey pot. He slides two fingers in. There is hardly any resistance. His own love monkey is calming. It glistens and twitches. And a beautiful, white pearl of his baby-juice is forming on the tip. Horrified and mesmerised I stagger to my feet. Repulsed I watch him pull his fingers out of me and lick them clean. Totally naked I am feeling the cold now and once I can muster the strength I pull myself up and run.
Run like my life depended on it. Barefoot, I hop then skip then break into a gallop. As my heaving, bra-less assets bounce I can feel his grimness trickling out of me and down my thighs. I run inside and slam the door behind me. Old auntie Martha is sl**ping in her rocking chair in front of the fire. She hears nothing but her cat, sl**ping on her lap lifts her head. This wakes her and as she wearily lifts her head I just manage to slam to door behind me and dash upstairs.

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