Caught a black friend peeking at me

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I bought my wife a pool to lay out in since she doesn't like to go boating so I set it up in our back yard along with some rolls of material
to block the view in case if someone came by.

I was hoping that my wife would lay out in a bikini that I also bought her that she only tried on before we had sex afew months before this
hot day.

My wife hadn't worn a bikini to lay out in since I've been with her and L told her that I really wanted her to do so. She had just gone to the fertility doctor to get a shot in hopes that we would have a second c***d which we did have.

She was super horny after she came home so she woke me up to have sex then I told her that I was going boating and would return later that afternoon.

I left and went to a local lake and as I was boating I ran into a black friend of ours that she met from a friend that she worked with.
He had a nice boat but something happened to it which made it stall and I saw him waving me down so I saved him from waiting for
anyone to help him out.

I pulled his boat to the docks then he drove his truck w/trailer down to get his boat. After loading it up I told him that I could take a look at it and get it going if he wanted me too, all he had to do was drop it off at my house.

He then asked me where I wanted him to put it and I said towards the back.
He then asked if my wife was at home and I remembered then that she was and that she could be out back laying out.

I then told him that she could be laying out in the pool I had just boughtin her and he k**dingly said that he would take a look.
He then took off to my house and I went back out boating.

I didn't have my phone to call her because I left it in my truck and I couldn't leave my boat to run all the way up to get it so I went boating and ran into some friends and afew hours pasted by before I figured that I should leave.

It took me acouple more hours to get home because I had to wait for other people to load and unload their boats
I finally got home and my wife was sl**ping on the couch as I walked in.

She had on that sexy little bikini I wanted her to wear and I could tell that she had been laying out. she had a tan plus sunburn & she had left the radio on pretty loud.

I snuck up on her then started rubbing her some before she jumped then she smiled.
We made love and while we did she started telling me what went on while I was gone.

She first said why did I not call her to tell her that our friend was bringing his boat over and I told her I left my phone in my truck.
Oh... It wasn't so that he could peek at me. Well when I told him to park the boat I forgot that you could be laying out. but by that time
I didn't want to act like he couldn't so I just figured that when he pulled up that you would hear his truck or see it and you would cover up or something.

Well I didn't because I had the radio turned up and I was filling up the pool more since I didn't fill it all the way up.
So what happened, were stillhaving sex as she tells me. I don't know how long that he was looking at me but I wish that you would have called me to tell me he was coming over.

All I know is was bending over and blowing up the ring that floats on top of the pool until I got so dizzy I felt like I was going to pass out
I went inside and put on suntan loation and when I did I got naked and since I'm so horny I grabbed my toy and played with it some, he he.. then I took it out to the pool to play with more.

I put the reclining lawn chair in the pool then started playing with my toy and as I did I kinda got nervous and kinda felt like somebody might be watching me so I started looking and then that when I saw our friend. you know how embarresing that is to get caught like that
I couldn't say or hear him since the radio was so loud and I was naked so I just dropped off the recliner into the water to cover myself up.

He then found away to remove that tarp or whatever you call it then he walked right up to the pool then he went to the radio and turned it down enough to hear him.

He said , Ya your husband said you'd be be here laying out and I told him I'd have to take a peek but man oh man, wow, dame ,I don't know what to say. fuck wish you was my lady,dame I gots to tell you your hot, do you need anything? no I'm fine, Oh oh yes you are indeed, wow that was quite a show! wifes blushing then tells him she really embarrassed by him catching her like that,

you don't have any reason to be embarresed. I loved watching you and would love to help out in any way. she then tells him thathe could stop starring at her and get her a towel.

he went inside and got her one then handed it too her then acted like he was turning around so she got up and he watched her then told her how hot she looked.

My wife kept blushing because that's the way she is and she went inside to put her cloths on.
she made her way back out and when she did she took notice that he had her toy and he had it sticking out of his shorts and she blushed when she saw it but to her surprise it was his cock not the Mr Marcus dildo that she was playing with.

I know what you readers are thinking and yes your right, shes a blk cock loving bitch alright, she loves em big and blk
Are friend couldn't believe I did'nt call her and figured that we had kinda made this up and he told us so.

My wife believes that I sent him over w/o telling her because I wanted him to do her especially since she had just gotten a shot that morning and like I said make women super horny

She then tells me that she didn't let him do her but in doing so she had to play with her toy naked while her jerked off and when he came her shot it all over her tits.

she fucked me at least 5 times that night and told me if she wasn't having my baby that she would of loved to have had his big blk cock inside of her pussy

she has since had our c***d but never had sex with our friend yet but she has had some other big blk cocks.

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