Marriage with Melinda

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Jack was lying on his back naked looking at his naked wife. She was so sexy with her DD tits and thick ass.She was twenty years younger but she loved sex. She had been sucking his long thick cock for over an hour. She would suck him as long as he wanted as she loved his dick. She very seldom wore clothes around the house as she wanted to be ready for Jack any time he needed to fuck her or lick her. She loved the taste and the feel of cum. She would always suck Jack till he would cum twice. She was so good at sucking his balls too but her ass skill were the best. She loved to kiss Jack's ass and spread him open and finger and lick his asshole. She had learned to tongue fuck his ass and jerk his cock as she did this. He was never amazed at her sexual skills. She could never get enough and needed constant fucking and licking.

Jack filled her mouth for the second time with his thick warm cream and watched her swallow all of it. He then pushed her head down to his asshole. She spread his ass cheeks and began to lick him. Then she pushed a finger in his ass and fucked him hard then another finger till she had three deep in his hole. Jack was moaning as she was the best at anal sex. She then took two fingers and stretched his ass wide open and inserted her tongue and now tongue fucked him as she grabbed his balls and squeezed and jerked them. After a good tongue fuck she spread his legs wider and pulled her tongue out and shoved four fingers in his ass and worked him hard. Her other hand came up and began playing with his nipples.

Jack grabbed her by the hair and put her on her back and spread her legs and began eating her pussy. He was licking and sucking and tongue fucking her. She flooded him with cum. He slurped the cum as fast as she could pump it to his mouth and tongue covering his face. He rubbed her face all over her pussy then went back to tongue fucking her tasty wet hole. His hands reached up and grabbed those big tits and squeezed and played with them then he ravaged her nipples as his tongue went deep in her cunt.

He ate pussy for a long time then he pushed her onto her hands and knees and worked on her asshole. He kissed a bit her cheeks then he spread that sexy ass wide and used his fingers and tongue to make her scream. The one thing she loved was ass play rather she was giving or receiving. He loved tongue fucking her sweet asshole. He had three fingers in her ass and four in her cunt as he lightly bit on her ass cheeks listening to her moan then scream in pleasure. He fucked both holes for quite a while then his cock was throbbing so he got behind her and rammed it all the way in her tight ass. Now they both screamed as Jack loved fucking that tight hole and he began to ram her hard. His cock was going in and out her ass as he pounded her. His hands found her huge globes again and he pulled on her nipples and kneaded her big jugs.

After fucking her ass and filling her with cum he laid her on her back and began sucking her nipples. She was very petite about one hundred pounds with those huge knockers. That was the first thing he noticed about her when he first met her. She was so tiny with the extra large hooters. He gave her a ride home that day and they had just driven a few blocks when he asked her to get naked. She stripped all her clothes off and he pulled the car into a vacant lot and pulled her close and kissed her mouth as he felt her tits. She did not push him away so he then began sucking each tit as he fingered her cunt. Her reaction was to spread her legs. He sucked each big tit as he finger fucked her then he undid his pants and pulled out his huge cock and pushed her head down to it and she gave him the best blow job he had ever had and swallowed his huge thick load of cum.

Jack then started the car and drove to his house as she sat naked next to him stroking his monster cock. At his house he took her to his bed and undressed and laid her down and they spent the next four hours fucking and sucking. Her cunt was so tight and he had a little problem getting his cock into her but when he did he fucked her so hard. He filled her with cum and she then licked his cock clean. He ate her pussy and sucked his cum out of her hole and fingered her asshole. She loved everything sexual he did to her. She sucked his balls but when she began to lick and finger and then tongue fuck his asshole he was in love. She was so good and she never left his house again. For the next two weeks they stayed naked and fucked and sucked non stop. He loved her huge tits and she was so into sucking his monster cock and licking his asshole.

Then one day when he was sitting in the chair she came to him naked and began to stoke his cock till it was rock hard and sticking straight up and then she slid her asshole over it and sat on him letting his cock enter her till she had him deep in her hole then he fucked her ass like no one ever had. She loved it and so did Jack and now he ass fucks her daily and nightly. Two days later they got married. The honeymoon was wild, dirty, nasty non stop fucking. When they weren't fucking she was licking his cock and ass and he would return the favor and eat her pussy and tongue fuck her asshole too.

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