Fucked by my friend

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My name is Tripti and my husband and I moved to different country recently where I met my high school friend. We have been talking and hanging out a lot. This happened when my husband was away for couple of days. I invited my friend to our place for dinner since he lives alone and don't know how to cook. He came in the evening after work and picked me up from my work. We reached home and I got fresh and changed into relaxing clothes. I asked him what he wanted to eat for dinner and he said anything you make is fine. He is a polite guy and handsome too. Sometimes the way he looks at me feels like he likes me. I started cooking and came to help me cook with anything he could. We were chatting and he asked when my husband was going to come and I replied after couple of days. He said "oh" and added that if I needed help with anything he was available and smiled. I said sure. While cooking we talked about our day and the usual things. Once the dinner was ready, we sat down together and started to talk. He asked when we were planning to have k**s. I replied, we haven't decided yet. To which he said, so you guys just make out? I said ya. After that, we changed the subject and started to have our dinner. Once the dinner was done, he said he'll stay to help me out with the dishes. While we were washing dishes, he fumbled and splashed water on himself and me. Our clothes got soaked. We looked at each other and laughed. I went and grabbed towels for both of us. He removed his shirt since it was wet. I looked at his body and stared at it for longer than I thought. He caught my attention and asked if I had never seen body like that. I said, I have but yours is sexy. He came close to me and said, if you like, you can see more of this. To which I replied, I do. After that, he held my hands and started moving his hands on my wet clothes. It was mesmerizing. While doing that, he held me from my waist and pulled me closer and kissed me and kissed him back. While kissing, I felt his dick touch me. I looked down and he had a big bulge in his pants. I smiled and said, someone wants to come out. To which he replied, but before that, I want to see something and removed my top. I was not wearing my bra underneath and he kept staring at my boobs and then slowing started to play with them. I stopped him and took him to sofa and sat down. He stood in front of me with his bulge right in front of my face. I was starring at it when he removed his pants and underwear and released the b**st. It was hard as a rock and throbbing. I couldn't take my eyes off of it when he pulled closer and put its tip against my lips. I startled and pushed away and looked at him. He started laughing and said, are you scared? To which, I took his dick in my hands and started stroking. His dick was so big my hands barely could hold it. He then pulled my mouth close to it and again put its tip against my lips and this time I opened my mouth and took it like I was sucking a lollipop. His thick dick barely fit in my mouth as well but I couldn't stop myself from taking it in. I was sucking it with all the lust when suddenly he grabbed my head with his hand and pushed his dick further. His dick was now all the way in my throat and I started to gag to which he started thrusting his dick more. I couldn't breath but he kept fucking my throat until I fuckefully moved my mouth and started gasping for air. After I settled, he grabbed my head and I looked at him with anger but he again put his dick against my mouth and fucked it in. I started sucking it again and no sooner, he started fucking my mouth. This time, he fucked my mouth until he came and made me drink it all. Once he was done, he took his dick out of my mouth and removed my pajama and thong and started licking my pussy. While he was licking my pussy he put his finger in my butt. I was a different sensation since I was still butt virgin. He kept licking my pussy and finger fucking my butt. I saw that his dick was again rock solid and I knew what was coming. I couldn't wait any longer and said, fuck me, fuck me hard. To which he smiled and said not yet and put his finger in my pussy and started fucking me. After few minutes, he made me squirt. This was something not even my husband had been able to do. Once I finished, I said please fuck me now, I can't wait. He complied and laid me on my back on the sofa and spread my legs and pretended to slowly put his rock snake in my pussy but jammed it in. It hurt but it was something I was waiting for. He took my legs and put them over my head and started humping me. First slowly and then he started to increase his speed. He kept going deep inside and coming out with fucke. In this position I couldn't move but his dick felt so good. It was ramming inside my vagina but felt so good. I couldn't keep mum and stated moaning to which he started to fuck me with more fucke. After a while, he stopped and sat down on sofa and put me on top of him. After that, he asked me to spread my cheeks to which I said, I haven't done there before. I was hesitating to take his throbbing dick in my butt when suddenly he grabbed me and turned me and put me on my four. Then he spread my cheeks and put his tip at the entrance of my butt. I tried to struggle and make him stop but before I could do anything he fucked his dick in my asshole. I screamed in pain but he gagged me with his hand started fucking my ass. He kept going in and out with suck speed, I barely could manage. After what felt like eternity, he took his dick out and jammed it in my pussy and started fucking me again all while holding my hands and keeping gagged so that I could not scream or moan. My moans were muffled which I believe he enjoyed and fucked me more roughly. He turned me and put me on my legs and hands and started banging me. I was pinned between him and the sofa and couldn't move. He didn't slow down a bit and kept fucking me like he was forcing himself on me which turned me on more and asked for more pounding. He kept on going and going and there was no end in sight of him stopping. After sometime, he said he was going to cum inside. I tried to stop him but I couldn't and his hot steamy cum shoot inside me. After that we stopped and took break and laid beside each other. That night he stayed with me and fucked me whole night in different positions.

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