Drugging Krissy

Written by , on 2016-08-09, genre domination

Okay so I’ll start off by explaining to you what my sister Kristen(her friends call her Krissy) looks like, she’s a 22 year old blonde girl about 5 foot 5 with the most perfect 34DD tits she loves to walk around the house in low cut tops showing them off. She probably weighs about 140-150 lbs So it’s pretty obvious to say that everybody wanted my sister. But my sister is very shy and awkward so she doesn’t really have many boyfriends, I could only think of two and they didn’t last very long. So let me tell you a little bit about me, I’m an 18 year old guy still living at home never being able to hold down a job for that long. I like to smoke weed and drink occasionally on the weekends but with no job it was starting to get hard keeping up those habits. So my weed friend and weed dealer Cody told me I could make a quick $200 if I just bring this backpack to one of his friends, I figured it had weed in it but didn’t really care. So I get to his friend’s house, he lets me in and it all seems fine that’s when he pulls out a gun and sticks it to my face and says “ give me the bag or I’m going to blow your brains out right here” so me no being a hardened criminal I give him the bag and he kicks me out. Almost getting shot has me nervous so I go back to my dealer and explain what happened. My dealer starts freaking out on my saying there was a bunch of weed in there and that I owe him $4000
Me being broke and jobless I tell him there’s no way I can pay him that so he starts to punch me and kick me but he stops when my phone falls out of my pocket and the lock screen comes up with a picture of me and my sister. He says theres one thing you can do, I ask him what and he says I can get my hot sister to fuck him admitting that he was kind of obsessed with her. Knowing my sister there is no way that she will do it no matter what I say to here, when I tell him that he starts to think. He thinks for probably 20 seconds which seemed to feel like 20 minutes when he gets an idea and runs to his room, he comes back with 2 white bars that say Xanax on them.

He tells me that if I can’t get my sister to fuck him then I have to give her both of these and then call him because he’s going to fuck her drugged body. Now I start getting mad at him saying that I could never do that to my sister and I didn’t know how far he would go with her when she’s asleep. He tells me he doesn’t care and that ill do what he says or he’ll kill me, he gives me the pills and kicks me out and says call me when it’s done. When I get home it’s all I can think about, I didn’t want to do it because she was my sister and that’s technically rape but on the other hand I kind of got a little turned on with the thought of my busty sister being used. I figured that I didn’t really have a choice so I decided I was going to do it and started planning on how. I started watching her routine trying to figure out when to slip her the drugs. I knew this would be relatively easy because my sister has had sleep problems her whole life and needed sleeping pills most nights to sleep, I just had to figure out how to switch her pills with the ones I had. I thought of an idea a few days later and started to put it in motion.
Knowing that my parents would be gone somewhere for the night for their 25th anniversary (I didn’t want to know where). I call my dealer and tell him that I’m probably going to do it tonight and that he should be ready. I grinded the word Xanax off of my pills and took my sisters sleeping pill bottle. I knew that she couldn’t get another prescription right away and she would just try to sleep without them tossing and turning all night. That night I hear her running around the house, I knew she was looking for her sleeping pills when she calls my name. I go downstairs to see what she wants and I saw her in the sexiest pink little thong, I’ve never really seen my sister in a thong before, just a bikini and a tight white top that showed off her perfect DD tits and her black bra underneath. I’m trying not to gawk at her when she asks me if I’ve seen her sleeping pills, she didn’t want to be up all night, I say no obviously knowing that I had them in my room.

I said that I had been having trouble sleeping lately too and I had been taking these no name sleeping pills. I asked her if she want to try them and she eagerly said yes, so I ran up to my room and go the Xanax that now just looked like regular no name pills. I come down the stairs and give her both of them saying that one doesn’t really do much and you have to take both for it to work, she gobbles them both down in front of me and chugs back some water and rans up stair’s to bed. My heart was racing when I texted my dealer saying its done she should be fully passed out in about 45 minutes. Exactly 45 minutes passes as I hear a knock on the door, I open the door and my heart sinks as I see him and 2 of his friends with him all holding brief cases and tripods I had no idea this was going to be a gangbang let alone videotaped also. They introduce themselves as John and Rob. Knowing there’s nothing I can do I direct them to the bedroom where I see my sleeping sister, right away they open up the briefcases and setup 3 huge cameras that looked like they were worth a lot of money cameras at different angles in the room and hit record. One of them rips the blanket off my sister and they all just start mauling her and taking off her clothes. I go to leave because I can’t watch my sister get gangbanged when Cody looks at my and tells me I have to watch because its one of my punishments, I start to freak out saying there’s no way I can watch that when he reaches to the side tables and grabs the gun and point it at my head. Knowing there’s nothing I can do I sit down on my sisters office chair as they laugh.
They all pretty much go to different parts of her body, Rob goes to her panties and rips them off right away as he starts to finger fuck her pussy. John goes her tits as he rips her shirt off to show a nice black lacy bra, she doesn’t have it on for long as he rips it off to show her perfect DD tits, her areola’s were about the sizes of an oreo and her nipples were just there waiting to be sucked. He starts to maul her tits squeezing as he lucks and sucks on her nipples.

As he’s groping her tits Cody starts making out with Kristen rubbing his lips against hers and licking her supple lips, I had kind of always noticed surprisingly nice and supple her lips are. Done teasing her lips he shoves his tongue in her mouth enjoying every inch of her mouth, I could see his tongue moving around and poking her cheeks out as he tongue fucked my sister. I couldn’t take my eyes off for some reason. He had been tongue fucking her for a few minutes really enjoying her mouth when he takes his tongue out of her mouth and licks her lips for one last time. He looks at his friends and says that she’s got the nicest lips he had ever seen and that they should both get a turn before he cum’s in her mouth. John stops groping her tits and start to make out with her, he admitted that her lips were nice and supple. He goes down and starts to play with her lips with his finger as he traces all along them with his tongue. Finishing enjoying her lips he shoves his tongue in her mouth and plays with her tongue, darting it back and forth. He started off slow but by now was really tongue fucking her, I could hear the slopping sounds from where I was. After a few minutes he starts slowing down as he take his tongue out of her mouth. Seeing that he was done Rob takes his finger out of her pussy and goes up to her as Cody takes his place
Rob goes down and starts making out with her already used mouth, he seems to be enjoying it more than the other 2 because he was going a lot slower teasing her lips with his tongue. He starts to kiss her intimately almost like it was his first kiss as he’s caressing her long blonde hair not even using his tongue he starts to kiss her like you would a girlfriend rubbing their lips together enjoying every second. He finally sticks his tongue inside of her as I can see his tongue slipping trace the inside of her cheek. After intimately kissing for what seemed like hours he lets go as he’s panting like he’s winded, saying to his friends that he could make out with her for hours

Meanwhile Cody had been finger fucking my sisters what looked like very tight pussy, it looked like she only had sex a few times and the guys were probably small. He’s playing with her pussy lips and rubbing with her clit as he starts to pick up the pace inside her pussy. He’s finger fucking my sister tight pussy relentlessly loving every minute of it, he was definitely trying to stretch her out because now has 3 fingers inside her pussy. By now Rob had his dick out fucking Kristen’s mouth and John is fucking her big tits, seeing this Cody takes his rock hard dick and aims it toward her pussy. His dick was bigger then I expected, it was probably about 8 inches. As he hover’s his dick outside of her tight pussy he thrusts his way inside of her, only getting about 3 quarters of the way inside of her he starts to rock his hips as he thrust in and out of her pussy

Looking at my sisters drugged body being used by 3 guys I had to admit that I kind of liked it, I’m sure my sister would love it if she were awake. Rob started off slowly moving his dick in and out of her mouth then he started to get bolder and starts to rock his hips fucking her mouth. He’s now going pretty much balls deep as I start to hear her gag on his cock as his balls are slapping against her face, I but I guess look as he starts to really give it to her and I have no idea how she didn’t wake up with his cock all the down her throat I guess the pills I gave her were really strong. I look down to see Cody starting to fuck her faster too and it seemed like he was almost all the way in her. He starts to pick up the pace as his 8 inch cock is completely inside her, it doesn’t take long until he starts getting really into it. He grabs onto her hips as she starts to fuck her relentlessly, I start hearing slapping sounds from him too. I sit there listening to my sister get fuck hard by 3 guys hearing the slapping sounds almost in rhythm as it starts to get so loud that you can probably hear it throughout the whole house. I start to get hard looking at my sister pussy mouth and tits be fucked relentlessly

After what seemed like hours of slapping and fucking I see Rob start to slow down and I figured he was Cumming in my sister’s mouth. He takes his dick out of her mouth and as her head falls to the size streams of cum start pouring out of her mouth. Seeing this almost sets rob off as he stops fucking her tits and shoves his dick down her throat and start Cumming. Cody wasn’t going to cum so quick and fucks her for a few more minutes as he pulls out and cums in her too. Thinking it was done I get pretty relieved and get up and go to leave when they tell me to shut up and sit down because they weren’t doing, as he says this Cody flips her over to reveal her perfect big ass, it’s definitely and ass you would call a Donk. He starts groping her big ass and starts slapping it, he starts shaking it with his hands and her ass was big enough to shake a lot when he moved it. After groping it for a few minutes he moves to her asshole as both of his friend’s just watch in awe. He tells Rob to spread her ass open so he can get a better view seeing her ass spread apart he grabs a bottle of lube and starts lubing up his fingers and her ass. He sticks one finger inside her ass and it hardly even went in, I could tell she had never done anal before. With the one finger in he starts to move in and out of her ass moving it around trying to stretch it out. After a few minutes he manages to get two fingers in. seeing this he starts to go faster and move around her more and soon enough he was able to stick 3 fingers inside my sister’s ass. He starts to lick her asshole giving her a nice rim job cleaning her ass out, he licks her from her pussy to her ass tasting both of my sisters holes
Feeling satisfied that his dick can slide in her he guides it to her lubed up asshole and starts putting it in, he can only get about half way in her virgin ass so he starts to thrust in and out. Seeing this John moves to her cum filled mouth and starts to fuck her mouth. Looking at his friends fuck this insane sexy girl he decides he’s going to fuck her pussy. Getting underneath her with her tits in face he guides it to her pussy as her ass getting fucked, he starts to fuck her pussy as my sisters getting fucked in all 3 holes. I never thought when growing up with her that I would be looking at my sister being fucked by 3 guys at the same time, drugged or not it was hot. Seeing this John moves to her mouth and starts to fuck her mouth. Looking at his friends fuck this insane sexy girl he decides he’s going to fuck her pussy. Getting underneath her with her tits in face he guides it to her pussy as her ass getting fucked, he starts to fuck her pussy as my sisters getting fucked in all 3 holes. I never thought when growing up with Kristen that I would be looking at her being fucked by 3 guys at the same time, drugged or not it was hot. Seeing my sister getting fucked in all 3 holes I see them start to pick up the pace as the slapping sound starts getting louder and louder as their all pretty much going balls deep inside of her at the same time. By now the bed was shaking a lot, after probably about 10-15 minutes. I see Rob thrust one last time and cums starts leaking out of her mouth. After a minute or two I see John start to slow down then he pulls out to show cum pouring out of her pussy, I couldn’t believe how much there was. I was worried that she was going to get pregnant since I knew she wasn’t on the pill. Seeing this pretty much set Cody off as he cums deep inside my sister ass, pulling out it seems like cum won’t stop pouring out. After all of them came inside my sister they seemed like they were taking a break but I knew they weren’t done. Rob flips her over and grabs a towel and starts to clean the cum out of her pussy, feeling satisfied she it was clean he guides his dock towards her awaiting pussy as his friends saying that he was finally going to lose his virginity. I couldn’t believe he was a virgin because he seemed like he was about 30 years old. He starts fucking her slowly, grinding his hips into her as he gropes and licks her big tits. After what only seemed like 30 seconds he stops and pulls out as I see more cum leaking out of her pussy, his friends are laughing at him calling him an amateur. I start laughing to when they all look up at me with a smile on their face when Cody says I wouldn’t be laughing your next
I start freaking out saying I couldn’t do that to my sister when I just see him look at his gun saying that it was the only way he knew that I wouldn’t call the cops pissed off knowing I can’t do anything about it I start to head towards the bed where I look at my already used body as I start to take my clothes off. Taking my pants off revealing my rock hard cock they all start laughing saying that they knew I wanted this the whole time. I grab the towel and start cleaning her pussy out, after she’s cleaned up I start to direct my cock towards her pussy. Knowing that she had already been fucked hard a few times I knew I didn’t need to go slow.
Starting off slow I start to really get in to it admiring my sister’s nice pussy thinking about how tight it would have been before they gangbanged her. I move up to her tits squeezing them and licking her nipples, I couldn’t believe how big and nice her tits were I had never felt and even close to this big. Not caring that this is my sister at this point I start to really give it to her enjoying every minute knowing it would never happen again. My balls start slapping against her pussy lips as my full dick was inside her pussy. Fucking her relentlessly for what seemed like ever I feel my climax starting to build. Not caring that I’m about to cum inside my big sisters pussy, I shove my dick as far down as I could pretty much trying to impregnate her as I shoot louds of cum down her tight pussy. I pull out of her panting and sweating like I just went for a run, I give her tits one last squeeze as I get up off the bed. I look at them all laughing as Cody tells me I can leave, as I start to head out I realize that they weren’t finished yet. I turn around and ask if they are done yet when Cody laughs and tells me there’s still a few hours left on those pills, they weren’t done using this slut. I just turn around knowing I cant do anything. I head to the shower to clean myself up and then go to the living room and start watching TV. I was right when I thought u could hear the slapping sounds throughout the house. After about 3 hours of listening to them brutally fuck my sister hearing the slapping sounds I finally hear them start coming down the stairs, they look at me and tell me I had quite the mess to clean up as they laugh and walk out.
Afraid of what they did to her I head to her room to see her still sleeping body on her bed with cum leaking out of each hole and cum pretty much all over her face and tits. I had never seen so much cum in my life so I grab the towel and start to clean her up, I had to throw that one out and get a new towel there was so much cum. After about 20 minutes of cleaning cum out of her holes and really cleaning her mouth out so she does not taste the cum. admiring her lips I reach down and start to kiss my sister rubbing my lips against hers while I start stick my tongue in her mouth spreading my lips with her tongue. I realized that they were right she did have the best lips id had ever seen. I start to trace the inside of her mouth with my tongue admiring her sexy little mouth and perfect supple lips

Playing with her tongue, I start to hear the slopping sounds like before as I start to get rock hard. Pulling my tongue out of her mouth I admire her body when I thought how I wanted to see her big ass and play with. Flipping her around I admire her huge ass, I started to maul it slapping it and groping it. I couldn’t believe how big it was I guess I never really checked her out before but u can be damn sure I’m going to start. While playing with her ass I admire her nice little butthole as I start to trace the outside of it thinking about how I’ve never tried anal and seeing my sisters already used ass I thought why not. Looking at her ass I guide my dick towards her entrance as I start to spit on it to lube it up. Not being able to wait any longer I start to thrust inside of her, at first it was pretty tight not really letting me get all the way in. So I start to thrust in and out trying to loosen her up, after a few minutes of this I start to feel it slide all the way inside of her. Finally getting balls deep inside her ass I start to rock my hips as I couldn’t believe I was fucking my sister’s ass. Thrusting into her I feel her start to really loosen up as I was sliding in her much easier now, slapping her ass as I start to grab her by the hips and start to really give it to her. In ecstasy as I’m fucking her ass feeling her and slap against my dick I grab her hair and start to pull on it arching her back up also revealing her tits. After a while I really grab onto her hips as I was starting to fuck her relentlessly. I don’t think I could have fucked her harder and the slapping sounds were still not as loud as before. After about 5-10 minutes of me fucking my sisters ass I feel my climax coming. Wanting to impregnate my sister one last time I pull out and start fucking her pussy shoving my cock deep inside her pussy as I shoot my load down her. I used all of my energy as I fall down onto her sweating and panting, I flip her around with his cock still inside of her pussy I start to kiss her intimately knowing this was my last time. I lick her lips one last time as I pull out of her, I walk to the closet and grab another towel since I used the other ones. After cleaning her pussy out the best I could. I get an idea as I go to the other room and grab my camera, I had to make this moment last. Snapping a bunch of photos of my naked sister I turn her around to get some of her ass. After getting what I thought was enough pictures I grab her clothes and dress her up like nothing had ever happened. Putting the blanket back on her I started to get nervous thinking that she was going to wake up and no what happened. But that was another day.

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