Morning with Melissa

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So you think having sex three times in one night would be enough, but sometimes for me its not. This starts with my wife having a bit too much to drink, and leading her to be very horny. I was in bed, when she stumbled in and climbed right up on me. Three hours later she is asl**p and I am drained. So I head out to the living room, watch some tv and check my texts. At 4am, didn't think I have any, but I had one message. It was from Melissa, a s****r of my wife's best friend. She only text me if she was straight out bored, d***k, or depressed. It turns out she was two out of three. I text her back to come up and chill with me. Melissa stands out in her f****y, always the rebel, and always the blast to hang with on stupid stuff. Knock at the door about ten minutes later, and I open it up. Stood before me was a woman who right now had red highlights, hair, big blue eyes, and the tats over her shoulder, and ankles. She walks in, flips her flops off and crashes on the couch. A drink of water and we both were sitting down. I flipped on Netflix and turn on a raunchy comedy. We talk, and laugh. I like Melissa, and she knew it. Didnt think much of it when she slide right up on my side, taking my arm to hold on to. I noticed that her breath had a smoky smell but also could sense the beers she had. Nothing is more of a turn off then a heavy smoking breath with beer. Pee break and she was off to the races. I grabbed more water from the kitchen. Didn't hear her come back in. So when I turned around, Melissa was standing there with a big smile. Holding the drinks, I watched almost in powerless form when she took my shorts down and wrapped her hands on my semi hard cock. Now I would normaly protest this, knowing my wife was in the bedroom at the end of the hall. Yet I was finding that I was hard quicker with Melissa, and the urge to fuck just took over. I was still holding the cups when she took my cock into her mouth. At first Melissa slowly took my cock in, to which it was all in her mouth. Then she slightly sucked as she pulled back. Then an added teaser for her was, her licking my head like a lollipop. Then out of the moment of her licking, she asked for the cup of water. “sucking dick makes me thirsty” she said after another sip of water. Now she was back on my dick, and bobbing her head back and forth, adding pressure each time. I finally put down the other cup, and hold her head. All the sex before, I was feeling the urge to cum. I be me and tell Melissa about my urge. She just shakes her head as to say hell yes fill my mouth up. I grab her head and hold it steady. I push deep in her mouth and shoot load after load in to her. I pull out, but Melissa grabs my weak cock and licks the leftover cum from my head. Soon as a get my head straight from the orgazim, I sat my butt down right next to her. Didn't take long for us to kiss, and we were all over the place with that. Melissa whispered “I want to fuck you”. My thoughts raced with were, and how I can get away with it. So near the bedroom is the spare, which has a couch that folds into a bed. I pick Melissa up with me and walk to the spare room. I turn on the tv, and fan, while she closed the door. I pulled the couch down and to feel her hands on my back. Melissa helped me strip down. While still on my back, she reached around to cradle my balls. She was shorter then me, but her arms had some length. Grabbing her hands, I lead her to the bed, laying down and spreading her legs. I dove face first into her pussy. She was hairy but it was trimmed. I went looking for her sweet spot, something I like to do for her bj. I knew I hit it when her hands grabbed my head, holding onto me. She even was getting more into when I felt her tug on my hair. I pushed to pleasure her more, loving her being rough. I knew she was cumming, the feeling of her hands hanging on to me and saying oh my..oh my. Mouth wet, and still hungry for her pussy, I moved up to kiss Melissa with her juices. Her hands lead my cock into her pussy. The feeling of entering her was a moment to remember. She grasped at my cock, and even rolled her eyes back from the feeling of me sliding in. I sat with her legs leaning on my chest, as I slowly worked my cock in and out. Almost with out fail, Melissa was asking me to fuck her harder, to fuck her faster, to fuck her brains out. Who am I to say know to that. I moved her legs to wrap around me and laid into her. First kissing her lips, and then worked her boobs. I shoved my cock in deep, and slow. I want to enjoy this and not be a quick fuck for her. Each thrust in was hard push and held it as if I was going to push more before I pulled back just enough. Melissa was starting to kiss my neck and even biting down on my ear lopes. When Melissa bit down on my neck, then my cock sped up. Her pussy was tough to say, but my cock was enjoying it. The fucking of her fast, I wanted to fuck her all day long. Now as I lost myself in her pussy, Melissa was hitting cloud nine. She went from biting my neck to heavy breath. Her hands were holding on to my back, and felt her nails graze along it. I switch to hard long deep fucks, to catch my breath, and begged her to dig her nails in and do what she loves to do. I watched the surprise face of Melissa, and then saw her naughty smile. Melissa embraced my body. Lost in all the fuck was that fact I was not wearing protection, and at all that time I was not thinking of stopping. Those thoughts hit me as I felt the surge of cum moving up my cock. I started to slow down, in hopes of pulling out before its too late. Melissa asked “why you slow down, I am on the eve of a big orgazim”? My responds was simple “no condom”. She pulled me close to her and whispered “ok, just fucking cum in me”. That was the green light for me. Right back into fucking her. I was craving now to fill her up, to cum once again. I held her body close, and my cock urged on the cum. The cock slipped out pre-cum and Melissa felt that. Her grasps of it told me she was so ready to swallow my cock deep in her. Now I love to tease a bit with cumming. Melissa was ready for it but I held back the cum. I knew once I came, I stopped and it would not be as good as she deserved. My fast thrusts turned into hard deep ones. I push each thrust in her. I embraced each time of her nails digging into my back. I hit my wall, my eyes rolled back and lids closed as the surge of cum cam forth. The power of that orgazim had me weak for couple minutes. Melissa well she was deep in my back, taking my surge with a similar responds. She gasped OMG, and shook from the might orgazim. Even with my cock weak, I still pushed everything I had into her pussy. As we both felt the physical emotion of what just happened; we were in a tight embrace of our bodies. I rolled over to the side and took some breaths. I have fucked before and even after three fucks with my wife, Melissa had pushed me in having the best orgazim in a long time. I looked at the clock on the wall, and got up. As I stood there, still naked while looking for my clothes. Melissa pulls me close, and licks my cock clean. I tell her to either stay and rest or hurry out before she is noticed. I head out to the living room, waiting for any noise. Melissa runs up to me, kisses my neck and bites my ear. She whispered “Next time I want your cock to fuck my ass”. I hear the door open and she was out, just seconds before my wife opened the bedroom door. Asking me if I was up all morning and what I was doing. “I was enjoy watching a movie” I said with a smile. Oh cant wait to meet up with Melissa

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