A Romanian bull breeds my girlfriend

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A month or so went by and Sophie continued to meet up, once or twice a week, with her lover Andrei. After each meeting Sophie would go into great detail explaining everything that happened between the two of them and how she felt at the time. I would wank my own cock as i listened and occasionally beg to watch or please both of them. I had mounted her and slipped my 6'5 inch cock into her stretched fanny as she had let me know just how inferior i was to Andrei in everyway and that if i didn't give her a baby soon she would get pregnant by him and make me raise the c***d as my own. She'd go on to call me a faggot and and tell me how she was trying to talk him into fucking my arse and mouth. Hearing this from her filthy mouth would inevitably be to much and i would ejaculate inside her.

Sometime in late November Soph invited Andrei over for some fun and this time id get to watch. He arrived and after a brief exchange they went to the bedroom to "get started" while i was instructed to do the washing up and then come straight to the bedroom. Luckily there wasn't much to do so within ten minutes i was in the bedroom with them. Andrei was leaning against the window sill wearing only his socks. Sophie stood in front of him kissing his face and neck whilst wanking his giant cock. They ignored me as i got undressed and carried on kissing. Sophie pointed to the patch of floor in front of her so as soon as i was fully naked i knelt beside her and started wanking.

"Smell his cock." Sophie demanded. I opened my mouth and leaned towards it. THWACK. Andrei slapped me firmly in the face knocking me off balance and almost to the floor. He didn't slap me as hard as he could but he hit me with enough f***e to make my ears ring and eyes water so that i could feel the power in his big hands.
"what did you do that for?" Sophie asked on my behalf.
"Im not a fucking gay. He want to suck me." he exclaimed in a thick Romanian accent. To defuse the situation Sophie dragged him away from me and the two of them fell to the bed in a heap and in no time at all he was pushing his fat cock inside her.

"He won't let you suck his dick because he's a real man and women make him hard'. Sophie panted at me while struggling to squeeze his prick deeper into her sopping wet cunt.
"Look at what he's doing to me. Look at it." she barked. My cock was starting to get hard as I watched Andrei thrust his 11 inch cock in and out of my beloveds sweet pussy.

"You can't fuck me like this. You can't make me feel like this." she continued to taunt as he ploughed in and out of her.
"its not your pussy any more it belongs to him. He's going to give me a baby." Andrei grabbed her by the throat making her let out a gurgling sound and then slapped her 3 times in the face with fore and back hand and began pumping her hard.
I felt like i should say or do something but i was a bit scared of Andrei and worried that he would beat me up if i provoked him. I needn't have worried however for no sooner than he had unwrapped his fingers from her neck she was begging for him to cum inside her and to give her his babies. I stayed on the floor staring at his meaty prick sliding in and out of her. With her bucking, writhing and begging Andrei was soon groaning louder and signalling that he was about to cum.
"Yes cum in my fucking pussy". she demanded again.
Andrei bucked up and down and shouted something i didn't understand as i realised he was cumming. Sophie looked him in the eyes as he shook. "I love you". She said. He continued pumping in and out of her until his cock went completely soft, at that time it slipped out followed by a large tear of thick love juice.

Sophie told me later that when Andrei slapped me and i just looked back pathetically she almost came in her panties and when he had slapped her and throttled her she came heavily on his dick. I could see see she no longer respected me if in fact she ever did. I knew that he'd probably came inside her the last few times they'd fucked but let it go. What could i do. I had lost her. I haven't been allowed to cum inside her since that time.

She did get pregnant by the way but miscarried at three months. They continue to try for a baby.

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