Little flower

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The way she walked around the house with such little clothes on, made me loose my mind. Was she teasing me? Or maybe she didn't notice she was doing it. I don't know, but the way her small waist, and her perky butt shifted as she walked, made me think about the things I would do. But of course, she didn't want to rush into "those things". She was so independent, and that's one of the things I liked the most about her. She spoke her mind, no matter how she thought you would feel.
I work at a cafe not to far from our modern home. Lucy works behind the register at a small boutique in the same town my job is in. We each are always coming home tired, and worn out, as usual. But today my boss pissed me off worse. As i drove home, my blood boiled, and I couldn't stop thinking about almost wanting to punch my boss's face in. I needed to take my anger out on Something...
The front door swung open, And Lucy quickly Turned around. her expression lit up and, she watched as I walked towards her. "How was your day?" Her small voice filled the damp living room; I didn't answer, I just grabbed her arm, and pulled her to stand up, So that I could then lean over her, and softly press my lips against hers. I could feel the burning coming from her cheeks as she blushed furiously. Her breaths brushed against my nose, and I broke the kiss.

"Wha.. What are you doing, Alex?"
"I want to show you love and affection", My voice was damp and low. She tried to wiggle out of my arms, but it didn't stop me, from pushing her onto the sofa. I straddled her small body. she could feel my hard member pressing against her tummy, as I slowly removed my shirt.
I kissed her one more time, then I slid her panties down from her waist, and I glared down at her precious little flower. God, was it beautiful. I waited for this moment the whole time we've lived together. I pressed my finger over her clit, and I massaged slowly. She Screamed and moaned, and her legs wrapped around me immediately. I paused, and unhooked her bra, taking it off of her. I bit my lip, and I leaned down, putting her warm soft breast in my mouth. MY teethe drove over her nipples, And her unsteady sounds made me more excited.
I then lowered myself so that my face covered Lucy's perfect core. I slid my tongue, slooowwwlyyy over her warm clit, And she moaned loudly, Sliding her hand over my head. She was enjoying me and it made me happy. After tasting the heat between her legs, I brought the tip of my cock to her tight opening, put her right leg over my shoulder, and broke her sweetly.

There was a pleasureful evening of moans and grunts, then finally...

My warm semen filled her. Her face was redder than ever. and a bulb of sweat skipped down her forehead.

"I love you, Alex."

I looked into her eyes, and spoke, "I love you Lucy."

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