Enjoying the glory holes

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I hadn’t been to my favorite glory hole for a few weeks so when the opportunity arose I jumped on it. I was Salem and decided I would check out one of the few glory holes while I was there. I pulled in the parking lot and there were only a few cars. I figured it would be a loss cause but decided to go inside anyway. I walked around and all the doors were opened except one. There’s one booth that has holes in each wall. This was one of them. I went in, fed the machine a dollar and sat back. I looked through the hole and watched a guy stroke his cock for a few minutes and since he hadn’t motioned for my cock I would try for his.
No sooner than I pushed my finger in he was standing up shoving his semi hard cock through the hole. Bingo! That’s just what I wanted. I slipped that nice cock between my lips and started sucking on it. He really tasted great. I sucked just the cock head and then slowly swallowed his whole cock. He was still semi erect but that was OK. I was going try and get him rock hard and drain all his cum from that tasty cock. I sucked on him for a few minutes when I had to stop and feed the machine. He pulled back through and when I turned back to suck him some more he pushed his cock back through. I sucked, swallowed and licked his balls but he just was not getting any harder. At one point I squeezed his cock and had a nice big drop of pre-cum ooze out. After I did that he pulled back for several seconds and them pushed his cock back through. I sucked on his tasty cock some more when I tasted his first spurt of tasty cum. It wasn’t a large amount but enough to cause me to swallow his entire 6” of sweet cock. He spurted 2 more times, not a large amount but still very tasty. I continued to suck on him for a short while and finally he pulled back fixed his pants and left. The whole time I was sucking his cock he was only semi erect. If he had gotten fully hard I never would have been able to swallow all that tasty cock.
A few minutes went by before someone else went in the booth. This time the guy wasted no time pushing his cock through the hole. He wasn’t even hard yet. I sucked his cock head into my mouth and to my surprise I got a tasty treat. He started to cum, two spurts. I kept sucking on him enjoying the taste and feel of his cock. I sucked on his for several minutes until he pulled out and left the booth. My money ran out so I decided to leave and try the other glory hole down the road.
I walked around and found an empty booth. There are two that have glory holes and one was empty. I fed the machine, positioned the chair and waited for, hopefully, my first of several cocks. It took about 5 minutes before some guy closed the door in the next booth. He fed the machine, pulled out his cock and started stroking it. He was fully hard when I motioned for him to slip it in the hole. He was no longer than 5” but he was really hard. I sucked on his cock head and them slowly sucked more and more into my mouth until I nose was up against his pubes. I held him like that for several seconds. He smelled and tasted really nice. I started bobbing on his delicious cock and after only a few minutes I heard a small tap and within a few seconds I felt his first very tasty spurt of cum. I swallowed and kept sucking. I was rewarded 3 more times for my efforts and kept sucking. I swallowed his whole cock and felt it start to soften. That was too bad because he really had a nice tasty cock. I watched through the hole as he fixed his pants and left the booth.
I had to feed the machine again and waited almost 15 minutes before someone else came in. He immediately took out and started stroking his cock. When he was hard he pushed it through the hole. I took him in my mouth and started sucking on his cock head. His shaft was thick but his cock head was small. I sucked on him for several minutes and he pulled out, waited several seconds and them pushed it back through. He did this several times and after a few minutes my machine went off. I kept sucking his hard cock for a few more minutes until someone knocked on the door and said I had to feed the machine or leave. About this time, he pulled back out so I decided since I didn’t have any more money I’d leave. I heard his door open first and so I waited several seconds then left.
All in all, not a bad day at the glory holes in Salem.

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