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I've always had this "office" fantasy -- where I'd get to have some good 'ole man-to-man fun at the office. So I posted an ad that basically said that I was looking for some oral and wank fun ... and looking to do it at my office after everyone had gone home for the day but before security done their evening rounds to lock up.

I was surprised at the number of people that emailed me back -- lots of horny guys out there .. LOL.
One of them really grabbed my attention for some reason and we ended up writing back and forth a bit on email and each time there would be a message from him in my in-box I'd feel that stirring between my legs ... and a couple of times that ended up in a full-on raging hard-on. Anyway -- we decided that after he was done with his work he'd swing by my office.

The office startd to empty around 5 and by 6 i was the last one left here -- so I gave him directions to a side door and arranged to meet him there at 6:30. Sure enough, at 6:30 I went down to see if he'd shown up, and a tall, toned guy was waiting there in his work gear - a pair of grubby overalls opened down to the waist and a vest top on showing his tattoos covering his shoulder and upper arms. Great skin color, tanned as if from a recent mediteranean stag trip i thought -- jet black hair and eyes .. and tall.

I invited him in and we walked up the stairs to my office on the second floor. He followed me through the doors and then through the last set I beckoned him to pass me. Just watching the him pass me I noticed his weight shift from side to side on his ass as he walked up the steps got me really turned on. His workwear clung tightly to his cheeks.
We walked into the office, and i closed the door inviting him to take a seat against the desk ... I noticed a growing bulge.
Whilst leaning against my desk, he saw the porn i had open from earlier. As I sat in my desk chair, my shoulder arm kept brushing his basket, and he'd grind himself against me -- it was very hot.
Eventually he just reached down and lightly squeezed my nipple -- I felt a shudder running down from my nipple to my balls ... and my dick released some precum into my throbbing boxer confines ... I love that feeling. He slipped his hand down my shirt and slowly unbuttoned enough to slip his hand inside, carressing my chest and hardening nippl with his hand, I helped him and unbuttoned my shirt and tore it off as he bent forward and flicked my nipples with his tongue.

I moved off the chair and stood in front of him and we started feeling each other's chest, rubbing and squeezing each others nipples flicking them with our tongues....then up the neck and to the ears hitting the sensual zone...... almost kissing but stopping..I undone his boiler suit at the waist and tugged it down off his shoulders and down to his ankles, standing in front of me were his tight white boxers bulging and straining to release his cock as i nuzzled into them. I could hear his breathing getting more and more shallow -- and it got really quiet --- couldn't hear anything except for his breathing and his sharp intake of breath as he felt my fingers begin to work their way down the cramped space between his boxers and dick.

He stood up ... and peeled his boxers down slowly to show a nice hard dick pointing straight out and a little up, shaped with black, dense hair. His dick was probably about 6 or 7 inches -- but had the greatest head that was leaking pre-cum as i pulled his foreskin back and forth... I couldn't resist, and gradually started licking the underside of his head. With every flick of my tounge, I could hear his sharp intake of breath, and his abs would contract. I kept at it awhile -- and then began running my tounge around the ridge of his cock ... still very lightly.
Slowly I started taking his dick in my mouth -- letting it gently be absorbed by my lips and mouth. I took him all the way down -- my nose buried in that dense bush -- getting to taste him, and smell his hot man-scent all at the same time. Gradually I started developing a rythm, and his hands went to my head and he started moaning softly and running his fingers through my hair. I reached up and started slowly massaging his balls while sucking down his dick.

He started spreading his legs a bit ... giving my fingers a clear path to his tight asshole. I kept up an even pace, and concentrated on playing with his guch under his balls -- very lightly, and rubbing my index finger all around, while my right hand kept massaging his balls, and my mouth and throat gave his dick the attention he deserved.

I felt his balls start to draw up, and knew that he was close. I started moving my index finger back towards his puckering tight hole and slowly inserting it into his asshole -- moving from lightly touching and teasing him ... to teasing his bud. I removed my finger and moistened it in my mouth then reapplied it back to his bud, slowly pushing further as i carried on sucking his stiffening cock-- first to the knuckle and then deeper. His knees started bending and his moaning got louder ... I pulled my mouth away -- and then without any more sucking or stimulation he started shooting some thick ropes of cum ... probably about 3 - 4 initially. His legs completed buckled and he had to lean over me, grabbing my shoulder for support. His cum was all over my arm, chest and shoulder.
He composed himself then pulled up his boxers as I rearranged myself before I showed him back to the exit.

Never met him since but that was the only time i managed to have office fun.They soon closed our office and merged us with another unit which became 24 hour opening :(

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