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It is evening at kolkata summer time...inside the flat this things goes on...
Mita and raja are mother and oson..mita is widowed for 5 years.age in a bank.
Her son raja is a student of collage.age 20.they live in a flat of kolkata near jadavpur.
For outsiders they are like normal mom son..but inside the room they acts like husband-wife.
It is 8.30pm.mita cooking chicken inside kitchen..she saw the clock and called her son in phone.

"Ring ring"

Raja- yes mom.i am in the way.only 5 mints.
Mita- ok listen..bring 1 packet.
Raja-(in grin) what ?

Mita-babyy i am gettng shame..okk if u want tonight to get naughty thn bring it.

Raja- sure drling.i cant wait.

Mita-come fast u naughty boy.tata

Raja- tata

After 30 mintsthe doorbell rung.mita is wearing a light pink coloured knee length nighty.her figure is 36-30-38.very much curvy.with fair lookng.beautiful face long hair to her flat and full round ass.her breasts are still firm with black areola and big nipples

Mita opned the door and raja gave har a packet of condom..manforce dotted 20pics.
After dinner raja is lying in bed just in half pant.and mita is in bathroom getting freshned up before going to bed.
Raja is watchng a movie.mita came inside the room.

Mita- you complted your homework ?

Raja knows if he want to get his mom nude in bed then he need to do the homeworks.

Mita-you want tonight ?

Raja-yessss tooo much mom .i am verry much hard now.

Mita- u naughty boy.okkk next turn will be after 3 days..agree?

Raja- okk sexy.

Mita switched off all the lights.pulled the curtins of the windows thn came in bed.the light of street lamp is enough for this couple to see each other.
Raja jumped over mita and started to kiss her ferociously
Mita also startd moaning like aaaah aaah uaaaah oohh ummmm
They doing lipkiss.tasteing each others saliva.raja removed the pink coloured nighty of her mita is only in black small panty..that is already wet ddue to her sons extreme love making torture.

Raja- mom pls suck me alittle.

Mita- okkk,but you remove your boxer first.
Raja removed her boxer and a big fat pink headed dick came out.raja lied in bed and mita hold his young boys hard erect member in her right hand and started to masturbate.
Then she take the pink head in her mouth and started to suck it like an expert. Raja is fonding her moms boobs with his right hand and moaning in pleasure as his mom giving him a awsome blowjob.

Raja-mom i want to lick u.
Than mita lied in bed and raja came over her body and started to kiss allover her neck.lips.boobs.tummy.navel.he put his tongue in her cave of navel.then raja removed the panty. Her pussy is not clean shaved.a little hair is there that gave a sexier look of her love triangle.
Raja take his nose infront of her mothers pussy and got the aroma.then he put the tongue deep inside her.mita started to moan louder .

Mita is going out of control soo she said.

Mita- babyy.its going too much late.we have to sleep.tomorrow in have to go office and you too have classes.. Please get a condom.

Raja- mommy you are very sexy. I will fuck u very hard.

Mita- okk darling get the condom first.
Raja opned the drawer and got a condom.removed it from the wraper and rolled in his well endowed 7 inch penis.
Mita opened her legs and invited her son to enter inside her.

Mita- aaaaaaahhh son you are sooo hard. I am going mad..uffffs do fast.
Raja staeted to fuck her hard.his erect cock started to come in and out of her moms wet slippy vagina and making sond allover the room.

Mita- i want to ride you

Raja lied in bed and mita sat over his sons condom covered penis doing cowgirl rid.making her fleshy hips and round firm breasts juggle in rythem.
Raja pressing her boobs and giving mita multiple orgasms

Raja-mom lets do it doggy.

Mita came over from her and got beside the edge of the bed.raja came behind her and slapped in her ass


Raja entered her form behind and started to fuck his own mom hard.
After 5 mints.

Raja- aaaaahhhhh mom i am cumming.

Mita - give it in my mouth.i wanna taste you.

Mita gone in her knees and raja removed the condom from her penis .mita started to suck it. A large volume of semen started to come out
Mita still sucking and drinkng her sons seed.
When they finished raja got in bed fully nude.tired.
Mita going to bathroom to get cleaned her vagina and mouth..

After that they got sleeped in a great peace

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