Fucked by my straight best friend

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This is going to be a true story of mine that I thought I would share with you all. Hope you enjoy......

When I first met my former best friend Brian we hit it off immediately, We both had tattoos and a lot of the same interests so when it was time to head off to college Brian and I decided to try find a place we could share so it would be cheaper for the both of us. We did just that and immediately started to enjoy the fruits of college which was mostly partying every night until it seemed our apartment was the place to be when it came to parties. Brian was about a foot and a half taller than I and thin with short brown hair and like I mentioned before many tattoos. Another perk of college was the women which I had my fair share of but they seemed to flock to Brian. Many nights I laid in bed listening to Brian fuck whichever girl he had hooked up with that night in the next room.

Now at this point I was already Bi but it was something I never told Brian because I was to afraid to make things between us weird or to end our friendship all together because Brian seemed to me to be straighter than straight. Now to me Brian was pretty good looking but I never really looked at him like that until one night after a party we were sitting on the couch just talking about stuff when somehow we got onto the topic of our dicks. Brian started to brag that he was well endowed which I quickly kinda chuckled about making him grab his phone and flip threw it until he turned it towards me and there was a picture he had taken of his very nice, big cock. I was kinda stunned and extremely turned on by it as I stared until Brian pulled his phone back and said "Told ya". I told him I was pretty hung myself but I had no picture of it to show off making him laugh "I will take your word for it.

All I could think about was that picture of Brian's cock so a couple days later while he was in the shower I grabbed his phone and text that picture to mine so I could always look at it and jerk off to it and its the picture I attached to the story. At that moment I started to look at Brian like most guys I thought were hot and that was how much I would love to service him. I told myself it was probably never gonna happen until one night about three weeks later it did. Brian and I decided not to party and just chill at our place having some drinks and talking until like he usually did Brian put one of his porno movies into the DVD player. We always sat around watching porn and talking about the girls in them and what we would like to do to them. As we both sat and watched I after awhile I couldn't help but notice a bulge growing in Brian's black gym shorts. I just stared at it fantasizing about it like I usually did when Brian must have noticed me looking.

"You OK over there?" he asked me with a grin and grabbed onto the bulge in his shorts adjusting it. "Yeah I'm good" I said as Brian once again grabbed his bulge "You have a thing for my dick?" he laughed as I shrugged "I don't know". We continued watching the movie until Brian said "I may have to hit up a girl in my phone, I could use a good bj". I kinda laughed still staring at his crotch until again Brian noticed and then I watched as he reached into his shorts, pulled it out and started to shake it "Maybe you wanna suck it". I wasn't sure if he was joking or not but I saw this as my moment to finally get what I had been wanting and said "Well yeah if you want". "For real?" he asked as I quickly nodded and then watched as he slid off his shorts and boxers and kicked them off to the side "Well there you go". Now I had done things with a fair share of guys up to this point but for some reason I was nervous as hell as I got up from the couch and slowly made my way onto my knees between his legs.

Brian just smiled and kinda laughed looking down at me as I grabbed his cock with both hands feeling how warm it was and how it started to throb in my hands. I stroked it slowly until I noticed a little bit of pre cum ooze from the tip and that's when I leaned in and took it into my mouth feeling the softness of it as it passed by my lips and over my tongue. "Oh damn" he groaned as I got into the zone feeling my adrenaline going and started to try and suck him better than I had ever sucked anyone else. "Fuck that feels good, you done this before?" he joked as I just continued sucking not wanting to push my luck and tell him that I had in fact done this many times. I pulled my head from his cock and spit on the tip of and started to get his shaft nice and slick before sucking it again and stroke it as I did. "Oh fuck man" he groaned his mouth wide up and I could tell he was really enjoying and getting into it.

I slowly took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could before gagging when he asked "Can I fuck your mouth?". "Yeah" I said as he put his hand on the back of my head and started to thrust his cock into my mouth upwards. "Oh fuck man" he groaned slamming his cock into the back of my throat until he was hard as a rock and covered with my saliva. "I'll fuck you if you want" he said as I grinned "If you want" trying to play down the fact that I really, really wanted him to fuck me. I got up from the floor and we headed into his bedroom where he quickly turned off the light and plugged in the many strands of colored lights he had hanging around the walls. I slid down my shorts and boxers and got onto all fours on the bed letting my ass hang over the side as Brian grabbed his warming lube, got behind me and slathered it all over his cock. He rubbed a little of it onto my asshole and asked "You ready?".

"Yeah, fuck me" I said feeling the tip press to me and then slight pressure over and over again until finally I felt it slide into me. I pressed my head down into the bed and groaned loudly twisting the sheets with my hands as Brian spread my ass open and slowly inched his cock into me. "Oh fuck" I whimpered so Brian asked "You good?" I quickly moaned "Yeah, it feels good, your so big man". Brian chuckled and slowly started to fuck me while gripping onto my hips. My body was shaking and I was moaning loudly feeling his cock stretching me and the lube warming the inside of my ass. "Your ass feels good" he groaned fucking me a little harder until he was full on slamming his cock into my ass deep. "Oh fuck, oh fuck" I moaned over again as he continued to pound my ass until my knees slipped and I fell to the bed on my stomach. "You running?" he asked and quickly straddled the back of my thighs, shoved his cock back into my ass and continued fucking me hard.

I couldn't move with his weight pinning me and continued to moan loudly as he fucked me harder and harder until he groaned "Your so tight, I'm gonna cum". "You can cum in my ass" I moaned as he pushed my head down into the bed hard and railed his cock into me over and over until he stopped and growled. I moaned and shook my ass feeling his load filling me as Brian just growled loudly "Fuck!". He thrust once more into me deep and then slowly pulled out and stood up "God damn man that was good" he laughed as I just stayed on my stomach panting and moaning feeling his cum started to leak from me. "Thank's for that, that was a first for me, I gotta shower" he said and left the room as I just laid there in enjoying and relishing what just happened. I was hoping that wouldn't be the last time but sadly it was. A couple months later Brian moved in with some girl he met and after that we just kinda lost track, I haven't seen or talked to him since but I'll never forget the one night we had.

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