The big bull

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I transferred in the spring as a first semester sophomore to a medium sized fairly conservative college in rural Pennsylvania. I lived in the regular dorms, which was okay, but most of the guys had already formed friendships. And I am not really into the crazy college age male bonding, at least not in the traditional way. My life was somewhat dull, not engaging in the usual college high jinks and spent most of my time on the computer, studying, etc. I would occasionally go down to the general gym and work out on the equipment. I liked watching some of the guys lifting weights. The football players and other college athletes had their own work out room with heavy weights, which I cruised by once, but got immediate disapproving looks, so I never dared to go back again.

In my Human Anatomy & Physiology class I had gotten paired up with Tyler, a sophomore football player as a Lab partner. When I first met him I was taken back by his very outgoing demeanor. This was because at our college, sports and the players were considered the popular crowd on campus and I had never really found my place. He was really good looking, but he had a girlfriend whom I had met. We occasionally would chat about our personal lives. He was very friendly and liked to talk about himself. He never really asked if I was in a relationship, and more about my general social life, which wasn't much to talk about. I assumed he figured out that I was gay. I didn't try to stand out, build it was difficult to hide my slightly high pitched voice and non-masculine mannerisms.

He talked a lot about the past football season, and I did find myself getting more and more interested in football and the players even though the season was over. Tyler was a Running Back for the team and was really cute, but I really liked the big Linemen. Their bulgingly heavy and solid frames just made me twitch all over. There is something about a big beefy stud with lots of meat on his bones that gets me hard.

After working with Tyler throughout the semester, and often helping him a lot through the assignments, he invited me to a party that some his frat buddies, most of whom were football players were planning on Saturday night. He said that if I told them he invited me, I would surely be able to get in without a problem. He said it got pretty wild though. It was at one of the Frat houses. I wasn't sure if I should do it, nor what to really expect, but when Tyler and his girlfriend, Katie both encouraged me, I decided to go. They said things get started around 10:00pm.

I dressed in nice clothes and went to the party. Walking across the campus at about 10:30, it was unusually warm and humid for late April. There were tons of people at the party, loud music, noise, beer, the whole nine yards. I looked around and eventually found Katie with some other girls. She gave me a hug and introduced me to her friends. It was fun for awhile. Tyler found us and gave me a beer and I hung around with them a bit, but Katie

said I should meet some other people too, so I took the hint. I tried to mingle, but didn't have much success. I spent most of the time in the background as a wallflower, watching a lot of the players and other macho guys. Some of them would play around and grope some of the giggling girls and I wished it was me they were groping.

It was really hot in the frat house, packed with people. I went into the kitchen to find something to eat and there was some pizza, chips, dip and other junk foods all over the counters. Also in the kitchen there was a group of football players, guzzling beer, tossing a football and knocking into one another. Some of them looked over and saw me watching and started taunting me. Over the loud party I couldn't make out a lot of what they said, but one of them shouted, "What the fuck are you doing here, fag?" They all laughed, and then returned to their keg.

I thought I should quickly get out of the kitchen, so I turned to leave and bumped right into the largest guy I had ever seen up close. I knew instantly who it was. It was Christopher Bullock, #72, the widest Offensive Lineman the team had. He was 6'2 and 323 pounds of 20 year old beef. He wore one of his tightly clinging football jerseys, not hiding any of his chunky big muscles and a pair of jeans. His bulging arms and immense torso, with protruding pecs were a sight to behold. He had short brown hair, shaved high in the back, accenting his thick neck.

A lump in my throat suddenly came as he looked down at me, gave me a confused look and questioned, "Who are you?" which I could barely make out over the noise. I was trying to explain who invited me, but with all of the racket, he couldn't really hear me. Then a football came whizzing by and slammed down on the table next to me, up splashed a bunch of cheese sauce onto my shirt and sleeve. Chris started laughing as did many of the guys in the kitchen. I asked them where the bathroom was. Chris just pointed to the stairs. It was at the top of the steps on the second floor. I made my way up there and started to wash the cheese sauce out of my nice shirt. I took off my watch and tried my best to clean it off too, then laid it on the window sill. When most of the stain wouldn't come out of my shirt, I decided it was time to leave. This wasn't turning out to be as great as expected.

I walked back down the stairs and left. I arrived back at my quiet dorm room around midnight and changed into a t-shirt and running shorts. Plopped down onto my bed and turned on the television. I must have dozed off because before I knew it, it was 2:30 am. I washed up for bed, but then suddenly realized that I did not have my watch. "Oh shit", I thought to myself, it was back at the frat house. And it was a fairly expensive watch too. Should I go back in the morning to get it? I would look like an idiot. Make a phone call to the frat house? I must be joking. So, I decided the best way I might get it back was to go back over there now.

When I arrived back at the frat house, the noise had died down significantly, although the air was still steaming hot. There were a lot less people, the lights were lower and so I thought I could go up and get my watch and get out as unnoticed as possible. There were a few guys in the kitchen playing some sort of drinking game. Some couples were making out in the living room and in the corners. I went up to the bathroom and waited as someone was in there. Down the hall, almost all of the doors were shut. I knew lots of action was taking place behind those doors. Some guy, who was completely wasted, stumbled out of the bathroom not even looking up at me. I went in. My watch was not on the window sill and I checked all over the place and could not find it. I was quite upset, but not all that surprised, so I thought it was a lost cause.

I came out of the bathroom and who was standing there to my shocking surprise, but the huge beast; Christopher Bullock. He was pretty much looking the same way as he did hours ago. I guess he could party without being a fall down drunk. I looked at him and he just smiled. "Yo buddy, I thought you left a long time ago?" He said in his heavy low voice.

"Oh um, yeah, I um, left my watch in the bathroom earlier and came back for it, but I guess someone else found it and took off with it." It sounded like a fictional excuse.

"Oh, really? Yeah, well that someone was me." He chuckled. "I must have come in here after you. I saw it on the window sill and knew it wasn't any of the house guys'; too nice of a watch."

"Oh, thanks, I mean, um, can I get it back?" I asked, as if he was holding it for ransom.

"Sure no prob., it wouldn't fit around my big wrists anyway. I put it in my room." He walked over to the stairs going to the third floor and started to climb. He paused after a couple of steps, turned and looked back down at me as I waited by the bathroom.

"You coming?" he inquired.

I was caught off guard by this. "Oh, sure," I quickly said and I followed him up the stairs.

As we walked up I could not help but watch his enormous ass move in his jeans with each step. He turned and looked back down at me and I gasped a bit, thinking he may have caught me looking. He just smirked and kept climbing.

He led me to the door at the end of the hallway. He entered into a small bedroom. I looked around and couldn't believe how little it seamed for such a big guy.

"My price for getting my own room was that I got a smaller one." He chuckled.

His twin bed was pushed against one wall and a desk and dresser were against the other. Only a narrow space was between them. He started searching through the top drawer of the dresser. He had lots of football, wrestling and weight lifting posters all over his walls.

"I threw it in here after I found it," he informed me. I stood in the door way waiting. The air in his room was very warm and humid.

"Here it is." And he turned and was about to hand it to me.

"Thanks a lot... Chris."

"Oh, you know my name?"

Embarrassed that I did, I tried to cover, "Well sure, I mean, don't most people, you are a major player on the team and all."

He smiled, looking kind of skeptical. I shared with him who had invited me to the party. "It's cool that Tyler told you to come, even if it's not your thing. But no one calls me Chris, except my folks. Everyone at school knows me as 'Big Bull', for my last name Bullock," he paused and then added, "among other things."

I kind of giggled at that. "Oh, okay", I said awkwardly. "Um, well, yeah, um, you definitely are big."

He nodded with a grin, "I've always been and always will be", he said with confidence. "And will try to get even bigger in the future."

"Really?" I couldn't believe it was possible.

"Yeah, most guys want to tone up. Not me, I want to get huger and bulkier, with lots of padding," He grabbed his overfed stomach and shook it. "Underneath is all natural powerful muscle baby! No roids. Can you believe it?"

I didn't know what to say in response, only, "Wow", came out. I immediately felt so much smaller and weaker, at my being 5'9" and 155 pounds and his being several inches taller and a whopping 323. I was intimidated but yet really excited. His frame completely filled the room and eyes never left me as we stood there for a brief moment in awkward silence. I finally broke the pause, "Well again, thanks", as he handed me my watch, which I dropped into my pocket, "and good luck with your, um, getting bigger."

He nodded his head, kind of arrogantly.

Unsure of what else to say, I added, "Oh and um, nice pictures."

"Oh yeah." His voice rumbled. "You like 'em?"

"Sure." I agreed, although I really didn't care what kind of posters he had on his walls.

"Yeah I like 'em too; my temple of heroes. Look at this one, I met that guy at a convention last year," as he pointed to a pro wrestling poster with an autograph across the bottom. It hung above his bed, so I stepped into the room to get a better look, I did start to get a little thrill at the collection of muscular athletes.

"I met this guy too," he said as he pointed to another. "But I'll show you the one I like best." He squeezed by me, so that he was between me and the door. He then closed the door, revealing a poster of a world famous power lifter hanging on the back.

"This guy's my favorite." He gushed. "He's bulked up to 400 pounds, fuckin' huge and awesome."

The bulging bald weight lifter on the poster did look hot. "Man, he is something," I said.

There was another moment of silence as I just stared at the poster. I guess I lingered a little too long.

"So, I guess you like lookin' at big guys, don't you?" Bull asked.

I wasn't sure if I heard the question correctly. "Excuse me?" I said.

"You heard me. You like big muscle guys, right?" he seemed to almost demand an answer.

We were standing extremely close in his tiny little room; I could feel his hot breath bearing down onto my face. I swallowed hard, "Oh yeah, I guess, I um...well, you know..."

"I knew it when I saw you, staring downstairs earlier. I could tell you're gay." He spoke so plain that I wasn't sure if he was joking or else going to kick my ass. "A little gay Twinkie....Came to see how the straight studs party?"

My mouth dropped open as I stared up at his face. He just smiled and shook his head from side to side. "I knew it. It's okay, little buddy. You like this shit, right?" he asked as he slowly rubbed one of his big biceps.

Mesmerized, I nodded in agreement.

"And you love all this massive meat don't you?" And he put his hands on his waist and puffed out his torso. "Wish you could get your hands on it, right?"

I whispered, "Yes", just gawking at his enormous heaving chest and great big arms.

"And your tiny gay ass wants all of this too, right?" He then grabbed his crotch with his big burly hand.

"Oh my god, fuck yes," I responded. My cock was hardening.

He backed into the door and pushed it completely shut and then he locked it. He looked down at me, square in the face and said, "Then this is gonna be your night. All the girls are scared of The Big Bull; they'd never follow me up into my pen. No one can handle all this meat and this bull likes to ride hard and get wild. But I have a feeling about you buddy."

His arms reached over me and pulled me into his packed out upper body. He squeezed me in a tight hug, which thrilled me. His low voice rumbled in my ear, "Yeah, you know you're gonna worship me, right? You know I'm your giant idol, right?"

"Oh yeah, Bull," I said. I started breathing in the aroma of him in his football jersey. He clenched me very tight in his bear hug, but I managed to get my arms under his and reach around to grab onto his wide back.

"That's Big Bull, right, I am The Big Bull," he bragged. He reached down with his left hand and grabbed my ass, pulling me harder into his embrace. With his right hand he took hold of the back of my head and thrust my face into his chest. "You know you love this."

I was growing wild with excitement, unsure if this was really happening. I couldn't contain my craving, I started to kiss and nibble at his chest through his jersey.

"Oh yeah, Baby, you want all this so bad." He then let go of my head and flexed his right arm, making a huge hard bicep. I put both my hands on his giant arm. It was so magnificent. He had hard thick muscle, with a layer of squashy pink flesh, and a thin coating of hair. My hands groped it, massaging it deeply. He pulled up the sleeve of his jersey a little more, so I could run my supple hands the length of his upper arm. Then I moved my face up to his arm and started licking it all over.

He uttered, "yeah buddy, taste those pulsating king-sized pythons."

My tongue bathed his biceps. His sweet skin was delicious on my mouth.

He directed me to tongue worship his other arm too and I gladly complied. I started feverishly licking and sucking on his left bicep, almost uncontrollably, I couldn't stop myself. "Ah yeah, Baby," he would say, as I made oral love to his arms.

My cock was pushing hard against my shorts, I thought I might cum right then. But then Bull grunted, "hey Baby, ease up. Don't get too excited, I need you to last a while." Hey pulled my face off his left arm and pushed me over to his bed. I sat down. "Tell me what a god I am", he commanded.

"Oh fuck Big Bull, you are amazing, unbelievable, just awe inspiring." I praised, "You are an absolute colossal, massive, hunk of prime manhood."

He nodded and started flexing his arms for me; I knew he wanted me to keep talking.

"I want to worship your incredible gigantic body. Feel your weight powering over me. You are the ultimate."

"Yeah, you know I am," he stated.

"I want more of your thick mighty arms, unbelievable monster chest, and your whole body on top of me! Use me however you need to."

"Yeah, Baby! He kept flexing, "Who owns your ass?"

"You do. You own me."

"And what am I to you"

"You are the supreme god to me."

He grinned, "Good boy. And this god will give you what you want." And he then reached down and slowly pulled off his jersey up over his head.

The mounds of gorgeous rippling bulk and muscular flesh cascaded down and out from the constraints of his jersey. He became even wider, and his dark pink skin and mostly hairless chest dwarfed everything else in my vision. His two round red nipples punctuated his rotund super-sized pecs. There was so much thick girth to his upper body, I just gasped, and beamed in amazement.

My hand started pulling at my cock in reaction to this mesmerizing sight.

He smirked and stepped up extremely close to me as I sat on the bed. My face was about an inch away from his mighty stomach. I reached up and massaged his enormous chest. His soft bulky flesh gave way a little bit, but I could feel his hard pectoral muscles flexing underneath. I started licking his hot stomach, his flesh tasted sweet yet salty, it was very warm and smooth in texture.

"Yeah Baby, that's right," he uttered. He flexed a double bicep and his pecs retracted somewhat. Then he relaxed and his big man tits ballooned back up into my hands. I groped them relentlessly.

His big hands grabbed my head and pushed my face into his stomach. I was smothered with his flesh. He jammed my face into him, and then released, then again he pressed my face into him then released, "you know you love all this."

I looked up at him and he smiled back down. His face was getting flushed and shiny. Then he pulled me up to stand in front of him. He cupped the back of my head behind my ears and then drove my face hard into the crevice between his bloated pecs. I devoured the hot flesh with my tongue. He pushed me forcefully between his manly tits and then rubbed my face side to side. He used my open mouth and smeared it back and forth across the hills and valleys of his searing upper chest. "Mmmm, so big and powerful," I managed to get out, as he did this.

"You know I am, Baby! I could crush you between my tits if I wanted to. Now suck on this!" He forced my mouth onto his left nipple and I sucked on it like he commanded.

"Harder!" he ordered. And I sucked in as hard as I could.

"Now the other one, Baby!" And I moved to his other big nipple and sucked on it like a vacuum.

"More! Get at them!" He bellowed. And I obeyed as best I could.

His nipples were now cherry red and I moved from one to the other as he forcefully directed me. "Good boy!" he exclaimed.

He released me and gripped the bottom of my t-shirt and with one quick motion, pulled it off over my head. My average toned torso was tiny compared to Bull's mountains of brawny muscle. He looked to inspect and then chuckled, "Cute, Baby, real cute." I grabbed his arms, got up on my toes and pulled my bare chest tightly into his huge torso. His hot, damp upper body instantly burned into me. I struggled to climb this big mountain of a man, and reached and licked his broad shoulders, then moved my mouth up and started kissing his fat neck. He responded well to this with an "Mmmm" as I continued to run my tongue along his neck.

I whispered in his ear, "You are the greatest." Then I felt his mighty hands on my waist as he effortlessly lifted me up off the ground. It was like I weighed nothing at all as he held me there up against his huge body. He groaned as I continued. He lifted his head up as I bathed his entire neck with my tongue. I knew I had to praise him more. Between kisses and licks I would say, "I worship you my Big Bull. You are the boss. You're so fucking hot."

He moaned more.

"You are the hottest on thing on campus...the best thing on campus...the biggest thing on campus."

"Aw fuck!" he grunted.

"Thank you Big Bull. I am yours."

"Fuck!" he rumbled, then he lifted me clear into the air above his head and I looked down on him. Our eyes met and I said, "You are God!"

He then pulled me down and brought my lips to his. He plunged his tongue into my panting mouth. He explored my mouth with his tongue and invaded every corner. I kissed him back as hard as I could. Our mouths were locked in a fury of passion for what seemed like hours. I was able to get my legs around his waste right under his meaty belly. I managed to wedge myself there but it was a wide struggle, my upper body seemed to melt into his.

He released from the kissing. I dropped down a couple of inches and as he was still holding me up, I could feel something hard pressing on my ass under Bull's jeans. I knew instantly it was his cock. I looked up at him and he smiled and nodded, then he started bobbing me, so that my rear was rubbing up and down against the bulge in his pants.

"Wow, feels like you've got something big down there." I said.

"I'm big everywhere, just like a real bull," he responded with a grin.

I squirmed off of him and then stood in front of him. We were both breathing heavily. I thought I'd be bold and go for it, so I kicked off my shoes, slid my shorts and boxers down and stepped out. My cock was rock hard, as it had been for awhile now.

Bull looked down at my 6 inch erect cock and again said, "Cute." Then he took me by the shoulders and turned me around so I was facing away from him. He inspected my buttocks. "Mmmm, very cute... cute as a button," he complimented. And he started kneading my petite round ass cheeks with his paws. He rubbed one of his sausage-like fingers along the crack of my buttocks. I felt a shiver go up my spine. "You've a nice ripe piece of fruit," he stated. He turned me back around, and he took hold of my cock in his huge hand and squeezed it tight. My penis was tiny in his clutch. Again, I thought I would cum right then and there; I grabbed onto his hand with both of mine and gave him a happy but worried look.

"Oh your little dick's gonna shoot?" he taunted. "Not yet. Not one comes before me. You still gotta serve me."

"Yes, sir," I said as I sat back down on the bed and he stepped in front of me. I reached under his protruding abdomen and found the button to his jeans. My fingers strained to get it undone, but then it snapped open. I pulled down the zipper and then yanked at them, finally with some tugging they slid down over his enormous moist thighs. I felt his hard thick legs which were scorching hot. He wore extra large white briefs, which I found really sexy. And jutting out from them, the outline of his cock that resembled a long fat squash wrapped tightly in the white fabric of his briefs. He took the back of my head and pulled it to his cock. I ran my cheek adoringly against the swollen mass. I then started licking up the side of the shaft and then gumming down on it. It was plump and hard with some give to it.

"That's it baby, worship that big thing," he coaxed me on.

His underwear became soaked with my dribble as I salivated over his piece of man meat. I could see the bright pink skin of his penis clearly through his wet underwear. I grasped the waistband of his briefs and pulled it forward and out rose the crimson head of the cock. My eyes widened, as I pulled his briefs down to his shins exposing his entire thick cut appendage. The ample width was shocking. It stood strong and proud, like a big red tree stump that had grown out of his brown fur coated crotch. I judged it to be about 9 or 10 inches long, and the thickness around was truly insane.

I took the mighty piece of meat in both my hands and pushed it a little more towards the ceiling. I moved my face to the base of the mighty shaft and ran the tip of my tongue along the length of it. It seemed to grow and harden just a little more.

Big Bull bellowed low, "Oh yeah, fuck, Baby." I continued to lick the hot piece of red flesh on its underside slowly up and slowly down. "Fuck, yeah!" he kept saying. I moved around the areas of his cock and ran my tongue along each side.

"Mmmm", he moaned.

I then took it in both of my hands and bought it up to my mouth, loads of clear sticky pre-cum had pooled around the piss slit. I opened as wide as I could and placed the plump mushroom head into my mouth. Then I bore down most of the length of his burning hot shaft and started to suck. It pushed against the opening of my throat, but I managed not to choke too hard on his humongous dick. I drew my head back up the length of it and wrapped my lips around the head and sucked hard. Then I pushed it back into the rear of my mouth and on down my gullet as far as I could manage, my forehead pushing against his abdomen.

Bull roared with delight, "Aw fuck, yeah!"

I went up and down on his cock, over and over, trying to give my big hero the hottest & slurpiest oral sex of his life. He moaned, put his arms in the air and flexed his muscles some more. I looked up at him; he had then put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes. I intensely bobbed my head onto his raging hard dick. He rubbed his hands all over his perspiring upper body. As I got into a good tempo, I reached up and felt his entire mighty trunk of a torso. He grabbed my hands in his we glided together across his big wet chest, exploring each inch of it, as I sucked away on this amazing cock.

My jaw started to throb, but I could not stop myself. I moved my hands down, reached around his wide hips and found his enormous ass cheeks. They were huge, round and muscled, but spongy soft. They were just heavenly to the touch. I grabbed what I could so that I could pull myself totally into him. His cock burrowed down my throat and I kept it there for a few seconds. My nose was buried in his soft damp pubic hair. When I couldn't hold it anymore, I released it. I tried this a few more times, and Bull just moaned and encouraged me. "There you go boy. That's right. I knew you would be a pro at this."

I moved to his big rotund ball sac and started licking the bitter sweat from it. His balls were swollen big and fairly heavy, as I pressed my lips against them. I kept my hands glued to his ass as I did this. My whole head was basically engulfed into his crotch. And after some more ball tongue worship, Big Bull pulled me off his bed to a standing position.

"You have fuckin' amazing lips and tongue!" He said.

"Thank you, they are all just for you." I came back, with a smile.

Bull bent over slightly and put his mouth on mine again. His tongue forced its way into my raw mouth and he kissed me tough and messily. He had a really wet mouth and he drenched mine with his saliva.

We separated from the embrace.

"Now your god wants you to clean him up," he commanded.

"Anything you want," I said, in eager anticipation for what was next.

"You like this beefy ballplayer butt?" He turned and jiggled his two big bubble orbs for me.

"Oh yeah!" I beamed back at him.

He then knelt on his bed with his back to me, stuck his big smooth ass in the air and said, "Get your face in there and clean me out good."

He didn't need to tell me twice and I leapt down onto his huge glistening rump. I tried my best to separate his balloon-like cheeks and then lodged my face in between the sweaty globes and started cleaning with my tongue. The taste and smell were musky, pungent and a real turn on. I submerged my tongue deep into his fissure and gorged on it. I could barely reach his hole in the deep valley of his cheeks, but I kept trying as best I could.

"Come on. Get in there!" he directed.

Again I pushed my face between his cheeks and began stroking my tongue against him. I made loud sucking and slurping noises to let him know that I really wanted to savor his entire beautiful butt.

Feeling that I couldn't get as far as we both desired, he jumped off the bed.

"Get down on the floor, little calf. Big Bull will feed you," he said.

Soon I was on the floor, leaning against the bed. He then turned facing away from me and straddled me with his large legs. He pulled open his ass with his giant hands, exposing his little asshole coated with light brown fur.

I breathed in deeply; he squatted down and sat his butt right onto my face, scrunching my nose. I started feasting on his asshole, my tongue found the tight pucker and I licked it real good. I pushed my tongue in, so that I could completely eat out his spicy shoot.

"Fuck, Baby, now you're gettin' in there. It feels so damn good. I never thought anyone would do this shit, keep feedin' Baby," he groaned. And he bucked back into me harder.

I was completely lost in the dark recesses of his ass crack. Although difficult to breathe, I kept rimming his orifice and eating him out like a hungry little pig. He started moving his ass in an up and down motion, so that my tongue would drag against his wet sticky hole.

"Yeah, Baby, fuckin' love me. Worship my ass! You know you love this. Lick it. Eat it out nice and clean. Don't disappoint me, little stud!"

I kept going. Then he let go of his ass with his hands and clenched his butt cheeks together. My face was clamped in there tightly as he flexed his mighty glutes. My face was in a vise of his butt. He growled, "Yeah Baby. Fuckin' awesome!"

Finally he released his grip as I panted, I was soaked with sweat, and tired, but I knew the best was yet to come. He turned around, his thick cock was sticking straight out like a huge erect cannon. It seamed like the rim job I gave him made his cock even harder.

He pulled me off the floor to a standing position and moved me facing the window. Outside in the dark I could see a few wasted partiers leaving the house. His hand pushed against my stomach and I bent forward, bracing myself on the window sill. He then pulled apart my ass cheeks and spat on my hole. Then he rubbed his thumb and index finger along the crack and onto the pucker of my hole.

"Yeah, little buddy has got a nice tight pussy hole. But not for long, Big Bull will take care of that,'" he said.

I instantly got a little panicked. I looked over my shoulder, as this huge husky he-man was fondling my hole and got another glance at the size of his cock. I looked up wide-eyed at Bull and he smirked back.

"Don't worry Baby; you've been good to your god. I'm not going to completely destroy you." And he reached into the bottom drawer of the dresser and pulled out a tube of Astroglide.

A thrilling shiver came over me, even though the temperature in the room was hot and humid. I smiled back at Bull as he squirted a huge glob of lube directly on his wide shaft and then stroked it up and down with his hand. He took the excess and rubbed it in my ass crack and around my orifice.

He then grabbed my waist and forced me to bend a little more. Holding me still with this left hand, he bent his knees, and brought the head of his cock between my cheeks with his right hand to the entrance of my waiting hole. With a sudden pressurized thud, he forced the head inside of me, as I yelped in pain. I could feel my sphincter desperately contracting, trying to close tightly around this humongous invader.

Instinctively my body lurched forward, but Big Bull held me tight so I was immobile. He rumbled with low guttural grunts. Then he took hold of both hips and started plowing his shaft into my ass, I could feel it driving up inside finding a passageway. The feeling was instantly exhilarating.

He growled, "Fuck, yeah!" as he shoved his sturdy torpedo in and plugged me up good. He was met with some resistance as he hit the rear of my bowels, then he pulled it back slowly and forced it in again. His belly would push against my lower back as he thrust himself into me over and over. His rhythm quickened as he clenched my hips and assaulted my ass with his almighty cock.

"Yeah Baby, take it!" he uttered. His fucks were deliberate and powerful; back and forth my opening was stretched out with each thrust. He pulled his cock all the way out and my hole shuddered. Then he shoved it back in with fierce aggression. A flash of pain and pleasure shot through me all at the same time. Another time, he pulled it out and then forced it back in. And again. And again. Then he sped up and fucked me with fast hard thrusts, pummeling my insides with his ramrod.

"Oh my god, fuck!" I cried out.

"Yeah Bitch, you want this big dick?" he asked.

"Yes! Fuck me....harder!" I heard myself say.

"Yeah. Big God's dick gonna tear you up", he boasted. And he fucked me even more merciless than before. He was at an intense pace, whaling away on me. He then gripped my upper thighs and I felt myself being lifted off the ground. The mega-strong football player had pulled my body off the ground, but continued to fuck my ass with hard direct blasts. I held onto the window sill as his cock was plunged into me more. I could make out some guys down in the moonlight outside the house. Did they look up and see me? I think they may have, but I didn't really care at that moment as I was getting dizzy with pleasure.

My head was swirling as he continued. He yanked my legs up even higher and planted my feet onto the window sill. I fell backwards into him. He thrust up into me with several brutal fucks.

"You fuckin' cunt! Take it!" he growled as he plowed on. "I am the greatest fucker in the world!" he bragged. I could not move anywhere. I was held up by this strong muscle stud, suspended by his might as he pummeled my guts over and over. The dozens of thrusts were mind-boggling. And then he finally lifted me down and withdrew his thick cock out of my hole.

My asshole pulsed as it was struggling to tighten back up. I was very weak at the knees. Bull's big body collapsed backwards onto his bed. He lay down like a huge smooth grizzly bear, panting and dripping. He motioned for me to come to him. His slick sparkling crimson fuck-log pointed straight up into the air.

"Time for you to get on top, and you need to ride your god's cock," he declared.

I grabbed the tube of lube and put another generous dollop onto his burning cock and greased the length of the shaft. I went over and climbed on top of his colossal mountainous form. I stood on the bed above him one foot on each side of him. My legs were straddled widely on either side of his hefty body. I then lowered myself down, shaking at the knees. I felt his rock hard cock meet my ass. I found the pucker and the head popped into my hole and split me back open. I got myself lower as his cock started disappearing inside of me again.

A broad smile came over his red flushed face. He laughed, "Mmmm, damn, it's still fuckin' tight, Baby."

I smiled back at him, so pleased with myself that I could pleasure this big man beast. I battled to stretch my legs around his wide frame, but he had no problem helping out and he hauled my weak body with his strong arms and wedged me down on top of him, utterly impaling me on his cock. I felt it pressing solidly on me from the inside.

"Fuck yeah," he beamed, "come on boy ride it!"

I struggled, but I started writhing my body so that I could move his cock around inside of me. I leaned forward a bit and managed to get my ass up his shaft a bit and then I pushed back down and sat on it. Then again, I moved this way and rode him like this.

He bucked himself up into me and I pitched forward, grabbing onto his sweat shined chest for support. I desperately slammed myself up and down on his cock, with the size of his body; it was like I was riding an actual huge bull. He pulled me farther forward and would jack-hammer his cock into me a few more times. Then I would gyrate myself to meet his crashes as our flesh would collide together.

"Ride it boy! Come on Baby, you can do it!" he commanded expectantly.

I was even more determined, so I pushed myself up and then leaned by body back, reaching for support on his big legs behind me. I got my feet perched against his sides. I made sure I stayed connected to his big dick. In this position, I was able to stretch my upper body back and bounce my lower body quite easily, using my leg muscles to vault myself up and down. I pulled his cock away from him which made the sensation much tighter for both of us as his long battering ram scraped my sphincter.

"Yeah Baby, ride my cock! Ah fuck, ride it hard!" He bellowed.

I pummeled myself onto him in a frenzy and I extended my body backwards. I slammed my sore ass down onto his cock and clamped it a little each time. Sweat poured from both of us. I was utterly exhausted, but I had to keep going. I must ride him. I have no choice. This is what I was meant for; to be Big Bull's slave, to get fucked by him.

I started crying out in extreme bliss. "Fuck me more! I'm your cunt slut! Fuck me!"

"You know it! You fuckin' pussy cunt!" he thundered back. Then he grabbed me by the ankles and planted my feet on his wet chest. They slid a bit on his slicked body but he held my ankles tightly in place. I was now totally supported on top of him. He thrust up into me and I thrust down to meet him. We were both moaning in pleasure; we were two wild animals in total ecstasy. I could not believe how long we both could last. I never wanted it to end and neither did Bull.

I thought he must be getting close to cumming, but he suddenly pulled me back up towards him. He grabbed onto my waist and I straddled him again in an upright position. Not being able to move as I was wedged on top of him, he lumbered up, and I hung onto his thick sopping neck. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and moved to a sitting position. He squeezed his arms around me and stood up in one clumsy motion. I was able to wrap my legs around his waist and my aching hole squeezed tight. Now up on top of him, he carried me around his bedroom. His cock comfortably locked inside of me.

"Baby, here we go, you're now gonna feel my power," he said, as he bounced me a few times on him. I then felt myself falling backwards and we both hit the bed, him crashing on top of me, his cock withdrawing from my ass. The wind was knocked out of me as I now had 323 pounds of man on me. His bed covers were soaked with sweat already. But now I had tons of drenched man flesh completely engulfing me. His wide waist forced my legs apart even more; he snarled and growled as he pinned me down. We were both utterly in heaven; grinding my limp body under his, basically swallowing me up whole in his hot bulky mass. His hard sticky cock pressed mine down as he dominated me. I basked in him as he was in his glory and submitted to his weight as all of the pores of my skin were invaded by his fleshy muscular vastness.

He panted and murmured crazily in my ear, "Feel your Muscle God, Baby. You are nothing without me. I will take you and swallow you whole. Feel all my bulk on you."

I knew I had to comply and feed him what he wanted. "Big Bull, my God, I am completely yours. Take me. Crush me. I need to be part of you forever."

"YEAH!" He roared, and heaved his body up off of mine. He perched on his knees and roughly clutched my ankles and yanked my legs apart so quick that I thought I might break like a wishbone. Then he sank his throbbing purple cock deep back into my ass. It hit the back of my innards and penetrated me hard. He pulled back, and again went in deep with a stiff passionate thrust. One more time he did that as he used his gargantuan arms to hold my legs spread apart. He fucked again and again and again. Wave upon wave of his assault, he locked his eyes on mine, piercing my soul. Cruel unwavering stares he fixed upon me as he showed no mercy to me. He buried his cock into me more and more, I felt his huge weighty balls hitting the outside of my ass. He would pull it all they way out and then skewer me with fierce aggression, again and again.

I held onto his neck and I moaned and stared up at my God in ultimate human form. This huge muscle beast was raping my hole; stretching it farther and farther, digging himself deeper and deeper inside of me. I loved every second. He released my ankles and put them on his shoulders, he propelled himself forward with his strong legs and then pile drove his entire body down into me. I was up on my shoulder blades, my legs flung over my head as he crashed himself down into me, his cock going balls deep into me. I lay there getting brutally fucked; he snarled and groaned, making low guttural non-human sounds. He ground into me, his gigantic body plunging into mine and his sweat raining down onto me.

In a final fit of rage he lurched forward, crushing me relentlessly over and

over, his eyes did not waver off of mine, he bore his teeth and then howled loudly, "Fuckin' take my cum!"

"Oh shit, yes, Bull, yes!" I screamed immediately and held on to the back of his sopping head.

"AW, FUCK!" he roared. And I felt his giant searing cock shudder and then erupt with thick powerful jets of his cum. He kept thrusting without any pity as wave upon wave of his creamy seed blasted out of his cock and splattered in me. The depths of his fucks insured that his cum was stuffed deep inside. His lunges and howling grunts continued. His cock was convulsing uncontrollably as more of his load was emptied into me. "Take my babies, Bitch!" he snarled in my face.

"Yes, Big Bull give em' to me! Oh shit, fuck yes, give me your babies!" I squealed. He kept drilling into me and filling the deep recesses of my body with his rich velvety cum. My mind started to spin as I started going numb. I trembled in ecstasy. Tears starting flowing from my eyes, I looked up into my big beautiful fucker's face and then I opened my mouth and gasped for air as my entire body tingled with delight.

Bull knew what was happening, so he quickly pulled my right leg from his shoulder and cupped his big hand over my dick. The pressure was too much for me and I screamed out and my dick exploded with hard quick bursts of sperm into his hand.

"Good boy! Let it out Baby! Fuck yeah," he encouraged as I shook uncontrollably. With each shot, it collected in his big hand. He pressed and pummeled my cock, milking out each drop. I had never cum that powerfully nor shot that big of a load in all my life.

With the last of my cum drained from me, we were both still in a euphoric state. Bull laughed in a low rumble as I was letting the shock subside from me. He then pulled his cock out from me and said, "I want your fag cum to mix with my almighty seed, so that I totally own all of you."

My eyes opened wide, as he delicately spread my ample creamy white load onto his still hard cock. Then he pushed me back up and shoved his cock back inside of me. He used my cum as lube and slammed it a couple of times, so that my cum also reached the deepest point it could.

A huge beaming smile came over my face as he grinned down at me. "And now I'm a part of you forever," he said to me.

He fell down onto me in a heap and I went unconscious.

I awoke to a bright light. I opened my eyes as sun was streaming into Bull's room on the bed. I had no idea what time it was. I was laying face down,

completely on top of Bull's body with his big arms holding me tight, my head resting on Bull's immense chest. Both of us naked and all parts of us seemed moist, sticky and matted down.

There was a sudden loud knock on his bedroom door. Bull's eyes opened quickly.

"Yo Bull, wake up," a guy's voice called. And I heard a few guys start laughing out in the hall. "Hey Bull, who you got in there with you?" another frat guy called. There was more laughter outside the door.

I looked up at Bull's face and he looked down at me.

Is that the end?

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