Making and breaking of a cuckold - 7 The walk of shame

Written by , on 2015-12-09, genre domination

Gemma released me the next morning and I made her breakfast then lay under her feet. There was no conversation. It was becoming apparent that her interest in me was purely functional, what I could do for her.

Her phone buzzed. "That was the Boss cucky. He's feeling horny so he's coming over in an hour. I don't need you for a while. Clean up the kitchen then go and kneel inside the door. No, wait. Go and get my pedicure kit. You can do a pedi for me first so I'm pretty for him".

Great. Now I was expected to make my wife pretty for another man to fuck while I was never to orgasm again. I did a good job on the pedi I thought and Mistress was pleased.

Max let himself into the house with a key I didn't realize he had. I suppose it shouldn't have surprised me. I was kneeling by the door when he entered and kissed his shoes. He patted me on the head, "Good cucky".

Gemma rushed up and embraced him passionately. He spoke,

"Hmmm, seems like you're in the mood to see your man Gemma. Have you told cucky that he'll be driving you over to my place sometimes for me to fuck you?"

"Not yet Max".

"Listen up peepee. Sometimes I'll want to ream out your wife's holes at my place and I expect you to chauffeur her over, wearing your cap, of course".

"Yes Boss".

"When you bring her to me, you will escort her to the door and present her to me. Then you will kneel at my feet and beg me to give your woman the satisfaction you're incapable of".

"Yes Boss". This was ridiculous. Max had already proven himself to be in charge, there was no need to rub my nose in it like this, especially in front of Gemma. A quick glance at her, though, revealed that she was relishing every moment of my submission to this stud.

"I then require you to go back to your car and stand there at attention until I've stretched all my whore's holes and they're dribbling with my cum. Yes, just like you did today when you stood by your car cuckold. You enjoyed that, didn't you?"

"Yes Boss". This was becoming excruciating. I hated standing beside the car today. Gemma wriggled in her chair, pupils dilated; she was clearly turned on by witnessing my being dissected by her lover, my new Master.

"When I'm finished with my slut, I'll summon you boy. You'll walk up to my home and prepare to take your wife home. I call that walk The Walk of Shame when you wimp cucks come to me to reclaim your women until I want to fuck them again".

I couldn't speak, the humiliation was too great. I hung my head in shame. That big hand crashed across my face again. It hurt like hell cause my face was still so sore and swollen from yesterday.

"You will answer me boy".

"Yes Sir". My balls exploded as his right foot tore into my ball sac.

"I'm not Sir to you fuckwit. I'm your Boss. If you feel the need to humble yourself before me even more, I do give you permission to call me Master".

"Thank you Master". I was almost crying by now. The Boss had totally broken me down, and done it in front of my wife who had rejoiced in every millisecond of my demise.

"When you lie in bed tonight, I want you to visualize yourself on the Walk of Shame cucky. You will find it the most extraordinarily humiliating experience, especially when you kneel and kiss my feet and thank me profusely for tending to parts of your wife's vagina you could never access with your miniature peepee".

"Yes Master".

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