My first time with cousin Karen

Written by , on 2015-12-02, genre incest

I had a lust for my older Cousin Karen she was 10 older than me and she knew that I was attracted to her, she would tease me by wearing tight jeans and spandex when she knew that I would be around. I asked her once why she was such a tease and she said," I love the look on your face when you see me walk by shaking my ass, it's funny and kind of a turn on too." I just shook my head and said, "Oh you tramp! Just once I'd like to bend you over! Just once!" We both laughed and that was it we just laughed it off.
Then at a bush party we were sitting together a ways away from the fire and talking and I just came straight out and asked her," Karen lets sneak away together, find a quiet place and fuck, what do ya say?" She looked at me surprised and asked," Are you serious?" I replied, "Yes I am, I've wanted to fuck you for years now and I decided that I had to ask you if you would fuck me just once! That's all I ask." She looked at me and said, "Ok, sure but not here or in your truck either. I want a proper bed." I was stunned! She said Yes! I stuttered for a moment and told her," Yeah sure! That's no problem! Meet me in my truck in 5 minutes!"
I made my way to my truck which was parked away from everyone else and she was waiting with a smile. As we drove away unnoticed she asked, "So where are you taking me anyway? I told you that we have to have a bed." I just laughed and told her, " We're going to my place, my folks are gone for the weekend and I'm home alone. We are going to fuck in my bed tonight!" We talked and laughed on the half hour drive to my house. Arriving we went inside and straight to my room. She sat on the bed and looked around a bit and said, "Nice."
I began to dig in my closet as she began to remove her clothes, finding what I was looking for I held the item out to her. She looked and asked, "You want me to wear these for you?" As she took the thigh stockings from me, I nodded, "Please? I've always fantasized about you wearing them when we fucked, if ever." She started to the bathroom,"Be right back!" I stripped and got on the bed and waited feeling a sense of excitement so great that I was shivering as I sat there! It was finally happening, I was going to fuck my sexy Cousin Karen!
When she walked in wearing the stockings I felt light headed and stuttered a garble of gibberish. She laughed and I managed to say, "Turn around and let me see that ass of yours." She did one better and got on the bed and bent over right in front of me! I was in awe, I reached up and began to caress and gently fondle her ass. It was a dream come true! I was so carried away that I stuck my face in her ass and began to lick her asshole furiously! She moaned and started to make all sorts of strange sounds as I licked her asshole and stuck my fingers in her pussy. She came quickly and laid down beside me, looking at me in a new light.
"Where did you learn to do that?" She asked eyes wide, "I've never had that done to me ever! I never heard of people doing that...I...Liked it!" I admitted that I had never done it before either saying, "I just all off a sudden HAD to do it! I mean I have dreamed and fantasized for years about your ass and it was there in front of me, it just happened!" With that she began to slowly play with my cock as I began to lick and suck at her tits and gently rub her clit. We played around with each other, getting more aroused as we explored each other. Finally I got up and put her legs on my shoulders and slowly entered her pussy.
She gasped as I began to slowly thrust in and out, I was lost in the feel of her hot, wet pussy eyes closed I murmured, "Oh Karen, Oh God this feels so good! You're so tight!" and she was! I was having a hard enough time keeping from cumming because of my excitement. Feeling her tight pussy was exquisite! She was moaning and groaning, writhing as I began to go faster and harder! "Oh Rog! That's it! Fuck me hard!" she cried and I began to pick up the pace and go faster and harder! I felt myself close to cumming and began to grunt and groan as I got nearer to it and after a few more hard strokes I stiffened and felt a surge of pleasure as I flooded her pussy with my hot cum!
She followed almost immediately after with a stifled scream and a gush of her cum onto my bed. I slowly pulled out and relaxed beside her on the bed and looked at her as she lay there catching her breath and gently shivering in pleasure. She opened her eyes and said, "That was hot!" I nodded in agreement and said, "Incest sex usually is, it's dirty and forbidden so most people find it hot at the time. Later comes the guilt...well most people get over it after awhile. I mean after my first time I felt guilty for a week!" and giggled.
Karen looked at me and sat up asking, "So you've done this before?" She sounded surprised. "A couple of times, yeah, no big deal." Her eyes went wide then she asked anyone I know?" So I told her, "Mary was the first one and the Aunt Verna." Karen laid back and was quiet as she thought about the two that I had mentioned. After a couple of minutes she told me that she was totally surprised that I had fucked My cousin and my Aunt. She was at a loss for words at my admission. I told her that Mary had been a one off fuck and that Aunt Verna and I still fooled around when we could get away with it. I pointed out that we had never been caught or even suspected by anyone because we were so careful.
Then I asked her how she felt about carrying on after tonight. She was quiet for a long time before answering, "We could give it a try I suppose. I do like fucking you and like the feeling of doing something dirty and getting away with it. We just have to be really careful."
Happy with her agreement I said, "Welcome to the Incest Club!" She laughed and I began to play with her body again, getting her ready for another round. I began to eat her out and enjoyed the taste of her juices, She loved me eating her out as it was a rare treat for her. I finally got her on all fours and began to fuck her doggy style and grasped her ass as I did so, enjoying the feel and the sight of it as I fucked her. Her face was buried in the blanket as I rammed her, muffling her cries of pleasure. When I was about to cum I pulled out and unloaded on her ass cheeks and enjoyed the sight of it.
We lay together and talked some more, enjoying each others company, two cousins sharing pleasures joined in the forbidden pleasures of incest. We spent the night together and in the morning had another round before showering and having breakfast. I drove her back to the party site and she picked up her vehicle and we decided to meet again when we could. Ever since then we meet when and where we can and spend our time enjoying ourselves. No one knows or suspects us of having anything more than a good friendship. People comment on how well we get along and seem envious at times.

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