Making and breaking of a cuckold - 5 The device

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We arrived home and entered the lounge room. I knelt and awaited instructions.

"In front of me cucky", said the Boss.

"Now, I'm leaving but you will obey your wife from now on without question. I will visit regularly but I have other whores who I fuck and other cucks like you who are in service to me. I'll let Gemma know when I'm coming over and you will wait for me kneeling inside the front door".

"Yes Boss".

"Let me be clear about this boy, you will never enter your wife again. I demand that my whores keep their pussy clean for me only and no other male is allowed into them. Yes, she is my whore but you are her slave so that puts you a long way down the food chain cuckold".

"Yes Boss", but I was secretly thinking that as soon as he's out of here I'm taking control of my life and wife again, and I will report him to the police.

I should have known better. "Now cucky, your wife has a present for you. It's a CB6000 chastity tube with DreamLover 2000 attachment. Have you heard of them boy?"

"I've heard of the CB6000 but not the other Sir".

The right hand smashed across my face again. "I didn't give you permission to call me Sir peepee. I'm not Elton John or Prince Charles".

He struck me again, this time with an open hand. He was so strong that the blows just sucked energy and life out of me.

"Sorry Boss, it was a slip of the tongue".

"Well, from now on you just keep that tongue for what it was designed for, cleaning my shoes, bootlicker".

Did he really have to humiliate me to this extent in front of my wife? Bootlicker! Surely peepee, cucky and faggot were insulting enough.

"You'll learn to fear the DreamLover cucky. It delivers an electric shock to the balls which can be activated remotely. The original remotes worked from as far as 200 yards away but the new ones have a GPS and a SIM card and can be activated by cell phone. So, Gemma and I will both be able to shock you using our phones even if you're in Africa. Ingenious, eh loser? And if you were to go anywhere near, say, a police station, I'd know. Put it on".

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. So he would be able to track me wherever I was and cripple my balls using his phone. I fitted my penis and balls into the device as instructed.

"Lock the padlock and hand your Mistress the key cucky", said the Boss. I complied. "Now beg her to be your key holder". He was relentless.

"Please Mistress Gemma, I beg you to hold the key to my chastity tube?"

"You don't seem very sincere faggot; maybe you'd like me to give it to Rhonda. She'll just throw it in the trash then you could say goodbye to orgasms forever".

"Please don't do that Mistress. I adore you and am desperate for my Goddess to be my keyholder. I'll do anything you say if you grant me that privilege".

"Oh all right then cuckold. Throw me the key".

I did and Gemma made no attempt to catch it, she just let it fall at her feet. The look on her face said it all as she was positively radiant with a triumphant grin from ear to ear.

Gemma chimed in; "Aww, don't worry faggot, you'll still have access to my feet and there'll be pronged periods of foot massage and foot rest duties to look forward to. And I'll keep your key on my anklet so you can see it bobbing about as you work for me".

"Yes Mistress". Damn, I hated that word faggot.

The Boss stood up and pointed to his shoes. I took my cue and leant forward and kissed them thinking to myself my freedom was just moments away.

"Let's use our tongue as a sign of respect for your Master bootlicker". So I licked the tops of his shoes. Then he raised his right shoe on its heel and, knowing what he wanted, I licked all the filth from the sole then repeated it with the left shoe.

"You're lucky faggot, I didn't step in any more dog shit in the car park".

Lucky!! It was all so unnecessary, enacted purely as a display of raw power and dominance to emphasize the control over me he had achieved in such a short time. I was emasculated and my wife had witnessed it all.

"Thank you Boss. It was an honour to lick your shoes clean".

The Boss then patted my head, said "Good boy" and left. At last I was alone with Gemma and had a chance to plead my case.

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